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We Know This May Be Difficult For You To Understand: We Do Not Lie. We Do Not Wish Ever To Give False Hope. We Are Not Capable...of Creating Falsehood

"And let us discuss it in the terms of the Divine Plan, but also the unfoldment of that Plan, and the unfoldment of our partnership, not only with Gaia and the star beings, but with each of you, our human brothers and sisters. Because that partnership cannot be over-emphasized, but we also will not use it as a guise to say, “Oh, it was the failure of the partnership,” because from our perspective, let us be very clear, the partnership is thriving."

Thank you Archangel Michael, Linda, Ellen, Graham and Steve for your efforts and hard work bringing us these channelings!

And so it is.
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Transcript of an Hour with an Angel, with Archangel Michael, Jan. 23, 2012

Again Ellen has labored well into the night to produce for us a transcript of Archangel Michael’s remarks last night on Starseeds and Ascension, Disclosure, the Bridge Fund, NESARA, Eric Holder, the low-level sounds heard round the world, predictions that don’t materialize, the Divine Plan, etc. Thank you, Ellen.
An Hour with an Angel, January 23, 2012


Graham Dewyea: Hello, and welcome to an hour with an angel, a weekly radio program with archangel Michael channeled by Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love, and Steve Beckow, editor of the 2012 Scenario will be asking questions. Tonight’s special guest Archangel Michael will be joining us, so without further delay I’ll pass it on to you, Steve.

Steve Beckow: Thank you, Graham. Hello, Lord. Thank you for being with us this evening.

Archangel Michael: Thank you for inviting me.

I welcome all of you, as always, as does this entire Council of Love, to this joining in love, of unity, of community, of connectedness, of balance, for this is the time where balance is necessary in order to go forward not only in your individual Ascension process but in the collective Ascension process.

This shift is not lopsided, you know, and you have need to also be anchored deeply within the heart of Gaia, and within the heart of One.

My beloved ones, I come this night not only to share information and greetings with you, but also to share my energy, my essence, my love. And because you are ready, I am going to share more of this than I have in the past. So relax, my dear friends, take a deep breath of my blue flame and join with me as we go forward as one.

So, dear Steve, where do you wish to begin?

S: Lord, why anchored in the heart of Gaia? You’ve mentioned that to me personally. You’ve mentioned that in other talks. You’ve said to send down our anchor into the heart of Gaia. Why? What’s the significance of that?
AAM: This Ascension process – what you are calling the shift – is essentially a shift, yes, in paradigms but of course in dimensions and realities as well. It is the shift of Gaia to higher or different dimensions, to the fifth through the seventh dimension, and further on if you choose to go.

We tell you, we advise you, we ask you, we guide you, we beg you at times to anchor deeply within the heart of Gaia so that you are going in tandem, that you are going in connection, so that, as she is going through her Ascension process, you are connected heart-to-heart, that you are not simply flying off in free form, as it were.

This is a collective movement. This is a collective Ascension. Yes, each one of you in your own unique way are going forward. Many have already done so. And I invite each and every one of you to do so every day. There is no need to wait, you know, although most of you will. But part of that ability to do so, and to do so smoothly without any bumps in the road, is through the anchoring in the heart of Gaia, of being connected to her energy, so that, as she ascends, you ascend.

S: Now, regarding most of your listeners, Lord, would it be accurate to say that they have already ascended previously and that they’re here to help others with their Ascension?

AAM: Yes, that would be a very accurate assumption. For there are very few who are listening this night, or who will listen in later, that have not begun this process at least. But most of them, whether they are fully conscious of it or not, have shifted their dimensional reality. They do not sometimes realize that it is not like a big bang. It is more like a whisper of the heart, the coming of the dawn. It is a shift in where you live, in where you have placed yourself within the domain that is available to the humans and to this reality that is occupied at this moment by Gaia. So yes, most of you have already mostly completed this Ascension process.

That is one of the reasons why you tend to be so … aggravated … by what you feel is the human drama, or the restrictions of the third reality or dimension. It is because you know it is not real, that it is based mostly on illusion. It is based on issues of greed and separation, and you know that they no longer apply to the reality within which you live, the alignment within which you have formed not only above but below, with the sentient being, Gaia.

