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Cabal Wish You To Forget About Hemp Plant & Focus All Of Your Attention On Marijuana, While They Control Disbursement Which THEY Branded Illegal

Thank you Mariara and Wes!
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Mariara the Pleiadian on the Cannabis/Hemp Issue

After much reluctance, I have decided to go ahead and ask Mariara about this whole cannabis/hemp/mind altering substances issue. This is the resulting message.
Much Love, Wesley :)

I come before you all because Wesley has brought up an interesting perspective on the subject of cannabis and the hemp plant. He is having trouble establishing a full connection in this very moment, because he is holding within himself fears that his own ego will distort this message of mine to fit in with what he believes about this herb and plant. What he does not quite realize is I may not be giving the answers he expects me to give. The first aspect of this discussion that should be addressed is of course, the hemp plant as a whole. Forget for a moment about the herbs which grow on this plant, and focus on the plant itself from an industrial point of view.

This one plant possesses many more benefits than many souls on your world wish to accept. The United States is the country which is most against the growing of hemp, because there are many souls who are profiting from the less-healthy but more profitable means to make so very many things that can be made for much cheaper by the hemp plant. This is the main reason hemp and marijuana itself has been made illegal and in many cases demonized. The dark on your world knew if they could start a moral revolution against the marijuana itself, than they could lump hemp in with it and call it another drug, while having the entire hemp plant outlawed because of the intoxicating marijuana that grows on it.

Many on your world assume the demonization of marijuana was for the purposes of keeping people from smoking it, which has never been true. If the dark on your world wished to totally eradicate marijuana, than they would not be selling it illegally and making billions of dollars as marijuana is a big industry. It has always for them been about the hemp, and eradicating the entire plant as a whole and eventually, they hoped in a few generations time the benefits of the hemp plant or even the fact it could be used for other things besides harvesting marijuana; they hoped this would be completely forgotten.

Notice dear souls, how you do not hear much discussion of hemp in your media. You see plenty of discussion of marijuana, at times presented in a favorable light and at times presented in a less than favorable light. They wish for you to forget completely about the hemp plant as a whole, and focus all of your attention and energy on marijuana, while they control the disbursement of marijuana that they themselves have branded illegal. They are able to grow it in very dense conditions that serve to dim the purity, the level of Source energy coming through the plant to be experienced by the user, and it is grown only to stimulate simple party-related amusements rather than help one find a higher state of consciousness through its use.

This has been the primary reason for the targeting of medicinal cannabis dispensaries and other cannabis-related yet completely legal operations. They will act as if the raiding of these places is for moral reasons, when they are really just using their manpower to wipe out the competition, competition that is growing cannabis that will support a higher state of consciousness as well as offer enormous healing benefits, which of course they cannot stand for. Now, the biggest question which has been raised by Wesley and many others, is the Galactic Federation’s ‘stance’ on marijuana and the use of other mind altering substances.

Use of cannabis and other mind altering substances will not be necessary when working with us and inhabiting higher states of consciousness. The ‘ground rules’ which have been laid out through other sources are indeed our ground rules, but each and every rule and what can be seen as a ‘requirement’ is taken as a given when already inhabiting higher states of consciousness. One may see the rule, ‘no member of the Galactic Federation shall use mind altering substances’ and instead of seeing negativity or forbidden natures in those words, perhaps try to see it from the perspective of one who is already inhabiting much higher states of consciousness than what any mind altering substance on Earth can bring, cannabis included.

One already inhabiting such states of consciousness may see such rules and say with a smile, ‘just as well, I don’t need those things! I feel a hundred times better than what any earthly ‘mind altering substance’ can bring me anyway!’ We do understand some may not yet be able to fathom such a perspective, but when feeling the higher energies of Joy, of Love and everlasting Peace that never go away, and in fact grow stronger and more pure when focused on, one could see that every moment of Living, of being and existing is so very much more pleasurable, so very much more wonderful than any feeling to ever be obtained by using any type of earthly outside source, even if the source is an herb from one of the most beneficial plants in your planets history.

Depending on the type and purity of the cannabis used, this herb is used to take those operating from a solid third dimensional perspective, and give them the experience of operating on other, sometimes more pure and sometimes less pure, astral realms of your planet Earth. This herb offers you the chance to experience a reality unlike the one you have kept your minds and hearts so set in, though if one is indulging in the cannabis grown in very dense conditions, they are likely to be taken to lower astral places, with which entities will attach themselves to these souls and feed off of their energy every time they wish for a ‘high.’

Other sources have said as well, that when one is kept smoking cannabis that is grown in dense circumstances to support the stimulating of amusements, a ‘high’ for the soul indulging also becomes a bit of a high, an usurping of the users energies by and for lower astral beings. Of course this is not guaranteed to happen just because one uses cannabis, and in fact in your fifties and sixties there was no such thing as cannabis that could deliver one to lower astral realms; as the majority of cannabis in that time was home grown and grown in very pure conditions.

So no dear souls, cannabis use will not be necessary or necessarily allowed when working with the Galactic Federation. This is not for any reasons of discrimination, or for any reasons of wishing to keep the known value of cannabis and the hemp plant under wraps, as we have just explained to you the hemp plant as a whole does indeed possess much value for your planet. It is simply such acts will be out of resonance with our energies and the energies of the various starships and motherships with which we will all be operating on. When you are feeling our energies and the energies of these aforementioned ships, believe us dear souls you will never want a ‘puff’ of cannabis again, as you will be feeling so very much better than anything that that admittedly useful [to third dimensional society] plant can offer
We hope we have been able to clear some things up and mend some confusions about this subject, with this communication. Again, the ‘musts’ that are required for working with the Galactic Federation in much more direct ways than many of you are now, are taken as more of a given than a restriction. It is simply that our energies do not resonate with such acts! It does not reduce our Love for you dear souls who use cannabis to find enlightenment, and we know that each and every one of you who are looking forward to working with us much more directly in the future, will gladly give up the energies of cannabis and other mind altering substances to work with us and feel in their full purity the energies of the Divine; the energies of everlasting Love, Peace and Joy which are shared through all harmoniously.

Thank you to Mariara.
by Wes Annac

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