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No Matter How You Look At It, Change Is Good. Sometimes When the Change Is At Its Beginning, It May Not Seem Like a Good Idea. Stick With It-Follow It

Thank you Archangel Jophiel of the Yellow Ray and Julie!
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Your HEART is a Treasure: Message from Archangel Jophiel

You are truth seekers on a journey that brings many delights and knowledge soaked lessons. The truth you seek is of yourself. What is it that shines your light so bright? What is it that you believe in or hold dear to you? What is the basis or foundation of who you are and how did you get here? These are only some of the questions I see that form into many minds.

Within your heart dear ones is a light; your light that has always been there. It has not been hiding, merely waiting. It is your shining Divine Light of your heart; your God-Spark, the Light that encourages you with optimism as you go forward. Many dear ones, their light is shy only because of being unused or noticed. All the wisdom and knowledge you are seeking along your journey will not be met until you see this Light, your beautiful Illuminated Heart that sparks your mind and soul into Love-ful action.

All your spiritual understanding is within your heart dear ones. This is the place that shines forward into the other parts of your life. All the many things that resonates with you (agrees with you), what brings you incredible joy, is there dear ones. When you are moving through a difficult time, it is your Light that you are activating when you are reaching for more strength and courage. Your heart is a never-ending place of Love and of Light. And within this joyous and incredible part of you, holds all the answers you need to propel you along your spiritual journey into the Light and Heart of God and unifying your Heart with His with an even stronger bond than before you began your journey.

When you are able to move past the need to judge others and from the hurt that others caused from their judgements through forgiveness, clearing, and loving yourself and others unconditionally with the purest of compassion from that ever-loving heart, then you begin to move into your higher consciousness. A great peace is waiting there for you to take hold. And it is peace that you are truly after. Peace within yourself and the rest of the world and with God.

There is work involved dear ones. Most of you realize this. If you put in half the effort you only receive half the reward. Purge yourself from all the negativity that surrounds you; forgive yourself and others. I see this is difficult for many dear ones. Yet you cannot truly forgive anyone else if you cannot forgive yourself. Just as you cannot truly love another without loving yourself first unconditionally. It is not as difficult as it seems. It requires a new way of thinking, a more progressive way that does not cause hurtful words, actions or thoughts towards yourself or who it is that is involved.

Within the act of forgiveness is a virtue called Patience. And within Patience is great wisdom. Patience is one of the hardest virtues for the dear people of Earth to Master. And once Patience is mastered, it must be managed. When you are able to reach mastery of patience, you will feel yourself grow, you notice yourself as being changed; and for the better. No matter how you look at it, change is good. Sometimes when the change is at its beginning, it may not seem like a good idea. Stick with it; follow it through with optimism and positive thoughts. You will soon see the knowledge you are gaining that is becoming stored wisdom that you will be able to share with another with similar struggles.

If you are unsure dear ones, once you invoke my presence I will be able to help you find the clarification you need on how brilliant your light is and how much you have grown both spiritually and personally all because of the wisdom gained from all the experiences you have been through. I am already hearing, “But I had so many mistakes.” No dear ones, you have had many lessons, and those lessons came across your path to give you opportunity to learn what the lesson is. And even if you find yourself in a similar situation, if you really look at it, it's not exactly the same; something is different. I have seen many dear ones climb back up after falling down due to a hardship stronger and their heart light just beaming more brilliant than the brightest star.

There is beauty inside each of you dear ones, it begins in your heart, where your real true self originates from. Go and take a look. Look at all the places you have been with your heart. Look at all the growing you have accomplished. You have done so much. All that you have done, accomplished and achieved shines with so much breathtakingly beautiful Light. You and your heart is a treasure. Don’t look at any of the past lessons with negativity, look at them with love and respect for yourself. In every situation, you have done the very best during each time. Your very best comes from your loving heart that wants to do well, not for the approval of others or of the Ego, but for themselves. For the inner knowing that they could. This simple little gesture is incredibly healing and uplifting.

For some of you, your God-Spark is small, and for others it’s a dancing candle‘s flame. Each of you will reach your full potential with loving kindness towards yourself that is filled with gentle patience and compassion. Do not give up when all around seems so bleak. Continue with your efforts to learn all you can that you resonate with. Continue leaning towards God’s Light and feel His immeasurable love and light being bestowed upon you every time you call for Him. Believe in your heart dear ones that God does listen if you cannot see him or hear him. Keep that faith alive within your heart. God does make an effort every day to show you He is near.

Our time dear ones is reaching an end for this transmission. I do look forward to our next discussion. As we depart, feel my golden energy warm you mind, body and spirit like the beautiful sun that fills your sky.

And so it is,
Archangel Jophiel
through Julie Miller

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