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This Beloved Planet You Call Earth Is Moving In Slow Rotations Closer & Closer To the Light Frequency Of the Galactic Center: More Spiritual Goodness

Thank you Team and Peggy!
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Transmute Collective Emotions

We are here embracing you with our gratitude and acknowledging your courage as you reform from the illusion of victim to the true co-creator that you are. We continue to invite you to expand your awareness, to accept the recognition that you are multidimensional. It is most important that you own this reality while embodied in a physical form.

It is the physical body that interfaces with the dense 3rd dimension. It is the aware conscious multidimensional self, present in the body, that can and does transform and transmute all that is offered through your human experience. It is in this incredible and divine partnership between the physical self and the multidimensional self that all true work and service is offered.

When you invite this awakening, when you embrace the possibility, you are personally and powerfully changed. That is true evolution. Your body is being recalibrated which allows for the higher frequencies and vibrations of consciousness to be accepted and activated. You and all humans are and have been undergoing a phenomenal metamorphosis. Every cell of the human body is shifting and changing to receive more and more high frequencies of light. We continue to remind you, that you are becoming a true being of LIGHT.

As you do, all of the gifts and abilities of your multidimensional self come on board and are available to the body in this time frame of now. More and more individuals are experiencing what you call paranormal skills and capabilities. We have often invited you to recognize and allow these gifts and powers to come forth.

Now is the time for you to truly honor and accept that you are telepathic, able to send and receive communication mind to mind; you are clairsentient, able to intuitively sense and feel emotions and vibrations; you are clairaudient, able to hear inner guidance and understand inexplicable knowledge; you are clairvoyant, able to see beyond the physical.

We invite you to begin to practice these abilities. Do daily exercises which will bring them forward. Notice when you use one of these skills. It is like anything else in your physical reality; as you focus your intention and own your personal power to create, it will manifest. This is the time for you to welcome these subtle gifts and hone them to proficiency. You have had experiences in the past when one of these skills and capabilities has come forth and presented itself to you. Do not dismiss those experiences; in fact do your best to remember when you used any one of these so-called paranormal talents.

Accept that you are being recalibrated, that every cell is changed with light vibration; you are being fine tuned to use your multidimensional genius while in your physical body. This is truly how you will transform this planet and your reality.

Step fully into your power and realize that as you hold the vibrations of this awareness you offer it to all those that you encounter each moment of your day. You actually trigger others to remember who they are and you trigger their realization of their multidimensional genius. You are supporting the true evolution of consciousness within others. See them as beings of light like yourself. Imagine sending them a thought of peace and well-being. Consciously practice your telepathy. Trust us, you are using your telepathy at all times, you are just unconscious to the fact. However as the veil between the dimensions becomes more transparent, as you accept your partnership with your multidimensional self, you will realize how much you actually impact others and your world.

In this new cycle, step up and acknowledge that you are a co-creator of the reality that you are experiencing. We remind you once again to let go of all your emotional issues that are not supporting you or your desires. Let go of your fears, your resentments, your guilt, let go of all the sorrow and grief that you carry in your body. Stop telling your story that reinforces those disempowering feelings. There are no victims but there are powerful beings experiencing an illusion of powerlessness.

Realize that when your multidimensional awareness is welcomed, invited and fully present in your physical body, your birthright and cosmic responsibility is to transform any dysfunctional patterns, any abuse experienced or witnessed, any vibrations of conflict in your energy field as well as the energy field of humanity's conscious experience. Realize at this time many solider are returning home and their emotional fields are carrying intense vibrations of anguish and war. Support and assist in transmuting these dense vibrations in the collective.

Remember you are empathic, you are clairsentient, you are feeling the anguish of the collective. Each time you vibrate a frequency of fear you entrain or begin to resonate with the fear that is within and also felt by others. Learn not to deny what you are feeling or picking up from others. Realize that when you vibrate a frequency of stress or fear, it connects to similar vibrations of stress or fear in the collective. This is truly the law of attraction everyone is talking about. This ability to feel the collective is becoming a realization for everyone. Emotional vibrations are shared.

This is one field of energy that everyone is tapped into. You might feel like an individual with your individual life, and activities however, as an individual you are always picking up the energy signatures of others, especially within families. This might offer you one of your greatest challenges as you transform any dense dysfunctional memory or emotion generated with your core family. We invite you to consider this as an awesome opportunity rather than something you cannot deal with or change.

The gifts and abilities of feeling others' emotions are to be honored not shut down with all the many ways humans have learned to shut off paranormal ability. You as a celestial divine being are here to truly and actually transform and transmute these dense, heavy frequencies. As a cosmic alchemist, you are here to transmute these dense dysfunctional patterns that have been in the 3rd dimension of reality on this planet for eons of time.

You are being encouraged and invited to participate in several levels of co-creation. One is the conscious exercise of shifting the dense patterns of prejudice, hatred, and lack, the illusions of powerlessness and perceived limitations. Another incredible skill for you to begin to use often and productively is generating uplifting frequencies and vibrations of love, joy, gratitude and appreciation. Flood the energetic field with these coherent feelings from your heart. Practice this. Become proficient. Become the true master that you are.

Stop asking what is my soul's purpose. This is your service, your assignment. This is certainly the main purpose as you find yourself on this planet at this time. We realize that you might want a different assignment, a more profound service. We also acknowledge that there many others gifts that you bring to this evolution. However, let us assure you, there is no greater service than generating love and compassion from your heart's chalice into this reality. There is no greater service than shining your light of awareness into those places of darkness and unconscious dysfunction, of prejudice and hatred and any action that diminishes life.

This assignment does not have to be overwhelming, or difficult or challenging. Remember you are not your body; you are a divine multidimensional being. Invite emotions to come and if they are less than life enhancing, transmute them. Simply replace the emotions you are skillfully shifting with higher more coherent emotions and then go on your way.

Another assignment we encourage you to practice is to envision, anchor and call forth a reality that honors all humans and all living things, a reality that honors the consciousness of this planet. Send this message of hope and good will to others as you practice using your telepathy.

More and more will join you in this effort and this service, either in personal company or in the realms of the heart and conscious mind. It is happening, you are witnessing this as it unfolds and you are bringing it about by your own loving actions.

Realize that the combined energy and focused intentions of all those who are stepping up and stepping into their power are truly affecting the field. You and others are welcoming a new reality. You and others are causing a shift in the field. This is your true purpose. Live your life in such a manner that it inspires others; offer your emotions, your vibrations and your thoughts from a high conscious awareness. Understand that you as well as all others are beings of light and that light is penetrating every aspect of this planet.

This beloved planet you call earth is moving in slow rotations closer and closer to the light frequency of the galactic center, and as it does, more and more spiritual goodness begins to come forth. Be the anchor for this light, be the conscious chalice for this light. Let this be your honored service and assignment. See it, feel it, welcome it, intend it.

We acknowledge you as the delightful human and cosmic alchemist that you are. Be in your joy as often as possible and radiate that joy to all. We lovingly join you upon request. If you come upon an emotional situation whether personal or collective that feels a bit daunting, a bit challenging, we are here to support and assist your magnificence as you choose to transform it. Remember all is truly well and more.
BY Peggy Black and the 'team'


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