What we would ask of you is to give yourself some leeway to spend a greater amount of time with me, Yeshua, the Universal Mother or Father, Sanat Kumara – it matters not, with all of us – and to allow these energies and this knowing to penetrate your being to the core, to your heart. Because it is the shift from your head to your heart that is the most significant shift as you ascend the golden spiral into this new place of being.

As you do so, as you anchor more firmly in this fifth or seventh dimension – wherever you choose, child – as you anchor further and further, what you are also doing is holding this vibration for the collective, for humanity. So it is not simply a matter of reaching back and assisting people through this portal, through this inter-dimensional transference, it is also a matter of holding the vibration and anchoring it firmly within the human collective.

S: But, Lord, could we take that a step further and not only say that most of your listeners are in the process, but that in fact most of your listeners have ascended in a previous life and are here to either model Ascension or help others through? Is that a correct statement?

AAM: In one way or another, the majority – let me put it that way; and this is not a test, this is not that some have and some haven’t, for all are equally welcome and qualified; but yes most of them – have gone through a similar process in a different incarnation, in a different reality and lifetime.

Similarly many of your star brothers and sisters have gone through similar experiences as well. But what the difference is, and why so many of you are here, both on Earth and hovering slightly above, is because it will be anchored very much in physicality and form, and that this shift is not simply an Ascension out of form into sheer energy or into a different dimension or reality, it is an Ascension while having the full opportunity and choice, the selection, to maintain physicality.

And that is why most of you are here. Most of you have witnessed and been part of the formulations of this Divine Plan. You have asked in your heart – to me, Steve you have asked – how does this Plan get formulated? And it does not simply come from what you think of as the heavenly realms or the divine heart. Yes, that is where the inspiration is born. But each of you have had a piece of the formulation of this Plan. That is also why you are here. You have said, “I will go, and I will be in form, and I will part of that unfoldment. I will be part of the anchoring of that promise, of that new reality of love.”

S: And, Lord, could I mention to our listeners that I have on my list of questions to ask you – which Linda does not know about – questions about the Divine Plan, and you just answered one of those questions before I got to it. I just want our listeners to know that.

All right. Lots of men, Lord, have trouble thinking about the heart and wondering where it is. Is it not the same as the center?

AAM: It is absolutely the same as the center. Why is it that you are so afraid, so fearful or so reticent, to go to this obscure place we call the heart, the center, the soul, the seat of the soul? Even the chakra point makes many of you nervous. And yet you are born from the heart of One. You are birthed from the heart of the Mother. You are all heart. What has happened – yes, over thousands of years of darkness, of the development of the human levels of intelligence, and certainly many levels of ego – the belief has been, and has come to be held as true, that in fact the mind, the center of intelligence, is the primary factor of human existence.

Now, human intelligence is a wonderful thing, and something that none of us, above or below or anywhere in between, have any desire to eradicate or interfere with. Quite the contrary, we expect it to grow exponentially. But it is not a matter of a master-servant relationship. It is not a matter of primary or secondary.

And it has particularly become true with males, the masculine of your race, that it has come to be seen as weakness to be heart-centered and heart-led, to think, to see, to be, to act first and foremost from your heart. And yet that is who you are. So in denying this you deny the quintessential part of who you are and what you came to Earth as part of your plan to experience. It was to know love and joy, in form yes, but that springs from that center that you and we call heart. It is nothing to be feared. It is to be embraced.

Most of your anger and your fear comes from issues of self-worth, but you have been diligent, all of you, in eradicating these issues and eliminating the old paradigms of old Earth. So now it is time to allow that love of self, that acknowledgement that not only can you love, but that you are loved, that you are lovable, and that you are the essence of love, that you can live in your heart and not be afraid. In fact, you can live your full potential and not sacrifice anything, for that was never the intention, to sacrifice the sense of self-sufficiency. No. Intelligence? No.

