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Each of you must decide when it is time to focus purely on the communication between you and God. It is through YOUR efforts that are based on unconditional love that allow you to reach the Freedom of God’s brilliant light and comforting love

Thank you Djwal Khul and Julie!
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Begin each day in humbleness dear ones. As you present yourself to others and to God, understand the immense power you hold every time you re-establish your connection with God. It is okay to ask others for a little help once in a while but your spiritual progression must be met by your own efforts. Even with the guidance you receive from us and others who you seek advice from, we cannot make your choices for you. What we are doing is directing you to other ideas that develop into new opportunities to make decisions that will further you along your path to gather knowledge and wisdom based on the experiences you have endured. Each of you must decide when it is time to focus purely on the communication between you and God. It is through YOUR efforts that are based on unconditional love that allow you to reach the Freedom of God’s brilliant light and comforting love.

Your Ascension in this lifetime or any other is based on honour, compassion, discipline, and wisdom. And you gain these dear ones through experiences that provide you with incredible life-changing lessons. Each one is to be embraced and understood. Yes it does sometimes take a while before some lessons are learned. We urge you to reduce negative self-talk when expectations do not go as you had hoped. Look at the progress you have made and see the good that has occurred. Even the mistakes acquired by making certain choices can be looked at in a positive light. You learn through your mistakes, they help nurture your growth and development, they provide the pathway to great wisdom. Any area within yourself, that you know full well that could use a little polishing, is your opportunity to gaining more mastery of yourself.

Your journey brings you along to many diverse people from many cultures. It is essential to your own growth and to theirs to understand and accept them as members of your cosmic community. There is much you can learn from each other when you drop defensive walls and allow the love to flow freely from one heart to the next. Even if you are not blood-related, you are all family dear ones as you are all deeply connected. When you allow yourself the time to think about the Unity you share with all life forms, deep inside you stirs an energy of knowing – this knowing is the Divine Light and Love from God providing you with the inner knowledge that He is a living part of your life.

Your spiritual heart is your central point of all your experiences and it is also where you begin your connection with your inner spirit that eventually expands to your God Spark that rests in the central core of your beautiful heart. When you start stoking your God Spark dear ones you will come to learn the sacred Threefold Flame is there waiting for you to build this into your spiritual growth and development, to push yourself forward from the knowledge you will find through the wisdom you gain from this sacred fire. The Threefold Flame is where you begin building your foundation and bridging the Light of the Divine to be manifested fully for the good of you and all of mankind.

You learn to give respect to Karma because you begin to understand Karma crosses your path to help you create further developments from all those experiences you have endured and to put those learned lessons where they belong where they no longer cause any pain or harm. Karma does not only cross your path for just you, but through your other dear souls are brought further ahead on their journey as well. How you handle your trials and tribulations are noticed and affected by others dear ones. The choices you make, the actions you choose do not go unnoticed. You are shifting into a newer way of life; You have been ever since you began making your own choices. Change has always been part of your growth. You are learning other ways to evolve that will propel each of you into a reality that is different than what you are currently familiar with. We of the Divine have for some time now have been helping many of you through our teachings, love and guidance to move away from the darkness of ignorance and enter into the light of knowledge.

I see many dear souls come to the aid of the Ascended Masters to learn of the gifts we often share through your consciousness. How is it you developed your consciousness to the perfect awareness state is in now in? Your consciousness develops when you learn to utilize constructively all of your gifts by following the teachings of the Masters and by listening to God’s divine direction. It does require mindful willpower to carry the understanding of what you are required to do and not give up until you are triumphant in mastering each point within yourself. Too often dear ones, many dear souls want to rush their development and growth. Not realizing they were missing out on a fundamental part on the building of their inner selves that reflects and demonstrates their victory and freedom that is gained from self-mastery and understanding how the Threefold Flame fits into their lives.

It is well understood that many of you are on a journey that will bring you to Ascension. Understand dear ones, Ascension does not come if you are dawdling about and not taking seriously the basic and primary teachings to build your spiritual foundations. The sacred Threefold Flame requires concentrated devotion. To understand the Threefold Flame, you need to understand the representation of each plume within yourself. Realizing each colour holds an essential part to understanding yourself as whole that is dearly required and understanding the importance of infusing these plumes within your creative endeavors in order for solid mastery to be brought forward into the life you are currently living. You are urged dear ones to seek to understand the Threefold Flame and to stoke this beloved flame that sits in the central core of your beautiful heart.

