Saturday, January 21, 2012

This Year Will Literally Fly By, Like a Month Would Go By. Yet ...So Action Packed You'll Not Have Time To Catch Your Breath From One Event To Other

Thank you Allendale and Laura ...and so it is!
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Allendale: Energies to Assimilate

Good evening to you, lassie.

Laura: How are you Al? Many people are expecting great things to take place this year. Can you tell us a little about what is ahead of us please?

Sure, my lass. The dark ones’ power will continue to diminish, their power is fading away, and along with that goes their territory of control and manipulation. Many people will feel destabilized and out of quilter. Many changes ahead lass, no time to sleep on your laurels.

This year will literally fly by, like a month would go by. Yet, it will be so action packed you will not have time to catch your breath from one event to the other. Some folks will lose the plot more or less, they will become completely out of centre and out of place. They will feel more and more frightened as the year goes by.

Other folks have given up fighting and will accept and bow to all orders from above them, they are resigned to die and cannot see any way out of it. Those folks will be hit very hard, they will be like an auto pilot on self destruct mode. So make sure these folks don’t take you down with them.

In terms of Man kind meeting their progenitors and creators, a date has not yet been set as such. All is still possible, however, for obvious reasons we also wish to make contact with you as soon as possible.

This however depends entirely on the speed of your assimilation of the higher energies associated with solar massive flares and other planetary alignment. This is the time of awakening.

Not all of you will be able to take it all in at once, at this phenomenal speed rate, my lads. Some of you will be literally burnt out by the incoming energies. As you may have felt already you are all reacting differently to these energies.

Well, my lads, that is all for now. Stay tuned and centred. Try to breath in awareness of your whole being and remember who you are. These energies are aimed at waking you up, big time. So enjoy the ride, standing tall and proud.

Allendale out.
by Laura Tyco

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