Monday, January 16, 2012

Thank you SaLuSa and Mike!
And so it is.
*** gavin

Events move on to their inevitable conclusion, and are approaching the time when you will get some firm indications of what lies ahead. The dark Ones are being held in check and you will have noticed that they are no longer able to dictate what happens in the world. Their institutions are breaking up and with it their ability to command what happens in the different markets. Their greed and arrogance has led them down the path to ruin, and they will not be allowed to re-establish their empire. You are therefore still in the transition period, and our allies are gradually completing the moves necessary to allow the changes to get underway.

As ever, the Light continues to grow and is helping those souls who have only just started to awaken. It is asking a lot of some of them to move from beliefs they have held all of their lives, to new ones that are so different they are overwhelming to contemplate. Part of the problem is that the establishment has maintained false beliefs rather than admit the truth. You know that we have been following mankind's progress for thousands of years, and the evidence of our contact with you still exists. Yet you are led to believe that it does not exist, and that Space is being searched for evidence of our existence. Fortunately, so many of you have now seen our craft in your skies, and have the intelligence to realize that the majority are the vehicles that we use. You have a number of first-hand accounts of contact where the craft have landed on Earth, and evidence of meetings with your Governments. The cover up is to prevent questions being asked, and to avoid the embarrassment arising from having to admit that we have often offered to bring peace to Earth, and it has been refused.

However, we push ahead with disclosure as until we can be officially recognized and accepted, we cannot carry out mass landings but we will take part in flyovers. What you have to understand is that we must not appear to force ourselves upon you, and contact has to be in response to your appeal and permission before we can do so. If we ignored that condition, we would be unduly influencing you when you must create your own souls journey. Obviously when we can meet you openly, there will still be people who would rather we had not arrived, but we are allowed to respond when the majority are in favor of it. The priority is to deal with the lack and the need to quickly prepare you for your move into the future, by providing all those advantages through new discoveries that have so far been hidden from you.

The tasks ahead for us are quite formidable, but we will affirm again that we have no problems whatsoever in making new technologies quickly available to you. Our allies move cautiously before breaking out as the timing has to be right, and we do not want to see them run into trouble. Once they commence it will herald a series of events that will lift you up, and you will know beyond doubt that the New Age has started. There are certain goals that have to be met before Ascension, and our involvement will ensure that they are. No task is too big for us, as we have millions of craft that we can call upon at short notice. In fact the plans for our mission are frequently updated, so that we are always at the ready for the authority to commence. That permission will not be delayed much longer, and is so near we are quite excited at that prospect.

Ascension requires that you still keep preparing for it without letting up. As the level of vibrations increase you need to take these into yourselves, and sure enough you will begin to notice how much it is strengthening you. Unlike many years ago when progress was slow and barely noticeable. Now you should find that you are very much aware, and able to maintain a high level of calmness in all situations even when in the midst of low vibrational energies. It is building up to a critical mass that by the end of the year will help power your going through the stargate. By this time, only those who have successfully prepared themselves will go forward and ascend. If the idea of ascending appeals to you and it is your intent to do so, then it is almost certain that you will achieve it. It does take effort and application but is nowhere as difficult as some of you imagine.

You clearly need not worry about any attempts by the dark Ones to mar your expectations as this year progresses, as they will have no hand in what is taking place and interference would not be tolerated by us. Their time is almost up and they are fully aware of their coming removal from power. We have urged our allies to push ahead as matters across the world are looking volatile, and would benefit from changes that are pending. Once the right people are at the helm then we can all get on with our responsibilities to each other. Bear in mind that before you came into this lifetime, you knew that you would be part of the Ascension process and many of you would have special work to do. That shows how well God's plan has been made to ensure completion in the time scale given. Everything was planned from the very beginning with perfection, and that means the dark Ones were destined to failure. This knowledge should give heart to anyone who has had doubts.

Mother Earth has been relatively quiet considering that she is in the throes of her own cleansing. However, still take care as some physical changes will have to take place before this cycle closes. Follow your inner prompting as all of you are intuitive but very few take real notice of what you are given. Do not mistake it for your reaction to fear, as that will lead you to panic at a time when you are well advised to keep calm. Indeed, the coming period should bring you joy, as you will know for sure that the final experiences are playing themselves out. Keep the coming period in your thoughts and the wonderful finale that will fulfil all of the promises made to you, ones that are uplifting and bring peace and happiness in full measure.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and receive your thoughts that are directed to me. I thank you for your kindness and loving energies that are sent to the Galactic Federation members. It gladdens our hearts that you not only acknowledge our presence, but are pleased to remember us in your thoughts. The more we link together the more we unite in Love and Light.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey

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