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Each Line, Each Gray Hair, Every Scar or Mark --Visible or Not-- Every Sigh You Take All Tells Us and Shows You: YOU Have Lived & YOU Have Learned

Boy, this pic of Master Hilarion looks just like actor Rob Lowe....
Thank you Hilarion and Julie!
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LOVE Yourself and Let the HEALING Begin: Message from Ascended Master, Hilarion

Welcome dearest children of God to our transmission that is getting underway. Before we begin, I am sending forth a cleansing wave of love and devotion that is over pouring from my heart dear ones.

Still seekers of the truth…that you will always will be. Seeking the truth of the world around which you live does not mean you are overly inquisitive it means you are being informed. How your world, the community which you live including the people that are you neighbours, family, friends, passers-by; all can effect your perception of the truth. I recommend and encourage each of you to stay fast and true to what YOU believe in, even if your beliefs to not match with another’s. There is no need for heated confrontations, simply accept everyone is different. Accept you have your own set of values, traits, beliefs, etc. There does come a time dear ones when you will need to address those values and beliefs and investigate their usefulness to you in the now and present. As you move through your life, progressing from your challenges that are attached with lessons, your thoughts and ways of doing things will change. Sometimes it takes a while to notice those changes because you live during very busy times and simply can forget to take time to reflect and take note of all your incredible achievements; both spiritually and personally.

Within each of you is the ability to heal yourself. You do this by having a positive outlook. You can chase away your illnesses by willing them away. It does require energy dear ones, and this is the time you ask for assistance from God, your angels and guides. God loves you dear ones. Reach for him not only when you are in need of His healing, reach for him as you would an old friend; for companionship, comfort, and for love. Seek nature dear ones. She will help restore any lost vitality, and bring calm into your life. She is not that far away, she surrounds you all the time with her reminder of her presence. Nature with her healing green colour fused with the warmth of the sun will inspire the Power to feel better. Green is the colour of your heart chakra. Make a motion to learn all your chakras and learn how to maintain them. Within each one are opportunities that will guide you to other means of healing yourself. Your chakras work for you every single day but require you to cleanse them and keep them healthy.

I do understand what it is like to do without the riches money can buy. I remember only eating fifteen figs a day and having to make shelter from the tall grass that litters the desert; I was being prepared for a mission. Sometimes the reasons why we do things require no explanation or why our guides guide us to certain choices and situations. There is a reason, always a reason. Let it come through the lesson instead of trying to learn of it beforehand. My time on the desert was harsh, I struggled with my own spirituality and faith, and I had many trials to contend to. God came through me to heal a woman from the inability to carry a child. Since that moment I have carried on a healing ministry to those that require my love, my acceptance, my compassion and of course healing for the mind, body and spirit.

I tell you this little memory only because I wish for you to understand that there will be times when you will not know your mission, and it will seem unclear. These are tests of faith and perseverance. And just when you seem to not be able to take another moment, you swiftly move through the current predicament, wiser, healed from the situation, and knowing a bit more of who you are. During all your lessons, maintain a healthy and positive mode of thinking, find ways to motivate yourself that discourages negative entrapments. And keep up with your chakras; find peace from their consistency of beneficially rich energy. Pay attention to their subtle signals telling you one them is becoming closed or weakened.

Part of your healing dear ones will come from the Truth. Your truth after discovering who you really are and make the necessary changes to turn any discord or disharmony into positive action and ways of being and thinking. Sometimes it takes a dear child a lifetime to learn their true-selves, and there is no rush. You must want to know and be willing to face and accept all that you find. Once you are able to accept all that you discover, you can then move to one of the next steps and that is forgiveness. All that you have to heal your mind, body and spirit lies within you and your heart dear ones. Forgiveness will forward you ahead very quickly on your Path to the Light of God and heal your heart from any heavy negative energy that is associated with guilt. Release the guilt, let it go and take back your power from where the guilt came from. Taking care of yourself, advocate for yourself when you feel necessary is part of self-care and is not considered being selfish. Moving through life, every step of the way with shining love that is brighter than any star. Your actions, your thoughts, feelings and spoken word to be filled with positive life healing LOVE.

You cannot love another in any capacity if you are unable to love yourself first. You are a beautiful child of God, filled with a warm and generous heart. Don’t only read my words here, believe them to be true. We of the Divine; the angels, the masters and all other beings of the highest of good look at what is in your heart. That is what defines your beauty dear ones, not neatly applied cosmetics, a trim physical appearance, every hair in its place; those things do not make up who and what we see when we are with you. The truth of who you are without all that when you look in the mirror and see the lines from having many difficult lessons, possibly a hard child birth, a family death that hit hard, employment security issues, there are many scenarios that cause worry and bring forth challenging lessons. Each line, each gray hair, every scar or mark [visible or not], every sigh you take all tells us and shows you, YOU have lived, you have learned and you have an abundance of wisdom. This knowledge of yourself; let it heal you dear ones, feel the love that’s not buried inside your heart but waiting to spill over.

It is possible when you look at those lines and those marks and feel sadness and it is understood. You share a great deal of yourself because you are a giving soul. This is who you are and there is nothing sad about that. That is an attribute to be commended dear ones, to be celebrated. I see often the many dear ones that look at themselves and feel only contempt. I ask of you to STOP and look with love. You have love to give; you give it all the time to others. Now is the time to heal yourself with your own love. You are very worthy of love, you are a lovable soul and you are more than capable give and receive love. Never dear ones doubt this and when you do, please seek the Office of the 5th Ray also known as the Emerald or green ray, there is Archangel Raphael, Archeia Mary, Elohim Cyclopea and his compliment, Virginia. Reach for one of us dear ones and we will reach for you and surround you within our protective loving light and hold you, support you and help you through gentle guiding to your own perfection by learning how to love yourself and to heal yourself from this never-ending supply of not just love, but unconditional love.

I must say our transmission today was especially invigorating and I thoroughly enjoyed every word and second of it. Your life is precious dear ones, a gift to be treasured, and I treasure each and every one of you.

I AM Hilarion
through Julie Miller

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