Wednesday, January 4, 2012

When You Embrace LOVE, Your Sense of Being Lost, Confused, Forever Running and Getting Nowhere Dissipates: Life Has Meaning & Value

"Once you open to Love and experience the peace and calm and the reduction in stress and anxiety it brings, and realize what you have been missing up till now, then you quickly decide this is not just another passing fad, but a way of life you will engage in permanently."

Ha... that cracks me up: "Love is becoming fashionable!"

Just like 20 years ago, when psychology was TOTAL STIGMA, now it's "the in-thing to do." Similarly, I get to watch another field (parapsychology) shift in public opinion from being totally laughable and ridiculed to becoming completely in vogue! That certainly goes hand-in-hand with the concept of "love."

Love and spirit have been the butt of jokes for centuries --nope, for millenia-- love, spirit and angels have been the object of mockery and disbelief for as long as the dark has controlled this planet: nearly 13,000 years, since the Fall of Atlantis.

Welcome to the new age... the Golden Age of Aquarius: Love & Be Loved!

And so it is!
Thank you Saul and John.
*** gavin

Love is Becoming Fashionable

When you come together in groups to pray or meditate and you hold the intent humanity awaken, your individual intents are very much strengthened and intensified. As the moment of awakening draws ever closer, more and more of you are doing this, and as a result the momentum carrying you towards that point in time is far too powerful for anything to divert it or slow it down. It is becoming an intense and exciting ride to a most glorious destination, and your sense of exhilaration when you arrive there will be mind blowing!

Where you are at present is the culmination of eons of struggle and many lifetimes in the illusion, as you sought to make sense of it. But it makes no sense, and the imaginary paths you invented to lead you Home were not very helpful because so many of them involved harsh judgment of those on paths other than your own. Finally, enough of you realized the insanity of this approach to finding your way Home, understood your Father is infinite loving kindness, and began to practice being loving kindness yourselves. This brought you some peace and stillness which enabled you to hear the spiritual guides who had always been with you. These first ones shared their experiences, which encouraged others to adopt these new attitudes, even though the vast majority of humanity were too bound up in conflict and struggle to even consider attempting to embrace such a seemingly weak and ineffective way of living.

However, the numbers now embracing loving attitudes and living kindly, peacefully, and compassionately has swelled enormously over the last three or four decades, and their influence is growing exponentially. The peace and calmness they enjoy and demonstrate can be clearly seen as they practice this enlightened way of living in every corner of the world, and their numbers are growing daily as people from all walks of life in every country on the planet seek respite from the pain, suffering, and anxiety the old ways of living support and maintain by their merciless and crushing attitudes of judgment and disdain for those of whom they disapprove.

Humanity is opening up to Love! For eons only a few in each generation did this, but now millions are doing so, and it is changing the world dramatically. Love is becoming fashionable! Fashions have always come and gone, were embraced and then discarded. However, once you open to Love and experience the peace and calm and the reduction in stress and anxiety it brings, and realize what you have been missing up till now, then you quickly decide this is not just another passing fad, but a way of life you will engage in permanently. And what happiness that decision brings you! Your sense of being lost, confused, forever running and getting nowhere dissipates, and you find life has a meaning and value you had never before experienced –-so you embrace it and want only to share it.

This is what is going on all over the world right now! People are discarding their attitudes of fear, doubt, and anxiety, and embracing the Love that has always enveloped them. Yes, It has always been with you, but in the fear engendered by your supposed state of separation from God you dared not believe It was there for you. Now, as you open yourselves to accept and receive It, you are discovering others doing likewise, and like you, they also become open and willing, wanting to share It everywhere, indiscriminately.

In short, a sea change has occurred. The Love constantly sweeping across the planet is being accepted with a grace and gratitude never before seen on Earth. You are alive and present in a time of unprecedented hope and confidence in your abilities to heal the Earth and all whom she shelters. And that hope and confidence is utterly justified because it is backed by your Father’s loving Will that you awaken into Reality. Joy and amazement far beyond your ability even to imagine will be eternally yours when that happens. Know that, and hold the intent continuously and confidently for it to do so, because your Father has promised it, and that is an assurance that will be honored.

With so very much love, Saul
by John Smallman

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