Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Be Humble & Accept You've Been Fooled Just Like Everyone Else: the dark ones Have Been Extremely Devious & Patiently Worked At Taking Over Your World

The best part of this channeling for me is to learn how the dark continues to fail at creating chaos, anarchy and worldwide devastation --THANK YOU SPIRITUAL HIERARCHY, GALACTIC FEDERATION AND OUR AGARTHAN COUSINS FOR STANDING UP TO THEM (WHILE WE CANNOT AT THE MOMENT) BY NEUTRALIZING THEIR NEFARIOUS PLANS AT EVERY TURN!

SaLuSa also discusses how there are different Paths to Ascension, which of course makes sense. Just like there are different languages, cultures & religions.... That reminds me: I remember when I was in my 20s and simply realizing how "religions" have been made to pit us against one another, based on their own delusional and grandiose idea of being "the Chosen Ones." I can recall trying to explain to people that if someone was born in Africa, for example, and was NEVER exposed to Christianity, then they still have a chance to get to heaven (or Ascend), even though Christians believe otherwise. Unfortunately, we were brainwashed (I meant to say we were "influenced by our community") to believe OUR method, our religion and beliefs, are THE ONLY way to get back to God!

That is an awfully ego-centric attitude... believing our way is the ONLY way! That is funny, if you think about it. But, I digress... SaLuSa discusses further how our current vibration is the reality in which we create. Those not ready to Ascend this time around is perfectly "okay": We all have our own Divine Timing of returning to our Creator.

And so it is!
*** gavin

The waiting has been long and a measure of your faith and ability to focus on all that is of the Light, because there have been many distractions including those sources that have set out to confuse people. However, you have become much wiser and able to discern what is truly of the Light. There are in any event different interpretations of events that are lined up to carry you forward to Ascension. The important thing is you see that whatever happens ...the ultimate goal is Ascension, and how you get there is not an issue that should lead to dissension amongst you. It is certainly in your interest to make allowances for the differences, as at any time the plans and timing can be adjusted. This you know only too well, but understand that changes are sometimes necessary to fine tune our activities. As the dark ones are being forced to retreat, they leave a trail of failed attempts to cause disarray. We are determined to block all such attempts, and now have the divine authorization to use more forceful means to do so. Nevertheless, we do take care so as not to involve innocent people.

As you might imagine, after you have entered the year 2012 there will be much speculation and sometimes adverse comment about what it will bring. The Mayan prophesies will be used according to the beliefs of the person involved, and as you know many will interpret the end time as the end of the world. The last thing we want to see is that idea energized so it establishes a fear factor amongst you. It may suit some because they already believe in the end as a punishment from God for the evil upon the Earth. However, we want to emphasize there will not be mass destruction and loss of life on a great scale. That is not the plan, and since God is All Love it is clear God would never withdraw that Divine Love in any circumstances. You are all Godsparks and whatever happens you will always remain immortal.

With the end times will come a "sorting out" as souls are directed to a path that is going to allow them to continue evolving, at the vibrational level they are already on. There would be no purpose or gain, if souls were placed in a dimension where they were not compatible to it according to their level of consciousness. So do not worry about other souls, and bear in mind that all will eventually find the path that will not compromise their freewill. You knew before you incarnated what the outcome would be and that is what you have been working towards, so no one will be disappointed. We realize many would like to continue earthly bonds and relationships and although the love link will remain, allowances must be made that gives each soul total freedom of choice. Humans put far too much emphasis upon the marriage vows, that are interpreted in a way that some desire to own or posses another Being.

People are brought together so their relationships give rise to the experiences that will benefit them all, and from one lifetime to another they will of necessity change. So Dear Ones, try to be grateful to all souls who have travelled with you through duality, and know you have all learnt from your experiences. Also bear in mind to some degree, you will all have played a part as a dark one. All told, none will find they have been holier than another, which is why you could be said to be on dangerous ground when you judge another soul. Ultimately, all souls will find their Light and Love and there is no karmic liability left over from earlier lives. At some stage even the memories will be erased, when they no longer serve any useful purpose. Remember you wanted to experience duality, and pit yourself against the lower vibrations that it was foreseen you would drop into. Having completed your time, there is no further need to dwell upon those experiences, because you will have proved your ability to overcome them.

You real home is in the higher dimensions living in complete harmony, and leading a joyful and fulfilling life. The illusion of lower dimensions is your creation, and having served its purpose will disappear by being re-absorbed in the unmanifest once again. Ascension is a process of Universal proportions, and it will occur as a single event. Without the Earth's Ascension, the process would not be complete, so that tells you how important your civilization is at this time --in other words, ALL in the Universe is affected by Mother Earth's and your Ascension. Do you now see why you are being given so much help, and why you were chosen to be on Earth at this time? You are the Chosen Ones who it was known would achieve success, and as much as it is difficult to accept --the dark ones are also part of it.

In your reality you have been living the illusion yet the experiences have been perfectively real, and when the curtain comes down and it ends, you will all acknowledge each others part in it and move on. So Disclosure remains an essential part of the means to bring us all together, and express the illusion in a way you can understand. It will allow you to see how vulnerable you have been to the lower energies. How the dark ones have stolen your freedom from under your noses, and how they achieved it. These revelations will be necessary to release you from those energies for once and for all time.

Already many of you are living your lives on a higher vibration, and you can safely walk through the minefield of duality unscathed. You have broken the attachments that you have collected through many lives, that no longer serve any purpose for you. Willpower is of course required to step up into a new vibration as we have often informed you, and once that intent is expressed you will get plenty of help. Part of our mission is to ensure as many souls as possible lift up through Ascension. Revealing the truth about your experiences is part of the cure for your loss of memory about your true self. Be humble and accept that as intelligent that you may be, you have been fooled just like everyone else. The dark ones have been clever and extremely devious, and patiently worked at taking over you and your world. However, they reckoned without our influence and that of the Masters who have visited Earth, and planted those seeds of Light that have opened your eyes.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and a part of the Galactic Federation mission is almost complete, but our service to you is never ending. We love you, and have such admiration for the way in which you have arisen again.

Thank you SaLuSa,
Mike Quinsey


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