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Settling Quietly Into Easy Chair So Peace Won't Be Disturbed While You Call On Us Is Recommended. Know Your Request Will Be Heard & Answered Instantly

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You All Need To Make a Point of Asking Each Day For Assistance

As humanity continues to make increasingly rapid progress on its path of spiritual evolution, you all need to make a point of asking regularly each day for assistance from your friends and loved ones in the spiritual realms; that’s who all of us here are – your friends and loved ones – and our joyful task, which we approach with enormous enthusiasm, is to assist you in any way we can. We are always available 24/7, but you have to ask.

The illusion is a very strange and unreal environment, and as a result decisions that you make and intentions that you hold need constant reinforcement. You have to make them at least daily, and hourly if you can, because your egos are always looking for an opportunity to set up an attack or a defense, and the behavior of another, while totally inoffensive in intent or in delivery, can and often will be deliberately misinterpreted to permit your ego to make a condemnatory judgment of it and goad you into responding inappropriately. Doubtless you have all had occasion to misjudge someone, and, later, when you recalled the incident, you wondered why you had reacted so strongly to something so insignificant.

Behaving with loving kindness, acceptance, and forgiveness are the strongest and most effective ways in which you can move along your evolutionary paths, and of course to do so is your constant intent that you hold at the center of Yourself. However, at the level of your awareness available to you in the illusion, that deep center is extremely difficult for you to access, and you need all the spiritual assistance you can get. And that is why we are available 24/7.

Until the period that your history defines as the Enlightenment, the vast majority of humans were in awe of the authority exercised by the church and its minions, and by royalty and the elite with which it surrounded itself. Very few ever asked for help from us in the spiritual realms as they were far too busy desperately pleading to an imaginary god of immense power whom they believed commanded their obeisance, and who could, in an instant, condemn them to the everlasting fires of hell. Your egos loved this! They encouraged you to watch and judge others so that you could compare your good works or minor sins to the major omissions and monstrous sins that you observed others committing. That very perverse and divisive selection of attitudes and behaviors put beyond doubt or question your belief that you were all individuals valiantly and desperately fighting for the approval of a god who could and did intervene in your human affairs – battles won or lost, illnesses imposed or cured, good fortune given or taken away – rendering you helpless victims of a demanding and merciless tyrant. It was effective and it demonstrated convincingly for you your separateness from God, and your worthlessness in His eyes.

The Enlightenment was a great leap forward for humanity, and it was strongly resisted and condemned by those who exercised authority in any form, because people suddenly began to question everything. Nevertheless, it was unstoppable, and, over time, led to all the freedoms that those who live in so-called democracies now take for granted. But, as is apparent to all, you still have a long way to go before basic human rights and freedoms for all are guaranteed and protected worldwide.

The spiritual evolution in progress throughout the world at this moment in her history is accelerating rapidly. Although there are still many who believe in a harsh and judgmental god, and who take it upon themselves to try and enforce his will on others according to the way they arrogantly and mercilessly interpret it, they are in retreat. God’s Love field envelops the Earth and, along with the love that an increasingly large number of humans are offering and sharing with one another as they meld and blend with that divine field, its effect is to stabilize, strengthen, and intensify this evolutionary progress. Each day further evidence of your evolutionary progress comes into view.

As I said, we in the spiritual realms are here to help you 24/7, so call on us, open your hearts to receive the abundance of Love that surrounds you, and allow the guidance we offer to flow easily into your conscious awareness. Settling yourselves comfortably and quietly into an easy chair where your peace will not be disturbed while you call on us is recommended. Know your request will be heard and answered instantly. The form in which you receive the answer will vary, depending on the circumstances, so be open to any gentle nudges with which your intuition presents you, and be prepared to be pleasantly surprised. We love you and want only to help you resolve the issues and problems with which you are assailed, and which frequently make it difficult for you to believe that behaving with loving kindness is always the most effective way to deal with any issues or problems that disturb you.

Your loving brother, Jesus
by John Smallman

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