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Focus on listening and attending to others lovingly

The great event – awakening – continues its approach, and as it does so more and more of humanity is feeling the need to change attitudes and behaviors so that longterm peace may prevail all over the planet.  The energy from the divine Love field is penetrating areas of human thought and activity that would seem inconceivable to the majority of you, and yet the darkest and most carefully hidden domains, from which Love has been locked out for eons, are being gently and most effectively permeated.  This is not readily observed by the population at large; nevertheless, it is most definitely happening, and as a result those who would maintain and strengthen the old dark ways are falling into confusion and disarray.

As you are constantly reminded: Love changes everything! Love — the power and energy of creation — is indefatigable and, ultimately, irresistible.  You are eternally enveloped in Its warm embrace, and you all will succumb to Its captivating and enchanting appeal, leaving the illusion far behind you, because it is where you belong and where you truly want to be.  Every thought, every ambition, every hope, and every desire that occurs to you is to bring to your attention your ceaseless intent to awaken, to experience Reality, oneness with God your divine Father.  You seek nothing else.

The illusion has certainly succeeded extremely well in its purpose to distract you from Reality, but only fleetingly.  It is a transient, ephemeral state whose time has expired; it has passed its sell-by date, and the odor it is giving off confirms this to all who choose to know it.  Reality is timeless, while for the illusion time is most certainly running out.

Illusory ideas and concepts still plague humanity, but there are now enough of you making the intent to awaken and to shift the collective consciousness away from fear and far closer to Love.  This shift will lead to a much clearer understanding of the meaning of the illusion and of your reasons for being part of it and experiencing it.  It will also provide the impetus — the intuitive pressure you need to rediscover within yourselves the God Spark — That which will prove to you, without any room whatsoever for doubt, that you are all divine beings of inestimable worth.

That realization, by itself, is gently permeating your conscious awareness and demonstrating to you that you are never alone, and never have been, although you have often felt totally alone, abandoned, and unloved.  In fact, many of you have felt and still feel deep down within yourselves, where you do not like or choose to venture, that you are indeed unlovable.  But that is one of those culturally imposed beliefs that are completely without foundation.

The realization that the opposite of that ridiculous belief is the truth is the result of an opening-up of your hearts, a growing awareness that those sensations, though often terrifying, are unreal: an insane concept you developed to explain the illusion to yourselves, and to try and make some sense of it.  Now you understand that that is impossible, for the simple reason it truly does not make sense and never has.  With that understanding comes the awakening self-awareness that demonstrates to you unequivocally that you must be a part — an inseparable and altogether essential part — of God, All That Exists, because there is obviously and logically no alternative.

The coming into awareness of this essential truth is an aha! moment of a most uplifting nature.  Some experience it most dramatically through a near-death experience, as the result of a grave illness or the death of a loved one, though for most it creeps up unexpectedly and occurs during meditation, praying, reading a book, or watching a movie.  However it arrives, it is never forgotten and it removes any lingering fear you may have of death.

It does not affect normal fears, such as from almost walking unthinkingly in front of moving vehicles, or almost falling down stairs that you had not seen, which are practical, inbuilt protective devices intended to grab your awareness very quickly so that you do not damage your physical bodies unnecessarily when your physical activities and your mental processes are not in alignment — a not uncommon situation for many of you.  You all have a spiritual path to follow and fears like that can save you from “falling off your path” inadvertently or prematurely.

That aha! moment, which in bygone eras was quite uncommon, is now happening to large numbers of people, as the God Spark within them reignites, flooding their awareness with a wonderful sense that all is well and that all will remain well.  And of course it will . . . because you are all engaged in the process of awakening into Reality where all is eternally well.  Focus on that point – “all is eternally well” – and let it guide you in every moment.  You do know it, but you often allow illusory doubts and anxieties to divert your attention from it.

Nothing that you experience in the illusion is meaningless . . . except for the illusion itself!  Everything that happens, every situation in which you find yourselves is bringing you a lesson.  When the lesson is learnt you will not undergo it again, although you may see others apparently doing so.  Unless they ask for your assistance it is often unwise to offer guidance.  You may well be tempted to do so because you now feel that you are a bit of an expert; resist the temptation and remind yourselves that each one has to learn their own lessons in their own time.  After all, you did!

Focus on listening and attending to others lovingly, because it is extremely helpful in aiding them to sort out their own ideas and solutions.  By being a loving and accepting presence you provide enormous help to all with whom you interact, allowing the grace they need to flow through you to them.  You cannot see it or sense it, but it is there, and you will experience a sense of peace and calmness in yourselves as you just listen, allowing your presence and the loving energy it holds to mingle with that of those with whom you are interacting.

Loving, calm, and peaceful interaction is the best way for you to assist in humanity’s awakening process, and it is why you are on the planet at this time. And, of course, that kind of interaction helps you enormously as well, because what you give, you receive in abundance.  Just repose in the sure knowledge that you are always divinely loved and cherished, no matter what may be occurring in your lives, and make sure to take time out regularly, daily, to rest and recuperate in the quiet space within, in the loving embrace of your God Spark.  When you do so It becomes brighter as your energies align, strengthening your connection to It.

Your loving brother, Jesus.
by John Smallman

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