But as we started to say at the beginning, you cannot ascend if you are lopsided, if you are out of balance. And therefore you must be in all parts of your being, and your center is where you emanate from and where that balance is established. It is in the still point of your heart. So think of it as the very center of a circle. You do not eliminate the circumference; it helps define you. But that center is pivotal.

I am known throughout many universes, and certainly within this one, as the Warrior of Peace, as the Archangel of Peace. Long before I was a warrior, I was an artist and a musician, and the time will come again when we will do this together. But as that masculine energy that so many of you know and feel a kinship with, I speak to the hearts of every man, not only those listening tonight, but every man on Earth, whether it is in a tribal village or a bustling metropolis. And I ask you to come with me to be the warrior, and come home to your heart.

I will take you there. I will travel with you. I will keep you safe. You will feel secure. I will help you. And then when it is done, you too will claim your place as warriors, as the gentlest beings in the universe bringing peace wherever you are, whether it is at home, at work, or in any dimension, on any ship, on any planet, in any situation. This is my offer to you. Take me up on it.

S: Thank you, Lord. I’m going to ask you some relatively short questions that readers have asked me to ask you about, just to have them be concluded so that we can then settle into another topic that I’d like to discuss with you tonight.

First, somebody has written in asking about the low-level sounds that have been heard around the world from January 9 through 12. Can you tell us what those sounds are?

AAM: It is a combination of sounds. It is Gaia breaking her shackles, and it is humanity breaking their shackles. You may think of it in many ways as the sound of freedom. There are many energies that have been can we say discarded? And that it is a vacuum that has been created, and so it is a sound of release, of letting go, in many ways an out-breath. But primarily it is the sound of Gaia breaking free, and it is the sound of you, my sweet brothers and sisters, joining her.

Oh, do not think that you cannot hear the sound of your collective or of your planet! You are always hearing the sound of the universe, that high-pitched ringing in your ears. So do not be surprised by this low vibratory sound that is now reaching you. So many of you have said, “Now, how will I know that anything has changed? Will I see differently? Will I hear differently? Will I intuit differently?” Well, dear hearts, your hearing has shifted.

Not everybody is hearing these sounds. But you, my beloved ones, are. This is good news. And it is news to be shared far and wide.

S: All right, Lord. Thank you. A question on Eric Holder. Is Eric Holder guilty of the crimes he’s been charged with, or a conflict of interest, or is this a cabal mounted attack?

AAM: I will turn this question on you. One of the things that we always ask, and that we actually make a plea of, is do not ever stand in judgment, not of your own dear self, or of each other, because judgment is never of love. So if you ask me about whether certain actions took place or not, that is one question. But please let us not talk about guilt or blame or shame. Yes, there are still last-ditch efforts of those who would like to destroy credible sources. Let us leave it at that.

S: I think that does answer the question.

AAM: Yes, it does.

S: Yeah, I’m happy to leave it at that. All right. President Obama gives the State of the Union speech tomorrow night. Is he going to announce Disclosure?

AAM: He will not announce Disclosure directly, but there will be many veiled references. So we guide you, we ask you, we suggest to you that you listen closely. There will be many references to the fact of the growing concern for global community. The fact that we are not alone in the universe and that cooperation and mutual support is necessary. So look for the subtle announcements rather than the outright one.

S: All right. And can you tell us what state of Disclosure is at the moment, what might be holding it up?

AAM: Well, one of the things that is holding it up is this three-ring circus you call American elections. And we do not make a joke of this, for it is the truth. What happens is so often that people become leery of appearing to be a renegade or on the edge where they can be criticized. Now, we do not suggest in any way that the United States of America is the only nation, for there are many nations involved in this, as you well know.

The subtle announcements have already begun, and that is why you are to look for those subtle announcements tomorrow. But also look for it in the international news as well, for the references are already beginning to fly. And your brothers and sisters of the stars, yes, they have agreed always never to come while there is a cover of fear. But that fear is rapidly dissipating. People of all walks and belief systems believe in their brothers and sisters of the stars. It is simple fact. It is not something that I am inventing for a radio show. It is just what they believe.

