Saturday, October 6, 2012

Thank you Ascended Master Jesus and John!
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Never doubt that you are doing invaluable work

Our honor and respect for you grows as you continue, despite the travails of the illusion, to hold your Light on high.  It is a demanding task that you have set yourselves, and yet you hang in there – sometimes with a rather grim determination! – intending to bring love, peace, and abundance to the planet and all her inhabitants, while it seems that all around you people are hollering, blustering, and fighting insanely to protect themselves or to destroy others. Knowing, as you do, that all are one, the insanity of it all can be very disheartening for you.  Nevertheless, you proceed determinedly to spread love – even as many still insist on denying its existence and attempt to dissuade or discourage you from your path – demonstrating to all that in every heart there is a divine spark waiting for the breath of spirit to blast it into flame.

And each one of you is an aspect of that breath as you share love and seek entrance into even the most closely guarded hearts.  And you are entering, often secretly through a side door, and the effect your entrance is having on the owner is remarkable, even though it is not apparent to you.  Never doubt that you are doing invaluable work for all of humanity as you persist in following your path, allowing your Light to burn brightly, and offering assistance, healing, and counseling to those who seek it from you.

You are changing the energies at work on the planet because the love you intend to share, and are sharing unconditionally, is wearing down and dissolving the very negative energies of fear that have overshadowed her for so long.  It is like the tide coming in, smoothing out the sand and carrying away the waste products and other man-made detritus for cleansing and recycling.  A great energetic wave of planetary cleansing is in fact occurring right now to restore her to her pristine state, and it is ensuring that she will never again experience the kinds of unconscionable and thoughtless treatments to which she has been subjected since the start of your industrial revolution.

It may well seem to you that while relatively small core groups of concerned, conscientious, and well-informed people are going to great efforts to persuade humanity that enormous changes in the way it thinks of and treats the planet are essential, larger, far more powerful, and influential groups are doing their utmost to continue and expand their extremely short-sighted industrial activities which are effectively raping and pillaging her.  Industrial activities of an extreme and damaging nature have undoubtedly increased exponentially over the last seven or eight decades. However, the movements to bring those vast destructive activities to an end are gaining momentum, and the tide is about to change. When it does, the speed at which the most egregious activities are closed down will surprise you, as will the speed at which damage that has been done can and will be rectified.

When you cooperate with one another on a large scale, amazing results, for better or for worse, can be achieved very rapidly indeed.  As the energies of love, compassion, and healing continue to intensify across the planet, the essential positive and creative changes in the way you respond to one another, and to events and problems that require your attention, locally, internationally, and globally, are being made far more rapidly than you can imagine.  Many events and occurrences of a positive nature do not get reported by the media; in fact even the alternate media misses a lot of the positive and uplifting news that would raise your spirits and ease your anxieties about the road ahead.

And of course your ongoing cooperative efforts, coupled with your determination, to bring an end to activities that are detrimental to humanity and the planet are proving extremely effective in delaying and stalling planned “grand industrial projects” that would be severely damaging for your planetary ecosystems. Some of these delays to industrial projects become news items, enabling more people to become aware of them and add their influence to the effort to ensure that they do not get approval.

Your loving and peaceful intent – brought to mind during prayer, meditation, or plain relaxation – to prevent further catastrophic damage to the environment by bringing to a halt all severely damaging industrial activity adds enormous energy to the efforts of those numerous organizations that are working physically to achieve those same ends.  You are moving positively forwards towards a new and wonderful age, so maintain your intent, your focus, and your determination, and bring it into being.

Your loving brother, Jesus.
by John Smallman

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