Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Power of Darkness Is Controlling & Greedy; Of the Light Is Sharing & Caring. Darkness Rules Thru Fear, Light Rules Thru Divinity

"Those who know how powerful the dark can be fear the light because they believe if they exchange dark for light they must also exchange power for powerlessness."

Thank you Uriel and Jennifer!
*** gavin

Uriel's Message: The Balance of Dark and Light

With the birth of a cycle of experience, and you are part of the human cycle, there is a flow and purpose to the balance of dark and light that is created. Every new cycle begins with darkness, just as night is the beginning of the day and gives way to the light that awakens the world to the dawn. Those who are in the darkness are not aware of where they are, or that there is a presence of light they can connect with. The experience of darkness must be completed before there can be an experience of light and the graduation from dark to light happens within each one according to their desire for light and their experience of themselves and their power in the darkness.

Those who know how powerful the dark can be fear the light because they believe if they exchange dark for light they must also exchange power for powerlessness. Some souls never make this choice and that is their role in the earth, as there are those who need to hold darkness on the earth because it is a choice each one can make and darkness must be present to balance light. Each has their own contract with Source, their commitment to serve and yes, some do commit to holding dark energies so that everyone can experience them as part of their cycle.

Then there are those who only choose light because they fear the darkness. These embrace the peace and quiet of the light but they ignore its power because they believe power is part of the darkness. Both energies have power, which is expressed in different ways. The power of the darkness is controlling and greedy; that of the light is sharing and caring. Darkness rules through fear, light rules through divinity. You can be divinely powerful and this allows your light self to shine for and in the world.

The darkness fulfills its own purpose, as does each thing in the Universe. Its purpose is to align you within your ego, the light expands you into spirit. The darkness reminds you of limitations and control, the light is limitless and invites you to surrender. What is your most powerful choice? That which is the fulfillment of your soul's desire for healing and wholeness in each moment which may be dark or light or both. Do not judge your choices; instead, stay in your awareness of the reality you wish to create and allow the energies to flow, light and dark, as you create the vision for your reality and your heaven on earth, which requires you embrace your light in its fullness.
by Jennifer Hoffman


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