Monday, January 23, 2012

Love Overcomes All Hate and Light Overcomes The Darkness. Turn On a Light In a Dark Room and Watch What Happens To the Darkness

Thank you Uriel and Jennifer ...and so it is!
*** gavin

Uriel's Message: En-Lighten the Dark

The battle between light and dark is believed to be the battle between good and evil, love and fear or heaven and hell. Yet it is not a battle at all but a process of establishing increasing levels of ascension light energy in the third dimension. There was always an equal balance of light and dark present, for that was the Universal agreement, which also included ascension as the light could be expanded. It is through the process of creating light or love that releases the need for the darkness or fear. When light is expanded darkness extinguishes itself.

Fighting or hating the darkness merely increases its power and presence. It will always be part of the earth's vibrational frequency but its power and presence are diminished through love, not hate. Be the peace and love you wish to see in the world and the darkness will retreat. Hate the darkness and all of the energies it is embodied within and it will simply gather strength.

Fear of the darkness exists because you fear your own darkness, that which you believe is less than divine within you. The darkest expressions you see in others are possibilities that exist within you and that you have even experienced in other lifetimes. You already know how destructive fear can be, you have been there in your own hearts. But love overcomes all hate and light overcomes the darkness. Turn on a light in a dark room and watch what happens to the darkness.

Your purpose is not to fight the darkness, it is a path humanity has followed for much of its earth journey with slow results. Darkness is the absence of light but light is not the absence of darkness, it is the transformation of dark to light, which you experience each day. Darkness may come at sundown but the dawn always returns. Focus on being more light than the darkness and you enlighten the darkness, release the fear and set new vibrational frequencies for the earth.
by Jennifer Hoffman

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