Sunday, January 15, 2012

Reach For God First: Devote Yourself Onto His Love and Reap the Rewards That Will Leave You Spiritually Richer and Rewarded With Deep Calm and Harmony

Melchizedek’s Weekly Message ~ January 15-22

We meet once again and will continue to do so each Sunday for a very long time through this vessel. I am pleased to have this time with all of you and surround each of you with my Light Presence and unyielding love.

Your spirituality and growth takes on a gradual progression that unifies your existence within Love Energy between you and God. As you grow so does this love and its energy, creating and Infinite Flow of energy that will always join you to God and to the Mother Earth. This flow is not a reward from overnight success; it comes from hard work that is combined of spirituality and personal effort.

Seeing and learning that within your heart center, is this incredible Source of Light that repairs your connection to God through many lessons and opportunities presented to you along your journey. And each one is recommended to be embraced with devotion to your own growth, but first and foremost to God. Committing yourself to God and to His love to be incorporated into your every day life will aid you to continue to develop your God-self and meet spiritual fulfillment.

Once this connection to God is made, you will begin to follow and be as God. Through actions, words, thoughts and feelings. All that you do will be a result for your Love for God, love for yourself and for all those that cross your path and into your life regardless the amount of time they are present. You have already experienced his love many times. He sends you gifts as rainbows after a storm, a new flower that is just sprouting or a gentle breeze on a hot summer day. He also sends you his love after every challenge you progress from and he embraces you each time you succeed an achievement. He holds your hand for many reasons; to share your sadness, your happiness, joy and just to sit with you in company.

The connection you are building with God is eternal and will always remain that way. Even when you take a wrong turn, He loves you knowing you are experiencing a valuable lesson that will gain you so much wisdom and He knows you will resume your place on your Journey into the Light. He never stops believing in you. For He sees the spark that is there, inside each of you and with His love, light and the guidance of your own angels and guides that spark will become brighter and give you clarity like you never imagined. Dear ones, reach for God first, devote yourself onto his love and reap the rewards that will leave you spiritually richer and your personal life rewarded by deep calm and harmony.

Through the many hardships you have had, His love and devotion to you never faded. You have gained significant knowledge and have learned how to incorporate the Violet Flame and to heal yourself from past endeavours that have the possibility to carry forward disharmony and discord into your every day life and spiritual development. This is a wise and incredible use of spiritual wisdom. Not only do you have the method to heal yourself, you have the ability to aid in others are still learning. Sharing the gift of the incredible healing Violet Flame is also sharing your divine light and soulful love.

Discovering your God-self that is living within your dear hearts will encourage you to act in a more selfless way and with more Unconditional love. Through all your discoveries, all your tears and joys you have always managed to move forward stronger, more adaptable that before. You are working always to bring in your future, your tomorrow and you are making incredible progress. Our message today is not one of direction, it is one to uplift, to cheer and of encouragement. Messages of direction will come, today I choose to sit with you, as your brother, your friend; guiding you and to give you my support, and love.

Before we conclude our time spent here today, I ask each of you to be firm with who you are and to continue searching for ways that will bring you peace, continuous growth, joy and harmony into your life that will create and abundance of Love.

And so it is,
through Julie Miller

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