So the only question that truly remains is the introduction. Now, they may well end up, as we have suggested, introducing themselves very soon, if this does not become a part and parcel of a united front of various political agendas, in many countries, not simply North America – Canada, the United States, Mexico. So, you may look for Disclosure. It is already underway.

S: Okay. Thank you, Lord. The Bridge Fund. Can you give us an update on what is holding up the Bridge Fund? We haven’t seen funds arrive. Without of course endangering anybody who’s involved in it.

AAM: No, we would never mention any type or name of any individual involved, either in the Bridge Fund or in NESARA, that would compromise anybody’s situation, for again that would not only be not fair, it would be extremely unwise. The Bridge Fund is held up by human bureaucracy, by what we would call – no, it is not so much greed as simply an unwillingness to let go, and a – a laziness, a spiritual laziness, of being stuck in a place of inaction.

Now, many, many weeks ago – I am answering your question, but I am also asking, we are all asking once again for your help – many weeks ago I have asked for all of you, every day, to send the energy of love and of movement, of release, of completion, to those involved in both the Bridge Fund and with NESARA. That goes for Disclosure as well.

Now, this is the nature of our partnership. You would say to me, “Lord, why has this not been completed yesterday or the day before? For there are so many in need.” My dear friends, my beloved ones, do you think we do not realize that? Do you think that we are not as anxious and excited for the release of this miraculous generosity to flow forth as well? But the partnership is even more important. And this whole enterprise is in partnership, above and below. And so we ask for your help still, not when you think of it, but every day.

Choose one person and send the energy of trust, of hope, and of release. Often we have spoken when we have referred to the old paradigms of Earth as the greatest difficulty being the addiction to human drama, but secondary to that is the human addiction or habit of lack of completion. And this entire process – whether it is the Bridge Fund, NESARA, Disclosure or the entire process of Ascension and the shift – the whole thing is a process of completion. This is not something any aspect of which will go undone. But we do so together.

S: All right, Lord. Was there anything, anything further you wanted to say about NESARA, either where it is or how it will unfold? There is one prominent light-worker who believes it’s just a hoax, and he’s taken his information from a Wikipedia article and various things. Is there anything you’d like to say to that?

AAM: It is not a hoax. There are many who believe it is a hoax because you have a belief system – an old belief system – that if it’s too good to be true, it’s not. Well, that isn’t a belief system that is shared by us at all! In fact, it is quite the contrary. It is what you have need to get used to upon the planet. If it is too good to be true, then go for it. The legislation is drafted, it is on the books, it is in the process, it is in the discussion phase, it is coming forward. Hold that vision. It is not lost, and it is certainly not a hoax.

S: Thank you. Now, a discussion about predictions, if you wouldn’t mind. I would like for you, if you would grace me with this, to discuss the whole topic of predictions and specifically around NESARA and Disclosure, but also the Cities of Light, pillars of light, return of the Masters, even the UFO flyovers.

We’ve heard many predictions that have not materialized, and this goes back many years. And when you come across people who have been following Ascension for decades, they say the same thing. Why have so many predictions been made that have not materialized? What is it that we’re not considering here? What is it that we don’t know about?

AAM: It is not so much what you do not know about, but we will gladly talk about predictions and the nature of predictions, how you use predictions and how we use predictions. How will that be? That is if the channel will allow me! [laugh]

S: [Linda's] fighting you, is she?

AAM: As you know this one does not like the whole topic of predictions. But nevertheless, it is something we do and have done collectively and as single archangels or ascended ones. So let us discuss it.

And let us discuss it in the terms of the Divine Plan, but also the unfoldment of that Plan, and the unfoldment of our partnership, not only with Gaia and the star beings, but with each of you, our human brothers and sisters. Because that partnership cannot be over-emphasized, but we also will not use it as a guise to say, “Oh, it was the failure of the partnership,” because from our perspective, let us be very clear, the partnership is thriving.

Are there things we ask you to do and you are doing and are completing ahead of schedule? Absolutely. And then there are things that still lag behind. And that is not, again, using that word of judgment; we do not find fault or blame. It is simply sometimes some things in the unfoldment of the human temperament and the environment within which not only you but we [inject?] ourselves. Sometimes things take longer than anticipated.

