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LAW OF ATTRACTION: Like attracts like, so when we have lower vibrating thoughts, we in turn call them into our lives --inadvertently and unintentionally creating MORE problems. OUCH!

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Matthew Ward: "Doubt about Obama’s Light-Filled Intentions is Arming His Opposition"

2012 October 22 (doesn't this pic of Matthew below look a lot like Anthony on Oct 22nd???  wild  ;^)
Posted by Steve Beckow
This article is reposted from August 2010 and is posted to lend support to President Obama in his re-election bid.

After a long absence (since late June) following his father’s transition, Matthew Ward has returned.
I want to reproduce his passage on President Obama here. If this does not stop the anti-Obama meme (a meme is a catchphrase that is taken up by people), then people who continue spinning it have an axe to grind.

Here are those passages:
“Suzy: Are you still convinced that US President Obama is a highly evolved lighted soul who came from an advanced civilization to lead us into the Golden Age?
Matthew: “Yes! There is no reason for us or other messengers in high stations to doubt that, but we understand why some of you do. Assessments and conclusions can only be according to information available to you.

“You don’t have our vantage point in the universe or our information sources, and you have no way of knowing all the undercurrents that will be ushering in your new world.

“Doubt about Obama’s light-filled intentions is arming his opposition — that is why we urge you to withhold judgment and to envision him and your world in golden light. Negative thoughts and feelings about Obama’s leadership are reducing his ability to persuade his own government and other leaders to act in harmonious cooperation to achieve a peaceful world with shared wealth and well being for all. 

This is not his failing, but rather the law of attraction in operation — negativity aimed in any direction brings back to Earth more negative situations.

“Along with vibrations intensifying the best and the worst of human traits, the law is producing divisiveness in politics, ideologies and philosophies that form all systems and organizations that regulate life in your world. Each side of any issue is blindly digging in its heels instead of giving an inch. But do not despair — that stubbornness to keep the status quo and to resist reform attempts is but one element in the picture whose full design soon will “come to light.” (1)

So we need to know that we are holding up the show and incapacitating President Obama by holding or spreading negative views about him.

President Obama is the political leader here to lead us into the New Age fast approaching. His detractors on the left and right are mistaken in their estimations of him and it’s up to us to set them right.


(1) Matthew Message, Aug. 13, 2010, at http://www.matthewbooks.com/mattsmessage.htm

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