Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Garden of Your Heart: Message from Ascended Master, Gautama Buddha

Oh dear ones how much I love you and I AM blessed for having this opportunity to speak with you through such a loving vessel.

I have always loved life, even while I was in my physical shell. I lived my life discovering many happy and joyous gifts bestowed upon me by God. And I see each of you are lovers of life and adventurers that searching for the happiness in the Light of God. Dear ones, you already exist within that happiness. The search is over. Look all around you. Look past the despair and past what you do not have. Remove all attached emotional feelings that only lead to further disharmony and room for negative thoughts and see what you have accumulated. Your wealth is more than what is in your pocketbook; it is what is in your heart. What is in your heart, your truth, your unconditional love and compassion for yourself and for your fellow man, woman and child is what is so important. Everyday dear ones is a gift of life, of opportunity to try something new, to venture from the safe confines of what is familiar and to step out into the unknown. How wonderful dear ones!

Within each of you is a beautiful garden that holds exquisite beauty. This garden, your body, mind and spirit is to be lovingly nurtured. Watch it blossom and grow and re-grow repeatedly. As you meander along your journey you will add new delights and treasures to your garden. Your mind body and spirit will be steaming with colour, life and so much joy and harmony. Within your body is an endless supply of love that never leaves you. You have all the opportunity in the world to access this pure love to heal yourself from common ailments, to remove pain from your body and to shine light onto others that require your strength, wisdom and love. You dear ones are a force of Divine Light energy. Nothing about you is false. You have accepted yourself in all your ways. You have come to terms and have balanced both male and female energies and are approaching the Oneness you have sought for so long. It is within your grasp. You dear ones are on the right track. You have nurtured the beautiful garden within and I am seeing this now. The delightful fragrance that stems for your love that is purely unconditional is breathtakingly wonderful.

I encourage you to step outside your comfort zone more often, dabble your little toe in something new and delightful. Find new joy in a task that you once considered dull and boring. Surrounding you is an ecstasy that you have created from you own efforts. Stop thinking so little of your accomplishments. Even if your achievement appears to be small, look at the enormity of steps it took to reach this goal. Look at the exterior problems you may have had, and the internal struggles that followed. What lies around you and before you is truly amazing. Sometimes we must take baby steps to succeed and dear ones there is no wrong in how you make your way to your successes, just that you do in the way that is suited best for you.

Your journey is delivering you into many illuminations of yourself and of those around you. You have developed a keen sense of knowing that goes deep into your dear and pure heart. You may not see your confidences rising as I do. But when you are feeling emotionally and mentally pushed by another, you reach down into your heart. You find a reserve of great inner power that is filled with confidence. You rise up with your heart shining all around you in perfect love. Yes you will meet adversity; it is the way of your lessons dear ones. It is how you confront the adversities that reflect the depth of love for yourself. You show how strong and courageous you are and with each stance, with each moment you advocate for yourself, you speak, you think, you act, you feel with the purity of your love.

The garden we spoke of is your personal sanctuary. A place of calm. You can meditate within your heart chakra, strengthening its center and connectedness with all other chakras. Each time you do this, you are also strengthening your connection with God. Isn’t that part of the reason you are on this path and why you have stayed? Oh I know dear ones you are seeking ascension, you are seeking wisdom, you are seeking Real Truth, you seek many things and all the answers you are searching and seeking are inside of you. The answers are inside your beautiful garden, your heart. Each of you can access all your answers through meditation, prayer, manifestation, and many other means. All questions that are directed to your heart dear ones will be answered there as well. Listen closely; focus inward and all that you need will be revealed to you.

I know so many are rushing for the answers when you still must work through your challenges that face you daily. The garden of your heart will supply you with endless answers when you are ready for each one. Knowledge is gained and absorbed when one is completely ready.

I am filled with unmistakable delight dear ones for our time today. Before we depart, I send to each of you my eternal blessings for Peace that reaches the deepest corner of your garden that is filled brilliant Light and a never-ending supply of Wisdom.

Ascended Master Gautama Buddha
through Julie Miller

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