Sunday, October 14, 2012

Trust and honesty is now seen to be the only way forward, and those who would refute that are being left on the sidelines as humanity moves powerfully forwards towards its divine destiny – a grand awakening

Thank you Christ and John!
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It brings to you a new and magnificent reason for living

Your awakening process is moving ahead smoothly just as divinely intended, so do not be upset or disturbed by the mainstream media reports that focus on the pain, suffering, and disasters around the world.  They are happening, but other, much more wonderful things that are not being reported are happening as well. Large numbers of people are finding compassion, forgiveness, and love in their hearts where before they seemed to be weighed down with fear, worry, and even bitterness.  This is a gigantic step forward that many are embracing enthusiastically despite the unsettling mainstream news that is flooding your media.

A major shift has occurred.  Humanity is uncovering within its collective heart energy field the glowing embers of your Father’s Flame of Love, installed there for your protection when you decided to explore the path of individuality and separation.  Those embers are inextinguishable and have been waiting for this moment.  This uncovering is allowing the infinitely powerful breath of Spirit to blow upon them, returning them to their natural state — divine Flames burning eternally and enthusiastically, constantly demonstrating your Father’s undying Love for you.  To find them burning within yourselves is both shocking and exhilarating!  It brings to you a new and magnificent reason for living, and you want only to share it and watch it grow and expand it throughout the peoples of the world — and that is exactly what is happening.

The divine field of Love surrounding Earth and all her inhabitants is reaching into more and more hearts as you open in welcome to its loving embrace.  It has always been there for you, and now millions of you, no, billions, are becoming aware of this magnificent divine gift that will assist you to release all the concepts and beliefs that have clouded your minds in confusion for eons, and led you so often to betrayal, hatred, and war — it has been these insane ideas, so firmly held, that have brought so much suffering to the peoples of the world.  Never before in your history has there been this willingness to work lovingly to let go of these concepts and beliefs that have served you so pitifully, and with increasing numbers of you opening your hearts to accept and receive the divine embrace your success is ensured.

There has always been an intense desire within the collective mind for peace and harmony to develop in all relationships and at every level of human society. However, because distrust and extreme caution have constantly proved themselves to be essential aspects of any negotiations or agreements being hammered out (for experience has taught you that ignoring or dispensing with them has frequently led to disaster), until now no one has had the courage or the incentive to seek truly open and honest discussion.

Now, however, there are very few left who have not realized that these ancient, time-worn concepts and opinions can never bring peace and harmony because peace and harmony demand trust and always honor it; and so great changes are taking place in the mind of the collective, enabling meaningful and fruitful discussion to take place to address and resolve major issues that have caused you so much continuing dissent and aggravation.

Over the last few decades many fearful souls have been learning that trust can and indeed does work, and that has been a revelation for them.  Of course there have been disappointments on the road to trust; although it has often been sought, too often it has not been honored.  But those disappointments were learning-experiences for all involved, because those who trusted and were betrayed, instead of descending to the level of the betrayers chose to have no more dealings with them.  Those who honored trust were themselves honored, and those who could not be trusted – truly, far fewer people are blatantly untrustworthy than you might imagine – found themselves increasingly isolated as they bewailed the dishonesty of others while pursuing their dishonest ends and continuing to lie and cheat.

Those who trusted and encouraged trust found themselves engaging ever more frequently with others who trusted and who could be trusted.  This new experience was uplifting and inspiring, and with trust being honored, the love that is present in every heart began to flourish.  As a result hearts everywhere began to open, allowing God’s loving embrace to envelop them and leading to today’s situation where trust is sought and expected, and the dishonoring of trust has become utterly unacceptable.

Those who for so long have succeeded in their aims and agendas, through intents and actions designed to divide and confuse others by dissemblance, are in massive disarray because their dishonesty has been uncovered for all to see, and now few will engage with them.

Trust and honesty is now seen to be the only way forward, and those who would refute that are being left on the sidelines as humanity moves powerfully forwards towards its divine destiny – a grand awakening.  Focus your attention and intentions on this most momentous and significant event which is about to permanently alter the way you live and relate to one another.  Its arrival will astound and amaze you — as it sweeps in with an age of peace, happiness, and abundance that is presently far beyond your wildest dreams.

Your loving brother, Jesus.
BY John Smallman

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