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To Hide from the Truth is to Hide from Yourself
I ask you to think beloved hearts, and to think with all honesty, what is truth to you? An honest question that many souls that share your bountiful Earth have trouble expressing. It is definitely apparent that many can only express truth when faced against the direst of circumstances and even then it is a struggle because this means the individual must accept responsibility and begin to realize that possibility that there is divine meaning of life after all. The need to understand the meaning of anything is wired into your entire being, this is a basic and well known fact dear ones. There really cannot be any meaning without some degree of truth.
The Definitive Truth, the one that is ultimate that speaks of God’s unwavering love and His existence in all life, deep down each of you know of this as instinctive reasoning. Have you ever noticed dear ones, the souls who claim God does not exist are the very same folks that claim there is no absolute truth and that everything is merely relative? You know dear ones that ALL is connected and you know no matter how deeply involved you are in your spirituality that God does exist; you see this truth every day when you wake to greet the day.
God as the Infinite Spirit He is does show himself to each of you if you take the time to truly notice. This ability to recognize God does not require any adept skill, but to see with eyes truly opened and witness the miracles that is shown to you every single day. Your life dear ones is a most treasured gift, one to behold and embraced. I know it is hard to look above the struggles that face you on a near daily consistency. The more you are able to face these with confidence and love, the lighter you will feel in your heart dear ones. God is with you in all instances; never doubt this beloved hearts.
As Beloved Jesus Christ told the people that came seeking the truth, “Seek and you shall find; knock and the door will be opened for you”. Will you walk away dear ones if Jesus answers instead of God? If you turn away, where will go? Do you only accept one but not the other? These questions I leave for you are for you to answer at your leisure.
It is understood that many souls would prefer hearing and following a truth that has no demands of effort. When you put forward good effort instead of evading a more truthful route; reaching your true self becomes much harder. Part of your spiritual development is discovering yourself and all your truths and untruths, having the opportunity to accept and correct any wrongs and to improve and work on areas that need attention. I ask of you dear ones to be patient with yourself as Jesus was patient and willing to forgive, you also can adopt this way of thinking and being, it is just a matter of choice dear ones. Even in the fast pace age that is all around you, you can choose to live compassionately.
I know facing any truth dear ones can be frightening because you are unaware of what the full outcome will be because as you enter the truth of anything, there are many variable outcomes to be created by the choices you make. The truth for many is pushed aside in favour of materialistic demands that distract you from thinking with your heart.
Remember dear ones when you are ready to face the many facts that all together create you in truth, the truth for you will not necessarily be the same for another. What you have been taught and what you have learned along your journey is relevant to each other. There will be times when realization will strike and what you once thought as truth is no longer valid because you have changed, grown through experience and from learning the value of yourself and others. In a world that holds so many diverse people and spiritual beliefs, being able to accept and love without opposition is a daily struggle that can easily be handled by facing certain truths with respect and love. It starts with you willing to make conscious choices that will bring about great change in your own life that will reflect onto others you that are close to you and your heart, and they will in time adopt your change of being as they continue to see a consistent change in you. Then what is created dear one is a domino effect of great change that is love filled. Because of your connectedness dear ones, what you do, the energy you release effects all that is near you and depending on the sensitivity of those dear souls they also become affected by the energy you are emitting.
The omnipresent source of Light that is widely accepted as the Light of God can be drawn by each of you for direction that will ultimately lead you to a heightened state of being that I know many wish to be. You understand dear ones that the subsequent decision making and actions assist not only yourself but the world.
Throughout your history there has been many to reference the Omnipresent Light and have given it an understanding of sacred respect. The Light of God which holds the truth of your heart that speaks of infinite love compels you to listen, but you must be ready to meet your truth and the opportunity of realizing your real self as the divine and beautiful soul it is. The truth if you are not ready will go on closed ears.
The Light of God directs you to always live in ways that represent the highest of good. When you are out of the Light and experiencing darker hours, you are not ever blocked or turned away from the Light, you only turned away from the truth no matter how momentarily. I know it is only too easy to get yourself caught up in any crisis, but let the Light of God and its unwavering wave of truth and love beckon you to hold strong to your faith; faith in yourself and in God’s Love and protective illumination. In truth dear ones, God’s light is a comfort, it assures you and directs you to discover new ways of living when your intuition is telling there is another way; His light is filled with love that shows you how to see the beauty and meaning in all things. When you accept the truth of God’s light and love your spirit will sigh in relief and with that hope and optimism will be reawakened.
To choose the path that is filled with truth to direct your journey, understand dear ones truth does not require you to have any specific belief or to follow any specific cultural deity because truth is instinctive and visceral. I encourage you to be amazed at the dynamic rhythm of life that you are unfolding that speaks in volumes throughout the universe. When you are in balance in all that you are, you are then in alignment with your truth and all there is.
Yes, you must make the conscious choice to direct your spiritual progression to where you want to be, create short term and long term goals that are realistic to reach. Your spirituality dear ones is directed by you and is extremely personal because it is filled with your experiences. At various intervals your growth requires you to go within and hone all skills and improve any characteristics that are showing signs that they require attention. Be conscious of yourself and always be in the present even if you are learning from the past. Understand the importance of Free Will, and that you have the power to choose. Many will try to distract you with offers, and that is what they are there for, to test you and see if you are easily distracted. Allow yourself to be drawn to what holds true to your heart. Honour your free will by being conscious of the present moment that requires a certain amount of stillness that is filled with peace and calm. Each of you has the power to transform your life by a thought, feeling, word or action.
Follow your truth dear ones; let it lead you to delightful experiences that will fill your thirst for knowledge to full capacity. Yes you will meet challenges along the way, embrace them and rejoice knowing the wisdom you will gain; marvel on how your path may curve from the outcome and shine light towards a new interest that will benefit your development and growth that speaks to you as being of the highest of good and is useful to your journey.
Know beloved hearts as we prepare to close I am always available to guide, support and offer love and encouragement when you invoke my presence. The pleasure conversing with you is insurmountable as is my love for each of you.

And so it is,
Ascended Master Hilarion
through Julie Miller

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