Sunday, January 15, 2012

You Are Frequently Feeling the Disquiet of Others

Many of you are finding this period in the divine plan stressful with your doubts and skepticism intensifying as you wait expectantly for the moment of awakening. This is very understandable because all the channels and all the guides have been encouraging your expectations, and yet most of you have very little, if any, sense of the enormous changes that are actually occurring worldwide. However, I can assure you that your intent to awaken, coupled with your intent to embrace only loving energies, and release all others, is intensifying and strengthening your connection to and integration with the divine energy field that is enveloping the planet

Some of you, who are more conscious of holding these intents, are experiencing unusual tiredness, even exhaustion, as your old and ancient disabling and limiting attitudes and beliefs storm into your awareness to be released. Others among you are releasing more general issues from many who are still deeply asleep, that you have, at a deeper level of your being, volunteered to help with, and which as a result are being channeled through you. For this you are greatly honored.

Attitudes are changing – sometimes in what must seem to you to be the most unlikely of places, and this is not “chance” or “luck,” but is the result of your intent for this to happen. Each person in physical form is enclosed in their own individual energy field that mixes and mingles with the energy fields of many others, and this mixing of energy fields is very strongly affected by the attitudes and intents that each one is embracing. Oftentimes, people are almost totally unaware of the effect that their attitudes and beliefs have on their energy fields (if they are aware that they have energy fields at all), although most of you are indeed aware from your observations of how people gravitate towards others who have similar interests or beliefs in business, pleasure, religion, or politics, and make a point of associating with them. When groups whose energy fields are not in harmony come together it can be very uncomfortable, unsettling, or even fractious, as you have often seen.

Now, with ever-increasing numbers of you intending to release any unloving attitudes to which you are still attached, those choosing to continue clinging to them are feeling quite threatened. This is because, without their having made a conscious choice, their issues are, nevertheless, coming up to be acknowledged, addressed, and released; and this is extremely uncomfortable for people who have for a long time relied for their self-esteem and self-confidence on inflexible ideas and beliefs which they have unquestioningly accepted as true. To have those beliefs shaken or stirred up is most unsettling, in fact quite frightening, and it is these people who are being so effectively helped by those of you who volunteered to help by working with and releasing more general issues.

When people’s ideas and beliefs are shaken up, their energy fields become disturbed and cause turbulence to flow out from them, affecting many others; and this turbulence is what many of you are picking up on and experiencing as personal doubts and skepticism about the awakening process. Understand that you are in fact frequently feeling the disquiet of others who have very little idea of what is going on, and for whom the idea of awakening or ascending probably makes no sense at all.

Intensify your focus on the Light you are all bearing, and strengthen your intent for it to burn brightly in everyone as you also maintain your intent to release all unloving attitudes and behaviors in preparation for your awakening. By doing this you help those along who are having difficulty seeing or following their path to awakening. All the help and loving energy that you offer is exponentially expanded and strengthened by the divine energy field as they meld, integrate, and interact together. Doing this is essential; you are here at this time to do it; you are greatly honored for doing it; and your success is divinely assured.

Pay attention to this knowing. It is not just theoretical information being passed on to you by various spiritual channels; it is an inner knowing, firmly anchored deep within you that is eternally yours to use. The channels are just reminding you of this so that you will go within to uncover it, and begin to sense the brilliance, the surety, the warmth, and the intense comfort with which it endows you. You are not alone, for we are all one, forever, with our divine and infinitely loving Father.

With so very much love, Saul
by John Smallman

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