Now, let us be very clear, when we of the Council of Love suggest to you or tell you or promise you – and our promises are very few and far between, but they are made – that something will occur, when we give you a prediction, what you call a prediction that something will come to pass, then you can count that it is exactly what will come to pass. It may not happen exactly as you anticipate. Sometimes it is not even exactly as we anticipate, because of that human flare and factor. But nevertheless it will come to pass.

Now, let us talk about this issue of dates. It is the bane of everybody’s existence, is it not?

S: Yes, Lord.

AAM: And we have gone both ways. We have given dates and we have not given dates. But let us suggest one of the things we are doing when we do give dates. We are looking at what is occurring, not in the moment as you would think of it, for your timespans are so very minute, but we look at what is occurring and what is the likelihood of coming to pass within that timeframe of human understanding.

Now, when we also give a date we are doing so to energize, to catalyze our human partners as well. So we are not just catalyzing and moving forward the energy of the Company of Heaven, but the Company of Earth as well. And particularly of the light-holders and light-worker community. Because when that vision, united above and below, is held firmly, then the energy of creation, of bringing something forward, of magnification or what you would think of sometimes as the law of attraction, it makes it move in time and space in your realm as well as ours, to come to be at that time, or within a short distance of that date and time. When it does not come to pass, what we witness is disappointment and the feeling of many being disheartened, and in some cases feeling they have been lied to, cheated or duped, betrayed.

We know this may be difficult for you to understand: we do not lie. We do not wish ever to give false hope. We are not capable, it is not within our realm of possibility, to create falsehood. So when we say in human terms we fully anticipate something to occur, it is because everything is lined up and ready to go. Now, when there is incompletion or interference, and at this stage of the unfoldment of the game, the interference or the stagnation, the lag in time, mostly occurs on events, human events, but sometimes inter-galactic events, but mostly human events that are occurring upon the planet of Earth. That does not mean that these events will not come to pass.

Now, you say to me, “My dearest Michael, how can this be so wrong?” I hear the collective murmur, I hear the messages of disappointed hearts, and often, my dear friends, that is when I come to you at night and I instil in you my peace rather than asking you to travel with me to war-torn places. I simply visit with you and do repair work. But that is not the answer I am beginning to give you.

The question is, “How can you be wrong? How can you not know?” We know within the framework, the divine framework, and, yes, even the human timetable, because we are at the shortened end, shall we say, of that timetable. Not that we wish to work according to the calendar; we don’t. But we do know that within that timeframe that certain things will come to pass. And we do know that as human beings it excites and generates movement and activity on levels that you can’t even begin to comprehend. And I say that not as an out.

When you hold intention, excitement, expectation, when you plan on an event, the energy you generate changes the energy of the entire planet. You underestimate your power, the role that you are playing, significantly. And so when we say, “Do this, and on February 21, 2012, X will happen,” we are doing so because we know and believe that everything is a “go” for that time. Now, we will not use these hard and fast dates out of consideration for your broken hearts. But we do reassure you, we tell you. Let us talk about some of these.

There have been many witnesses to massive flyovers by your brothers and sisters above. Are they hushed up? Yes. Are they hidden? Yes. Have there been massive changes in the, hmm, armament structures of your planet? Yes. Have they been hushed up and quieted? Yes. Have there been so many back-room discussions about how to go about disclosure, or how to re-establish the financial systems? Of course there are. You are privy to these. So while we would ask you to, please, do not doubt us, we also ask, do not doubt yourself.

So when we talk about predictions, think of it this way. If you do everything and we do everything, then that is what is going to come about, because that is part of the Divine Plan. But the Divine Plan will not be thrown out because on a certain day an event did not come to pass. That will not be tolerated or permitted. No, it is not that the Divine Plan in any way – as we have said, you are partners to this – so it is not a sword of Damocles hanging over you. But it is a Plan that has been formulated and participated in for the highest enlightenment of the collective not just of Earth, but far beyond. So that will not go away.

