Monday, January 23, 2012

Energy and Power Are of No Use To Us Unless We Put Them Into Action, Through Our Thoughts, Beliefs, Words & Actions: There Is No Magic Wand

Thank you once again Jennifer --youa speaka mya langwich!!
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Changing the Rules of the Game

It's a new year and a whole new paradigm with no rules, procedures, processes or guidelines. We get to create those and we have found that having so much power, possibility and potential in our hands is more than a little overwhelming. And we're afraid we won't do the right thing, that we have to think and act differently, be more 'spiritual' or even 'holy' in this ascended place and stop being human because that was the source of all of our problems in the first place. No wonder we feel lost and the joy we hoped we would find at this time has been replaced by confusion and uncertainty. We are playing a new game and aren't sure of the rules. This happened to us when we played the 'human' game and we don't want a repeat of that experience!

I think we had the expectation that once we reached 2012 and a higher dimension of being that all of our problems would be solved. And in one way they are because we now know that we have the tools, energy and information to solve them and how to use them. But while we may exist in a higher dimension energetically, we have to bring that energy down to earth and use it to create the new reality here. This is the process of bringing heaven to earth.

The rules of the game have changed because we have greater awareness of ourselves as divine, powerful spiritual beings, the veil of fear and separation is now so thin as to be non-existent and we are connected as a human family more than ever before. But energy and power are of no use to us unless we put them into action, through our thoughts, beliefs, words and actions. There is no magic wand the Universe is going to use to solve our problems but it is going to work through us, faster than ever before, to manifest the reality we choose.

For most of my life, I felt that when they handed out the human guide book I decided to skip class that day because I thought others were much better at navigating life than I was. But I now realize that I was trying to live a 3D life from a higher perspective. When I quit doing that, I felt my life was in my control, rather than it controlling me. My choices and actions may not make sense to others but that's not my business. We all have to realize that the game has changed and we're in total control of the rules, the outcome, the potential and the unfolding reality. Make up your own rules and then use them to create the joyful, fulfilling, abundant and successful life that is waiting for you in this year and beyond.
by Jennifer Hoffman

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