Thursday, January 12, 2012

You've Desired Our Connection Remains Silent & Invisible Till You Would Awake Again From Your Long Slumber: This Time Is Upon Us Now

"It will also be evident there is absolutely no need to fear us or our technology, dear ones. We are after all your long lost brothers and sisters, who have been protecting you for many eons from behind the scenes."

Now that resonates as Truth for me! Just think: Why have we not encountered other life forms in this vast universe filled with endless planets and civilizations?

The answer fits: "We have been protecting you." I'll add my creative imagination to how I BELIEVE the end of that conversation went: "We have been protecting you, since you've been living behind a cloak, under a veil. Once you decided to separate from Source, Earth and the entire human race upon living her (YOU) descended into the lower vibrations (the Illusion- a made-up energetic bubble for you to live your freewill choice of living apart from God). Here you are a former shell of your Divine Selves, your True State of Being --a co-creator WITH Father-Mother-God-- and so you needed protection living in your new existence of limited consciousness, awareness and ability to protect yourselves --because you cannot do it in your current state of limited consciousness. Hence, Ascension is being offered worldwide to return you to your former glorious Selves."

Thank you SaLuSa and Laura!
And so it is.
*** gavin

We are Standing Ready to Open our Arms to our Earth Relatives

Greetings Laura.
We are so sorry for all the interference the cabal is causing in your life with your studies and with your work with us. This is part of their last attempts to cause fear, chaos and desperation. You must remain strong and confident in this matter and not allow them to get to you psychologically and emotionally. They would continue this kind of attacks until you learn not to react in fear and panic to these kinds of attacks. Being a lightworker has many facets, and seeing your own life under attack, as well as the lives of your loved ones threatened is part of it.

Their failure to ignite the kerosene and to cause an explosion of your house has set them back. Your new house will turn out to be working for the best for you, as it is safer, newer and more central. You have some time now to finish moving and will be pleased with the end result. We will keep watching over you and keep you safe as we have last week. We love you very much.
The 2012 energies will clear much of the unnecessary energies, and those of low vibrations will be affected in shocking ways. Many souls have also terminated their life contract now, and are leaving Mother Earth. Some have arranged to end their life contract prematurely also. The grand clearing is ongoing and taking place as we speak. Very little of what has no longer place on Mother Earth will survive the incoming energies, the light vibrations are very strong now, and they will keep on raising throughout the year, reaching a peak on 21st Dec 2012. So be prepared for a roller coaster for many of you. At the end of the year, you will all be in a far better place inwardly and outwardly.
We are looking forward to receiving many of you with open arms onboard our ships. Soon there will be so much love and consciousness present on Mother Earth, that extraterrestrial life will become self evident to many who have never given it any thought previously. It will also be evident there is absolutely no need to fear us or our technology, dear ones. We are after all your long lost brothers and sisters, who have been protecting you for many eons from behind the scenes. We have kept away from the spot lights, following your desire for experiencing duality without any direct involvement on our part. You have desired that our connection remains silent and invisible till you would awake again from your long slumber. This time is upon us now, dear ones.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and we are here, standing ready to open our arms to our Earth relatives and friends.
Thank you SaLuSa
Channeler: Laura Tyco

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