So what we have to pray for is that your faith does not go away and that your true knowing – because that is why you are so stalwart. You know within your heart – not that I tell you or Sanat Kumara tells you that this or that will happen – it is because you know in every fiber of your being what is transpiring and what is truth and right. That is why it rings within you, and that is why you are so disappointed when dates come and go.

S: All right, thank you, Lord. I have to tell listeners that you’re so able to anticipate my questions that you answer one after another before I pass them on to you. And that does simplify my job.

We have about – a little more than 10 minutes left, and I’d like to talk about the Divine Plan, which you anticipated my discussing with you. First of all, as an archangel – I’m not going to take us back to the Mind of God, which is probably impossible to do, but just to say – when the Divine Plan comes to you, how is it presented? It certainly doesn’t arrive in an envelope. It’s not described on paper. How is the Divine Plan communicated to you?

AAM: With great excitement, with inspiration. You have an expression on Earth called “a download” that many of you like to use, and I will steal that phrase from you, because that is one of the ways in which it arrives. I cannot tell you, as an archangel or as a brother, the exact moment in which I became aware of the Divine Plan, because it has always been there.

So what I would say to thee is, in my awakening, in my explosion, creation as an archangel, in this very honored and humble way, I have always known and been excited and enthused and aware and inspired of the Plan. Now, the Plan – and now I will refer a little bit to what I know about the Plan, because usually what we are talking about is the Plan right now of Ascension, of the shift, of Gaia, of the human collective, who is doing so well. But as you well know, my friends, the Divine Plan is infinite. And it is always expanding.

So as an archangel, in your understanding, I have great opportunity to sit and talk about it endlessly, and to have input and comment and further definition of my role. Because there is nothing that can come from the Mind of God or the heart of the Divine Mother that I would not jump forward and say, let me help. So it is immense.

And it is evolving. Each of you also has that role in participation. The Plan has always been. In its course it evolves and it changes, and it grows. But each of you have also had your say, your input. You know, so often when we say to you that you underestimate who you are, when you return out of form and you are with us fully in a different form – a different reality, your essence – you will come to understand just how mighty you are.

But in the Divine Plan what you are trying to get at is there are what you would think of – as humans, I mean – you would think of as concrete benchmarks, timelines, events, situations and unfoldment – unfoldments such as the shift in reality, such as the shift in dimensions, such as peace on Earth, such as the return of the Masters. And by the way, many of the Masters are sitting and chatting with those of you who have already ascended. That is already passing.

So there are physical benchmarks that you can look to as well. The one thing I tell you is that the Divine Plan is never set aside. It is never ignored or overlooked. It is never said, “Well, we will do that later.” Yes, our timeframes in terms of what you would think of as time is substantially different, because it has worked in thousands of years rather than periods of weeks or months. But it is always according to the Plan.

And when something goes awry in the unfoldment of that Plan, then it is still part of the Plan to do the correction, to do the reorganization, as it were. So, for example, when the darkness fell upon the planet of Earth and the human illusion became so concrete as to form institutions and structures, it still became part of that expanded Plan of how that would shift, how that would be righted, and how the truth of who you are, when I say humanity, and how that would return to the truth… Do you understand at all what I am saying?

S: Absolutely. And I’d like to comment myself that one could talk about the Plan, at its most rarefied dimensions in which the individual leaves God, travels out into the world, comes to know its own identity, and returns to God again. So one could talk about this infinite endless Plan. And of course the individual could come back to God and be released again, into the world.

AAM: That is correct.

S: So one could talk about that, or we could limit ourselves to this era and talk about the Divine Plan for the Ascension of this Universe, this planet. If we limit ourselves to the second, and I’m remembering now a passage from a spirit guide – I don’t know if it was Silver Birch or Imperator or who it was – who went away to a meeting, a council –

[Music begins.]

Oh! We’ve run out of time. [laughs]

AAM: We will continue this conversation for I have great interest in it.

S: Good! Okay. I’m looking forward to that, Lord. Thank you very much again for joining us.

AAM: Go with my love, farewell.

S: Farewell, Lord.
by Steve Beckow



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