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You have much to teach another soul who is just walking their journey. And as each of you continue to go forward you will meet the need to forgive. There is no quick fix when it comes to forgiving any wrongdoing done by you or by another towards you – ALL is a process that requires, time, love and understanding

Thank you Serapis Bey and Julie!
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Re-identify Yourself through Growth and Change
Ascended Master, Serapis Bey’s Weekly Message ~ October 12 – 19, 2012

The many mental and emotional tasks that many of you have met already and will meet again are basically a beginning of certain qualities being exercised. They eventually propel many dear souls to self-discovery of something new and exciting. Lessons will always be met dear ones, as they allow you the opportunity to balance any opposing factors or issues that may have been holding you back. For some dear folks in order to discover the inner-power that each of you possess, you must be pushed against the wall before any action or reaction is observed or taken. Mastery of your inner-strengths will always be met as you manoeuvre your way through the many challenges that greet you in your own way and at a pace that is best for you.  
There is a lot of learning along your journey dear ones, and much understanding is required. The faith we have in each of you achieving all your goals is unwavering. We of the Divine only wish you could meet each task that is before you with the same unwavering faith each and every time. We do understand distractions come and the breaking of the cycle of duality can be daunting and tiring. You are encouraged dear ones during any new challenge to always take the time to treat yourself with loving compassion.
As many are just beginning their journey to discover themselves and the worldwide community around them, they in time will soon relinquish any attachments to illusions that they held within a world that is based on exterior impressions. Learning to let go of the old and to adopt a new way of being and living is a step-by-step process for all people who walk the path to spiritual enlightenment. Sometimes you must look back and observe previous experiences to fully APPRECIATE the lessons they hold that carry much knowledge to be gained for the present moment of use. Looking back does not mean you are stepping backwards, only becoming more consciously aware of the connectedness of each and every lesson and how it pertains to you on a personal level. Many opportunities of learning a new way of doing things is learned from reflecting on past situations, new truths are often revealed that are illuminating for the one seeking to fully know their True Self.
Each of you is filled with large amounts of courage and this attribute is often over-looked. More often than not, someone else will point out how courageous you are, or tell you how much they admire your strength. Hear these words dear ones, for each one are truths and they are needed to be heard and understood more often. Each of you are Co-creators, creating a future that is not only based on the community outside your door, but on the WORLD as a whole collective unit of people sharing and working for the Love and Compassion that fills their entire being. You have the support with you, feel them, and discover their presence. They are there to support, and guide you on your Awakening and road to great spiritual awareness and through this journey the love they will bestow upon each of you is as infinite as time itself.
Once you do realize your True Telf you will begin to trust what you see from doing a lot of questions and answering from within. You may be directed to answers from another source but these answers are felt through your heart as truth and clarification that is needed to build on this self-truth. All the books that are available to educate you will not teach you what you can discover of yourself by going within dear ones. As your inner SELF further develops you will discover your inner-STRENGTH build and see miracles in places you may have never thought to look before. Miracles surround you daily dear ones, it is a heartening experience when you are able to discover this gift that God has left for you. Relish in the divine experience you will enter. It is important that your confidence is strong and isn’t hindered by any shadowy thought forms.  
Learning to embrace the darker side of the Self can be frightening for some because this becomes an area of the unknown, and many times we witness abundant amounts of fear being expressed when many of your brothers and sisters begin to face certain truths and confront situations that have been holding them back. But from the strong inner work that was done prior to the spiritual excavation what is discovered is THEMSELVES, a person that is strong, capable and not so filled with fear as originally thought. A breath of relief is often heard during the times many souls begin to face their darker and more ominous self. It is here when you learn why some of your character traits are how they are, and it is a time you see with crystal clarity what is required: A little fine-tuning. Each experience you encounter dear ones is your opportunity to further develop your consciousness, to bring it into higher planes of realization and awareness. Embrace each and every part that demonstrates the REAL you. Accept dear ones that you are created of equal portions of dark and light that require balancing.
As your path winds, twists and turns you pick up so much knowledge that becomes wisdom as you reciprocate that learned wisdom onto others that are learning what you have already achieved. You have much to teach another soul who is just walking their journey. And as each of you continue to go forward you will meet the need to forgive. There is no quick fix when it comes to forgiving any wrongdoing done by you or by another towards you – ALL is a process that requires, time, love and understanding. Being able to forgive removes any blame or guilt, releases you from the pressure and negativity that has kept you from moving as efficiently as many of you would have preferred. Any unresolved emotions or situations require forgiveness dear ones. Shine your illuminating light objectively towards a past situation and see all that it entails. What is often witnessed is vulnerability, purity, sometimes ignorance, and most definitely the ‘whole picture’ of what was happening. All situations come with feelings, actions, reactions, thoughts, etc. At any time, dear ones, you can look back to understand this is a perfect chance to forgive yourself and others who may have been involved. Accepting mistakes you and anyone involved in creating the situation releases any ignorance because it becomes opportunity to learn differently, to acquire knowledge that frees you from past situations. Forgiveness is a very healing method that will propel you forward and becomes needed throughout the journey you have undertaken. Forgiveness is not a one-time occurrence; You are encouraged to express forgiveness whenever you feel oppressed about any one thing that is causing you disharmony. Don’t allow any disharmony to build and become heavy, always walk Light and with Love dear ones.
Your journey dear ones will bring towards a refining process of your true divine purpose and your own talents become more visible. You move from uncertain disbelief to attained understanding and achievement. You begin to re-identify with yourself as you grow and change. Old ways become dissolved for new ways to be embraced. You learn from simply ‘KNOWING’ that you are becoming more integrated with your Soul SELF. Will others notice any difference? Many will who are in-tune and sensitive. What they might make note on is your exterior appearance, how softer your facial features are, how less stressed you appear and even if you feel tired how exuberant you look. All the work you have done, the inner healing you have absorbed will show dear ones. Even with people whom you communicate via website forums will notice a refinement in the words and vocabulary you choose to express yourself. The total commitment you have expended has given you many challenges that have helped to create the evolved being you were meant to become.
Do not hesitate dear ones to ask for my aid when you are feeling a little out of sorts and you require additional guidance and direction that will help further enlighten your spiritual journey. I will never turn any of you away. My love is yours as I have enough to share among each and every soul that inhabits the Earth you call home.
And so it is, 
Ascended Master, Serapis Bey 
through Julie Miller

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