Sunday, December 4, 2011

Divine Guidance Has Always Been Available To You From This Light Within You & Now You're Noticing It, Focusing On It, and Intending To Follow It HOME

Thank you Christ and John for these beautiful words of encouragement.
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You Have Made Enormous Strides In the Last Few Months

In the spiritual realms we are watching with joy as humanity intensifies its efforts to release the unloving attitudes that have never served it and embrace the loving ones that are leading you onwards towards awakening. You have made enormous strides in the last few months, and the results are plain to see all over the planet. The most obvious ones, of course, are the “Occupy” demonstrators who, despite quite intense provocation, have remained peaceful and have focused their intent on sharing love and compassion in all their interactions. They are being greatly supported and encouraged by their angels and guides, and their efforts are inspiring and uplifting vast numbers who, for whatever reasons, cannot physically take part in this spiritually motivated grassroots movement that resonates with everyone on the planet. Even those who disparage, discount, or attempt to crush it. All your hearts are beginning to open, and those who would control and manipulate others, in any manner at all, are finding themselves unable to resist the call of Love that is being broadcast indiscriminately all over the world.

As you know, Love is the power and the Intent of creation, It is God, It is All that is, and everyone of you is held eternally in Its divine embrace. Your unawareness of this, your inability to feel It and to know It, is purely as a result of your decision to build an imaginary and illusory environment, separate from God, in which to experience existence without Him. It was but a momentary thought that you had, and within which you built what appears to be an almost limitless universe where you are but tiny insignificant beings, alone and lost in its vastness. But it was only conceived of for a moment. Nevertheless, you split Yourself into billions and billions, or maybe trillions and trillions – it does not matter how many, because despite how real it seems to you, it still does not exist, Only God exists, and You are eternally one with Him – of bits, beings, or aspects of God’s Son scattered and abandoned throughout its apparent vastness. When you awaken into Reality the insignificance of the illusion and all it seems to contain might just amuse you, but only momentarily, because existence –-awareness of being one with God-– offers such boundless opportunities for creative ecstasy that the illusion will be instantly forgotten.

You never needed it – but you chose to build it and experience the severe limitations it imposed on you. During the apparent eons you have spent enclosed in it, the God Spark within you has been burning constantly, so when you were ready It would light your way Home. Many of you are now getting enticing glimpses of It as you let love instead of fear direct your thoughts, words, and actions. And as you allow Love to increase Its influence upon you, those brief glimpses will increase in frequency and become longer lasting, to ensure you cannot lose your way.

Divine guidance has always been available to you from this Light within you, and now, in ever-increasing numbers, you are noticing It, focusing on It, and intending to follow It Home. The intent you are holding is strengthening and intensifying in every moment because the divine Will is for you to awaken into the bliss that is God, and now that you have chosen to align yourselves with It there is no going back. You are on course to your awakening, as your Father, your angels, and your guides rush to support you and ensure your safe, speedy, and complete awakening.

Your loving brother, Jesus
by John Smallman

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