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80 Percent Of the World’s Wealth Appears To Be Earned By a “Core” of 1,318 Corporations, Which In Turn Are Being Controlled By Only 147 Companies

Once again folks: David Wilcock, and as we started David's last entry, we send you directly to his website for the incredible photos he includes substantiating his claims! Below is a synopsis from Steve Beckow ...enjoy!

Thank you David and Steve --many blessings to you both!
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David Wilcock: FINANCIAL TYRANNY: Defeating the Greatest Cover-Up of All Time – Section Five: Bretton Woods and the BIS

David has completed Section Five. As noted below, it was so large he broke it into into two parts: 5 and 6. We have posted Part 6 as a separate article, though you can access at the link below. David writes:

UPDATE SATURDAY 1/28: Section Five has now been released. It is massive — and highly fascinating, with a great deal of extremely sensitive information that may be very surprising to a lot of people.

UPDATE SUNDAY 1/29: Section Five has now been broken into two pieces so as not to crash on smartphones. Section Seven is still imminent.

10:13 AM, SUNDAY: Three new testimonies from insiders with direct access to the “occult” economy have now been added at the end of Section Six

SECTION ONE: Financial Tyranny. Defeating the Greatest Cover-up of All Time

SECTION TWO: The History


SECTION FOUR: The Occult Economy

SECTION FIVE: Bretton Woods and the BIS

SECTION SIX: The Ultimate Ponzi Scheme


We are investigating Financial Tyranny — on a global scale — and what we have just learned in the previous four sections is shocking.

80 percent of the world’s wealth appears to be earned by a “core” of 1,318 corporations, which in turn are being controlled by only 147 companies. 75 percent of these companies are financial institutions — and the top companies on the list are the Federal Reserve banks.

The media has been systematically bought out and controlled by this group — on a global scale — meaning that until the rise of the Internet, most people didn’t have a clue about what was really going on.

The Federal Reserve created 26 to 29 trillion dollars’ worth of bailouts for their own companies between 2007 and 2010. This was revealed in their own audit statements — and confirmed by United States Congressmen and prominent financial analysts.

This situation did not happen by accident, nor by “natural self-organizing complexity”. It is the result of an incredibly well-orchestrated plan for global control – rooted in highly occult practices.

There has been almost no media coverage whatsoever of this staggering theft. This demands an immediate, focused, sustained response — until real change occurs.

To continue reading Section Five of David's post, click here. Or if you need or want to re-read any of the previous sections, please click on link above.

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