Thursday, January 12, 2012

Find Ways To Laugh Everyday To Increase Light Into Your Life & Lift Your Heart, Body, Mind and Soul To Higher Octaves of Your Spirituality

Thank you Lord Maitreya and Julie!
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Ascended Master, Lord Maitreya: Smile Often, Laugh Daily

Love is our discussion today as Love is forever a part of your existence and journey that is leading you to constant discovery of yourself in all you do and your eternal link with God.

To love God precious hearts, is to love life. The love for your life is the intensification of your diligent efforts to maintain your course of love action on the path of your journey of spiritual life that equivocally effects ALL aspects of your everyday life. And this includes loving the job that you are currently occupying.

Your present occupation may for some be boring, cause of much anguish, done for the money and not the joy, etc., can of course be looked at as joyous if looking with loving hearts. Any occupation you do or have done can be of light if you think of light and of love always. That which brings you discomfort, causes you to be hungry, fatigued from several hours on your feet and the list of the negative side effects of work place scenarios is endless. In the work you do everyday precious ones is the potential to learn and gives you the possibility of seeing what is in front of you with a new, fresh viewpoint of how to Master your God given qualities and merge those with your spiritual changes to complete every aspect of your life.

The trials and tribulations that you have endured that have been as a result of a job or situation that involved not only you but many others are given to you precious ones to develop your coping skills, learn new workable strategies, and how to get along better with little to no negative thoughts, words or actions getting in the way. Sometimes even while working on your spiritual journey, you find yourself becoming tired, especially after manoeuvring through so many tough challenges. Look at what you have accomplished dear ones, with fresh eyes and a loving heart. See how you have grown. Find time in your day to love yourself for a few precious moments. Allow yourself solitude even for 5 minutes with your eyes closed of steady deep relaxing breathing. And say either softly out loud or to yourself, “I have done well”. Smile at the words. We tell you these words all the time. It makes a big difference when you can hear them even from your own voice.

Dear precious hearts, I urge you to greet each day with a transformed spirit, a compassionate heart and a love for life that is full and pure. Knowing this is not easy some days is even more important to make this happen. Start your day filled with as much love you can muster. Ask God, your guides, angels, even me, to step in to enrich you with further Light and Love that will pick up your spirit where you are struggling. Have faith dear ones that you are progressing and we congratulate each of you. Remember precious hearts, where there is chance or opportunity to learn there is also opportunity given to expand your dear hearts and love even more.

Every time you are able to accept all your actions with love, even the drudgery ones, your Holy Christ consciousness also comes into action and the air around you shines with unmistakable pure love of who you are and of God. When you speak to God even inwardly, you are reinforcing the connection you have always had. The engagement between you and God will become stronger and so will your fulfillment of your daily lives because you have subconsciously invited God into life to guide you through the many footsteps of your day.

The pure love that you introduce in all parts of you life will encourage happiness, harmony, joy, Mastery of specific qualities, patience and so much more. It is too easy to look at some of your tasks with unfriendly eyes, but the repercussions of allowing unkind thoughts, words or actions to be considered is much more harmful. Being that you are a child of Light; of God, it is preferred that you walk in your heavenly light as much as spiritually and physically possible.

Acceptance is necessary for all parts of your growth precious ones. Once you are able to accept all the many diverse parts of your efforts, including all the boring parts, you will open yourself to receiving more light and attracting more love into your heart and life. I know some days will be more challenging than other days. That is only natural. As you are given days that require extra attention because they are filled with much needed lessons that will increase your spiritual growth and personal satisfaction. You have within you dear ones, a wealth of information, and not only information academically learned. But information of your soul, your body and heart. Learn to go to this information. Go into the deep depths of your heart, remove any blockages and see what there is for you to learn and be amazed. It is all about you and your effect on the world where you live and as a whole.

Precious hearts, being I am the Lord of Love, I am filled with an over abundance of love today and I am sharing it with all of you. Don’t think your day at work as mundane and boring, or your studies as tiresome. Look with a positive heart and see all the potential you have been given today. Many blessings surround each of you, and one of them is a gift from God and that is to smile often. Allow yourself to feel that smile grow across your angelic faces, some of you may blush, and that precious hearts is beautiful. As you smile, so is God. Find ways to laugh everyday that will increase Light into your life and lift your heart, body and soul to higher octaves of your spirituality.

And so it is,
Ascended Master, Lord Maitreya
through Julie Miller

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