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In truth, there is nothing to judge

The river of time — that aspect of the Illusion of which many of you are most conscious — is flowing swiftly and smoothly, carrying you insistently and unfalteringly along with it towards your divine destination.
Regardless of any doubts or uncertainties that you may harbor, your arrival is assured, divinely assured.  Focus on the absolute certainty of that assurance when doubts or anxieties arise within you, knowing, as you most definitely do, that your Father’s Love for you is drawing you irresistibly homeward.

You have a saying, “Home is where the heart is,” and the heart of your true Self is eternally at Home with your heavenly Father.  Nevertheless, that does not appear to be the case as you contend with the problems and anxieties with which the Illusion continuously presents you, while you strive determinedly to find your way out of it and back to that glorious state.

As ever-greater numbers of you decide that you have had enough of this insane suffering and resolve to bring it to an end, your striving becomes more diligent and effective.  And because it is your spiritual intention and because you are divinely assisted, there is nothing that can prevent your Awakening from occurring just as divinely intended.

All you have to do is maintain focus on your intent to Awaken, and take the essential personal steps that go with that intent by releasing all thoughts and ideas from your minds that are of the lower vibrations.  Only Love is real, so it is very easy for you to identify what you need to release, and you have abundant help from those in the spiritual realms to make the releasing a breeze.

Sometimes you may feel that certain offenses are unforgivable, especially if the perpetrator either claims that they were justified or denies that they occurred. Remember though, you are all mirrors to one another, and what you most dislike and take issue with in another is frequently something that you need to address in yourselves.

Start, therefore, by honestly addressing any attacks that you have instigated; recall the circumstances, and determine if you still feel that you would need to respond to that cause in the same way and with the same intensity.  Maybe now, well after the event, you would prefer to forget that it had ever happened?  Also, if you have recently succeeded in weaning yourself off some habit that you disliked or had become ashamed of, realize that observing it in others still pushes your buttons and possibly presents you with an intense need to proselytize and inculcate in them your own beliefs.  Then remind yourselves how bitterly you resented it when others tried those methods on you!

It truly is a question of being aware of your humanity and of the failings that go with that state.  “To fail is human,” is to quote a well-known cliché, and it is now time to learn that the only way out of this circle of failure is through forgiveness.

First, understand why you behaved badly and honor the reasons you gave yourself for doing so: the mitigating circumstances as you saw them at the time. Then, with your new understanding, forgive yourself for reacting too swiftly in the moment, as many people do, instead of responding after due thought. Accept that you, like others, are not and never can be perfect while embodied within the Illusion on Earth, but that, nevertheless, it is never your intention to react by attacking or offending others.  Use this self-awareness to show you that you are making progress because your intentions are good, even if you cannot always follow through on them.  Forgive yourselves, make amends if necessary and possible, and then move forward without dwelling on what might have been. What happened happened, and you learnt a valuable lesson.

Once you start to see yourselves in this light, it becomes much easier to forgive others for their faults.  Having started on this path, you will find yourselves wondering why someone is misbehaving, and recognize it as a cry for love to which you can then respond appropriately by GIVING LOVE, instead of reacting angrily to their misbehavior.

Your new style will bring you far more peace than did the old one, and your levels of stress will reduce.

Being a loving being is good for you and for your health!

And whenever you find yourselves doubting your value to society, to the world, or to God, remind yourselves very firmly that you are divine beings whom He has created perfect, and that your experiences to the contrary are, however real and painful they may seem to be, totally illusory and will be gone when you Awaken. As beloved children of God you are of infinite value because Love is your eternal and unchanging essence.  Relax into the knowledge of this divine truth which you can find within yourselves when you let go of judgment, because, in Truth, there is nothing to judge.

Your loving brother, Jesus.
by John Smallman

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