Saturday, October 6, 2012

Thank you Saul and John!
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Never before in your human history has such an intense and powerful wave of divine Love embraced you as is now the case.  Its influence is being felt everywhere, and the results of that influence are changing hearts and minds in increasing numbers every day.

For eons you have been seeking, seemingly with little success, the Divine, God, the Supreme Intelligence that created you.  Religions have been established all over the world, supposedly to assist you in your search, and many of them then laid down dogmas and beliefs that supplicants wishing to become members of these organizations had to accept unquestioningly.

As these organizations became established and politically powerful, power became their reason for existing, and so it became necessary to disparage other religions as wrong, heretical, and offensive to the gods they had invented.  This naturally led to wars – just wars to crush those they judged as infidels and pagans – which they hoped to win and thereby increase their power and influence in the world.

Wars can never be justified, let alone just!  For far too long you have allowed yourselves to be persuaded that this is not the case, and then watched or taken part as millions were wounded or killed in insane conflicts between power hungry and arrogant adversaries.  It was thought to be honorable to die for a ‘just’ cause, and many rushed to do just that!  But the causes over which you have been fighting almost interminably have never been honorable, even though the Emperors, Kings, Princes, Popes, Barons, and Presidents (political and corporate)who ruled you have insisted otherwise.  They never revealed to you the real reasons for the wars in which they were demanding that you took part or supported.

There have always been disagreements between humans, and those who would rule and control you frequently chose to take great offense when they were disagreed with.  But it has been your support for them that has enabled them to engage in wars to punish those who offended them, and you have always been the losers in these diverse and ferocious military expeditions.  And even the apparent winners gain next to nothing except in the short term.

The enormous growth in awareness among you over the last few decades of the insanity of your present system for resolving disputes on any level is a tremendous blessing that has been partially brought about by the vast media coverage devoted to these issues, which has also presented you with the knowledge of the intense and totally unnecessary suffering gratuitously imposed on those unfortunate enough to dwell within the areas of conflict – unavoidable ‘collateral damage’. . . sorry!

The wisdom of the saying “When you are in a hole don’t keep digging” is at last finding acceptance all over the world, and people are learning to offer wisdom and compassion to those in the holes instead of burying the diggers as they refill those holes.  Because you are all one, issues cannot be resolved by burying or refusing to communicate with those whom you disagree with.  Resolution is brought about by listening to one another patiently and compassionately, understanding fully what the issues are, and working together willingly until everyone’s needs have been addressed and resolved.  And humanity is now doing this on a scale never before seen, let alone imagined to be possible.

The presence of the intense wave of divine Love now embracing humanity is the result of the choice made by so many of you to change your ways, as you began to realize that God is within you at all times, not outside in some otherworldly heavenly domain.  He is always there, waiting for you to ask for His guidance and assistance with every aspect of your daily lives.  And He always responds to you, either directly through the Holy Spirit, or through one of the angels or saints to whom you address your requests.

As you can see from the many wonderful changes that are occurring, the Love wave is very effective. Focus on making it part of your inner lives at all times, if you have not already done so, because each one of you who does, further intensifies it and increases its effectiveness – in ways that you can scarcely imagine – as it constantly helps you along on your path to awakening.

With so very much love, Saul.
by John Smallman

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