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There Is Never a Time or Situation When You Are Alone. No Matter How Dismal a Situation Can Look, HOPE Is Always Within Your Heart

Thank you Archangel Tzadkiel and Julie!
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Compassionately Forgiving: Message from Archangel Tzadkiel

We bless this message, this day, this week, this month, this year and the rest of your life to be filled with eternal bliss free from all doubt and negativity. The love I feel for each of you never ends or looses its clarity.

Each of you have within you the POWER to dissolve and transmute all the negative energy that clings to you, surrounds you and occasionally invades your personal space. This power dear ones begins by reflecting with love on yourself and analyzing each event that may have brought on any disharmony. There is no such thing as mistakes, only lessons dear ones. I would like it if you could remember this the next time a problem arises. Lessons are always going to surround you dear ones. We must find ways that are healthy to your mind, body and spirit to deal with the most troublesome of lessons.

Let us speak for a moment on Forgiveness. Forgiveness is an incredible healing attribute that many dear ones I have observed overlook. To be able to forgive another for any wrong doings they may have done either purposely or unknown will free your spirit dear ones. It is very simple, you simply forgive the act, the word, what it was that caused a disruption of peace in your world. As you are going through the motions to forgive the one who has harmed you, you are to forgive yourself. Oh yes, forgiveness is also an Act of God. He forever forgives you and all who inhabit the fine planet you call home. You are forgiving yourself for allowing yourself to be hurt by the act, the word or what it was that caused the disruption of peace in your world. Your emotions sometimes get the best of you; you know this and this is a part of you that can easily be remedied by observing yourself. Take notice dear ones of your reactions, of your sensitivity.

When you are going inward to observe the many WONDERS that create the WONDROUS you, you are also being given the opportunity to make changes to what you feel needs to be changed. After all you are creating the path that will lead you to the Oneness of God and with your heart. When you are choosing to forgive, you are now showing weakness; just the opposite. You are showing great strength and love and there is never any wrong with that dear ones.

The moment you are able to forgive, your heart center begins to expand and the path you are on will broaden and open more doors to deepen your awakening experience. You will also develop a DEEPER Compassion not only for others but for yourself. You must be kind to yourself dear ones. You must love you unconditionally before you can truly love another. Some of the trials you have experienced were not so nice and there will be more before this lifetime is done. When you reach another challenge and it is becoming too demanding, call upon the Violet Flame to help you heal and transmute any negativity that may be gained from the experience. Use this flame often dear hearts when you are in need of deep spiritual healing. Believe in the Power of the Violet Flame and BELIEVE in yourself. The Violet Flame with your direction will wash away any discord that you may have attracted, any negative or low energy that may be causing you to think with negative thoughts and feelings. Allow its Amethyst colour surround you, and heal you with the pure energy that is stemmed from the Source of All Light and Love - from God. If invoking this flame on your own makes you feel uncertain, please do not hesitate to call upon me or my twin flame, Lady Amethyst. We will guide to the words and images for you to use. You will heal and you will move past ALL negativity.

You will find FREEDOM when you clear yourself from old events and situations that have held back your spiritual growth and personal potential. You will breathe a sense of relief dear ones and the cleaning breath when complete will at the same time begin healing your spirit, mind and heart. You will feel rejuvenated and feel euphoria in every step you take. This feeling will not end simply or quickly. When this intense feeling of happiness washes over you, you will wish to share it with all that you come into contact with. The joy that will be filling your heart to the point of overflowing will result in an infectious outpouring of love.

Clearing and purifying your body, mind and spirit will occur more than once during your lifetime. You will learn when it is necessary to clear and develop strategies and techniques that will be beneficial to you. Never give up when you are faced with a tough situation. God has never given up on you. He has always shone His light down on you and He will every single time. Find comfort that you can speak to God as easily as you converse with your guides. Never doubt either that I will always be there when you speak my name, and invoke the Violet Flame. I will remind you dear ones; there is never a time or situation when you are alone. Believe this and take to heart because it is the Divine Truth. No matter how dismal a situation can look, HOPE is always within your dear and precious hearts. Learn to reach for HOPE and keep your FAITH alive.

I know full well from observation that it is hard sometimes to love and be compassionate when your patience is being tested by an unruly individual. This is when you must really dig deep and find that patience and strengthen your tolerance. Rise higher into your own DEEPER REALMS of consciousness. It is here where you find solitude, peaceful resolutions and calm. Your journey so far has been very eventful. You have gained incredible knowledge. You are building foundations and creating pathways and links to your future for this lifetime and the next one. Every step you take dear ones is a step furthering you along your spiritual development.

We will conclude our message in a wave of love that is shared by God unto each of you. Feel this love energy wash over you, cleansing you at this moment with its nurturing warmth from any current low energy disharmonies, and continue your day basking in its light.

And so it is,
Archangel Tzadkiel
through Julie Miller

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