Sunday, January 15, 2012

How You Feel Is a Choice You Make In Every Moment

Humanity’s long sojourn in the illusion is coming to an end, as is the illusion itself. It has served its purpose which was to enable you to play with the concept of being separated from God (only in your imaginations!) and to experience the pain, the sense of abandonment, and the insanity in which that state seemed to embroil you. Your Father knew that you would tire of it, and He put in place the apparatus necessary to assist you in freeing yourselves from the severely limiting place that you built.

You are now in the process of freeing yourselves from what appears to be a very sticky environment from which long tentacles reach out to grab you and draw you back. These tentacles are the unloving thoughts and judgments of others whom you perceive as having mistreated or offended you. In fact, the tentacles really represent lifetimes of grudges and resentments to which you cling in the desperate hope that God will recognize how badly you have been treated and provide you with well-deserved recompense or restitution. If God was to attempt to do that, He would be engaging with the insane and the deluded, and that he cannot and would not do because it would be totally irrational. All in the illusion have offended or mistreated others at some time, so everyone owes! Fortunately, it is only an illusion.

The only way out of this endless loop of being offended and demanding restitution is to unconditionally and indiscriminately forgive everyone everywhere. Satisfaction is impossible, and negotiations held for this purpose are never successful because all the parties involved have to give up something for an agreement to be reached. Consequently, they will always feel either that they have received less than was their due, or that they have been forced to pay out more than could fairly be expected of them. As a result, grudges and resentments will always remain, and they will be constantly and painfully remembered.

Forgiveness – true and unconditional – dissolves all those painful memories and relieves the stress that they caused, uncovering the peace and contentment within you that those constantly playing, endless tape-loops were drowning out with their whining cacophony of dissatisfaction. When you truly forgive for the first time you will be amazed at the peace you feel and experience, and which replaces the self-righteous grudge to which it seemed that you were so firmly and inextricably attached.

If you feel hard done by, mistreated, or that life is unfair, it is difficult for you to forgive those whom you perceive as being the cause of your misery or unhappiness. The first step on the path out of this unsatisfactory situation is to be honest with yourselves and admit that no one else is responsible or to blame for how you feel. How you feel is a choice that you make in every moment, and it is directly influenced by where you place your attention.

No one experiencing life in the illusion is free of pain, anxiety, or fear, and if you focus your attention mainly on those issues, happiness and satisfaction will always elude you. Those who are for the most part happy and contented have learnt this lesson: life happens; it happens to everyone; accept it and the lessons that it offers. If you do as they have done, you will find peace – as you discover that you can cope with all that occurs.

Not to cope is a choice, and when made, it entails finding someone or something to blame, because when you make that choice it means you are refusing to take responsibility for yourself, your actions, and all the other choices that you make – because you do not believe you have a choice. This always leads to further suffering. Instead, when the situation in which you find yourselves is unacceptable, make the decision to change it. You can always make a change regardless of how intractable the situation seems to be – by changing your perception or viewpoint. Frequently, people find this difficult because of their deeply ingrained thinking-habits which are familiar and, to a certain extent, comfortable. Nevertheless, alternate options are always available – not necessarily in the physical situation as it stands, but by altering your perception you uncover options that you were maybe unaware of, and that may well make it possible to change the way the situation develops, thus altering the outcome from that which you had originally envisaged.

Be aware that you have made choices, and take responsibility for them because what happens is on your life path for a reason. It has been carefully planned to present you with the lessons that you chose to learn. If you do not take responsibility and deal with what occurs, it will be presented to you again and again (although the form may be different) until you do choose to deal with it.

Instead of apportioning blame and being miserable in a painful situation, ask for help and guidance. Never before has so much help and guidance been available on the planet. This is because the moment of your awakening is fast approaching, and much work needs to be done to release the issues that are seemingly anchoring you in the illusion. You all have everything you need to set yourselves free, and all the assistance and guidance necessary to enable you to do so. Your destiny is to be free, fearless, and happy. Allow yourselves to take the essential steps of letting go of grudges, of refusing to see yourselves in any way as victims, helpless or otherwise, so that you can enthusiastically claim that destiny.

God’s Will is for you to awaken, and your will is identical. But frequently you forget, as you get drawn into the game of “shame and blame,” which is one of the main underpinnings of the illusion. Move away from that game; forgive those whom you perceive as having hurt or caused suffering to you, to your loved ones, or to any others – because to do so will bring you peace and relieve your stress, even though that action may seem to you to be counter-intuitive. As your sense of peace increases – as it will when you follow this path – your doubts will fade, and the deep inner knowing you have that absolutely confirms your intention to awaken will come into your awareness. That knowledge will bring you comfort and contentment during these last stages of your journey Home.

Your loving brother, Jesus
by John Smallman

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