The Threefold Flame --blue, pink and gold-- all have their own distinctive meanings that speak a certain vibration within your heart that radiates a divine glow throughout your entire body that you learn to build on from your developing understanding and awareness. When you learn to work with each flame through meditation you will begin to grow enormousness and the extent of the whole Threefold Flame working together. Just like your chakras, they expand through growth and understanding from you, so does the Threefold Flame. As you become one with the understanding of what each plume is to you, you will come to know and possibly feel this nurturing flame soak every part of you – mind, body and spirit. In time dear ones, you will wear your Threefold Flame as a favourite garment of choice. It is here dear ones when you finally begin to moderate the pure action and vibration of the Threefold Flame with your mind that radiates the purity and perfection of your Christ Self.

Realize dear ones, each time you send out a thought form that includes the full representation of the Threefold Flame, focus on your inner power, holding on to the energy that fills your Solar Plexus firmly reflecting upon the Threefold Flame during time you have given yourself for solace you will discover how to intensify whichever masters of the Seven Rays of Light you are trying to focus on through your heart chakra. Understand dear ones, each Ray of Light carries a certain quality of God, and they are available when you need them throughout your journey.

As you discover through your own study, the Threefold Flame is an all-important key to your spiritual development. From the beginning of your reality, every aspect of God has radiated through these plumes and has been unfolding every time you reach a pivotal phase of understanding within each plume. You will become more skilled and you will discover by the act of pure Will you are able to allow your Christ-like mind and your perfected God Presence to reach through any blanket that has covered a potential area of growth that can be achieved by activating the power within your Heart Chakra by using your inner mind, learning to separate your emotional self from your spirit self. You will reach this particular attainment if you have constructed an established momentum by allowing your God Presence to intervene in all aspects of your life.

Before any attainment is reached dear ones understand the Threefold Flame, learn it and expand this Divine flame that is alive within your beautiful heart. Comprehend the complexities of its involvement with your own unique creativity. Then dear ones, the blessed association with your own God Presence becomes stronger and you will demonstrate more of your God Self more often in all your actions, words, thoughts, and feelings. Within each of you is the understanding of your call that is directly in-line with the Light of God. This call may be subtle; the wisdom within each of you provides each of you with the opportunity to embrace every opportunity presented to you. The call dear ones is simple it is listening to the Divine Word of God, knowing the direction your path will lead you to will bring you to successful accomplishment of the transformational development of the Threefold Flame within your heart.

Look at the Threefold Flame as food for your heart, as your spiritual life force. Become master of your heart by becoming one with each plume: Wisdom’s Golden Flame, Love’s pink Flame and Power’s Blue flame. As you inhale each breath of air, include an inhale of understanding of this precious flame. Just like your chakras, the Threefold Flame can become imbalanced. You must have this sacred flame dear ones working in perfect harmony with each other. Do not hesitate to engage the pink Plum of Love when you find yourself wanting to spend more time with God’s Love. Learn to know when you are not balanced. The more balance you have of this sacred flame, the more balance you will notice of your own personal life during every day affairs.

If there is any area along your spiritual journey you wish to change, look into the Threefold Flame, through each plume you will discover new ways of making change and adopting newer and fresher ways of being you. Always take the time to re-examine your inner-self. There is always work to do be done dear ones. Your development is a never-ending road to success and fulfillment. Your pure effort that is guided by your heart will bring you there dear ones. There are many wonderful opportunities waiting for you through the building of your foundation of the Threefold Flame. The more you work on cultivating you, the more patience you will encounter and patience you know is very much needed in all aspects of your life.

Before we close our discussion on my favourite topics, I would like to remind you the use of the Violet Flame. Throughout your journey and the process of developing your fundamental foundation within the Threefold Flame, you discover the need to express forgiveness to any grief that was experienced as part of development will help free all negative pressures letting go some of your old painful memories can have. The Violet Flame is merciful and divinely nurturing. Call forth the Violet Flame every day to heal yourself from the pressures that come with condemnations and judgments. Allow yourself to be healed dear ones. Allow yourself to be directed to choices that could take you out of repetitive mistakes. And realize the dear souls that do not ascend in this lifetime ...are still perfect. Learn to make use of the Violet Flame even if you are a person who has a habit of being criticizing. The healing flame, if you let it in dear ones will direct you to a more loving way of interacting with others that will illuminate your God Presence.

The Awakening of yourself dear ones will release profound levels of gratitude that will come from your heart through great positive thought forms of brilliant light. Each step you take you are perfecting your consciousness. Know dear ones that no matter where your path may lead you, God has permanently blessed you with his infinite love and light.

I AM Ascended Master Djwal Khul 
through Julie Miller


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