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Delight in Blending Your HUMAN and SPIRITUAL Nature: Ascended Master, Serapis Bey’s Weekly Message ~ September 28 – October 05
You watch your calendar year bring you closer to the end of another fruitful and exciting year. Many of you have moved along with the flow of energy during some of the more turbulent moments quite efficiently and gaining significant growth during such times of great change. Many are yet rising to the call, as the light that wakes ALL who is tune becomes stronger. This dear ones is the Light of God that wakes those who having shown signs of readiness and each of you are needed dear ones. It does not matter if you are still new and figuring out where you fit, you will learn as you go; all your precious A-ha’s will come. The time to rise to the Light and Love of God is always NOW; it is always the right time. Now is the time to let go of limited ways and patterns of thinking and embrace all love you can hold within your being, then waiting to bring in more in order to reciprocate that unconditional feeling of love and compassion for all souls. You will learn in your own way in your own time how to embrace more harmonious ways of living within a world that is filled with diverse people such as yourself. You, each of you has a great inner power to resurrect themselves to the unmistakable light of God and to feel His love enter your mind, body, heart and spirit.
It is time dear ones to learn to blend your human nature with your spiritual side – to evolve your SELF into the being you truly are. Once you have learned YOUR truth; what are your strong points, areas for improvement, understanding you truly are derived of male and female energies and become balanced in all the truth that you are, and then you will see the light of your soul dear ones and this light is what we already see. Sometimes, it gets covered up simply by living within too many illusions, but in time you face certain truths and many illusions if not all become dropped. You are a shimmering example of God dear ones. Sometimes it does take a fair amount of time to reach certain conclusions but there is no date set on when you reach this comprehension. We know you will meet goals even if they take a very long time in your world. Your energy, your choices and how purely intent your actions are will all help you reach all that you are aiming to succeed.
Your own spiritual self and character is a psychological element that is very real and always metamorphic. Within each of you is a force that empowers your life that is very difficult to deny once you waken to God’s Light, because to deny this power is to deny yourself. It is a power that each of you has and it is unique to everyone. It is the power that you access when you feel you can no longer go another moment, it is the power that you reach for when find yourself fed up with some of the many hassles that enter your life, it is also the power you reach for when you are providing care for another when you yourself need care; it is a loved filled center of unspeakable courage, and strength and it is all yours because it is you dear ones.
When you successfully learn to control the ego and balance its influence with your soul’s intentions then you are truly ready to focus on integrating your spiritual and human side. This dear ones will bring you to the entrance of your heart – both the soul and ego working together to bring you into the higher octaves of consciousness and find yourself more connected than ever before. There is no limit on how connected you can feel, as you open your hearts and become willing to see all people are equal and love is meant for all than pure spiritual purification begins. God does not love only one kind of people – He loves ALL.
Understand dear ones your journey does bring many delights and many perils and through each phase you gain great knowledge of yourself and those around you. Part of your spiritual journey is coming to terms with the two opposing sides that lives within each dear soul and I speak of the masculine and feminine, or some compare this as dark to light. However you call it, it is your opposing nature, but still a part of what makes you…YOU. It is here that many souls become stuck. When we encourage the men to become more in touch with their feminine side, this does not mean you are to be a woman, but take a look at your nurturing side, the part of you that is filled with emotion what sometimes becomes bottled up. Some men do not realize how in-tune they already are with their feminine side, they are neat in appearance, in their own way they show concern for a friend or loved one when hurt. Same for the ladies. You are the ones who bring life into the world, your power is evident, yet there are many who hide their stronger masculine ways in order to appear feminine. But to appear truly masculine or feminine you must consciously accept all energy that moves through you and ensure balance between the two is set. Yes it is all individual when you decide to embrace these energies that work together within each of you. Take your time here dear ones, rejoice in what you discover of yourself; be delighted in the prospect of becoming ONE with yourself in your spiritual and human nature.
When you reach this particular area of personal spiritual self-discovery, it is well advised to learn specifically what is needed to balance each and every aspect that speaks of you. It is during such times you are given the opportunity to improve and strengthen certain qualities and hone others that are already speaking well for your character. You will face various challenges when you enter this but remember just like any other challenge, they are there to test your underlying strength and faith. There have been parts of your journey where you have achieved what you have been working so hard on and you find yourself undergoing a dramatic spirit, mind, and body purification that leads to a transformation. Some are bigger than others, but they are all significant. What they signify is you letting go of something that was aged and limiting in order to make room for newer thought patterns and much more efficient ways of being you. You are work in progress, and where each of you are is wonderful. Look back at where you started and be amazed at how much you have gathered and learned. Some of what you learned at first no longer holds value, but it was your beginning and here you are NOW. In the Present, steadily moving forward, choosing where your future will lead you.
In the Present dear ones, one of your primary concerns is learning to trust your intuition and following your heart. This is a difficult task because what you are doing dear ones is focusing on your soul’s purpose which is to aid you in dissolving any duality that is apparent in your lives. It is to help you learn to live within the pressure of the harmonizing parallels within its own spirit.
So it is clear dear ones, the undertaking of human and spiritual integration is honouring the dual aspects of your all that you are; the ego and the soul working together, seeing that all is sacred and ascended from the same life stream as is the past and the future that is still being constructed. This work dear ones brings you to your WHOLE self, it is personal work, it is rewarding even through your tears of frustration you gain strength that is yours to have to keep going – quitting really isn’t an option even though it is a choice. All you do each day and throughout the day is based on choices dear ones. And yes, there are some dear souls out there that has had to repeat lessons, this only means there is something they have not quite grasped yet, but by repeating there is the opportunity for clarity and thus the end of a cycle that doesn’t bring change and for some can be quite toxic. All is necessary dear ones, there is never such thing as a “waste of time”. All time you are given, is opportunity to learn differently, to change the course of any outcome – never what you do is a waste; all is essential for your growth and development as an integrated spiritual human that is selfless, charitable, compassionate and devoutly loving.
When you wholly awaken, this then tells us you have become fully responsible and consciously able to contribute in your own personal and collective transmutation. It is indeed a very natural development that occurs when each individual learns to get out of the way and allow the energies that are working within you to do their job. In order to accept responsibility dear ones for your contribution as part of a collective of the co-creative process you must go within dear ones and search for your truth of your own true natural self. Without accepting responsibility you are not acting authentically your natural SELF, and life becomes the borrowed truths of others, not your own.
It is perfectly normal to reach to another for guidance that has intellectual insight and exciting views. They are able to help validate what you are already experiencing and that is how they are to guide you until you learn to trust your own intuition. Remember dear ones, regardless what another soul offers you as a suggestion it is up to you to accept. It is you that must find the information that will help bring you into newer ways of being. Become diligent in your journey, search and research until you are fully satisfied; don’t just take a person’s word for it. This is your life journey dear ones, remember this. You learn from sharing experiences, but your journey is unique and individual. You will discover similarities, but no one will have a journey exactly like yours.
Being able to access the higher realms of yourself begins simply by asking, and being able to recognize these higher realms of your human consciousness as real, this means you give them meaning and life. When you make something real, you then give it access to move and sway your inner-self. Because each of you has Free Will, you then understand anything even from God must have your approval to intervene and affect your life. Yes God does know ALL but through your prayers is your asking dear ones. Your prayers are invocations and how mindful co-creators actually pray.
We will close here and continue our enjoyable discussion in a few days. Each of you are filled with exquisite wonder and joy. A true blessing each of you are.
And so it is, 
Ascended Master, Serapis Bey 
through Julie Miller

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