Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Thank you Ascended Master Christ and John!
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All has to be revealed publicly to help people understand the reason for massive changes

The intensity of your expectations continues to increase as do the energies of Love surrounding you in preparation for your Awakening.  Do not be discouraged by the negative news – of wars, of dishonest politics and economics, of corporate disregard for the environment, and of general corruption – because it is merely bringing out into the open what many of you have long known.  All this has to be revealed publicly to help people understand the reason that massive changes in the way you live on Earth are essential to the general well-being.

And major changes are starting to occur as those with vision and integrity increase their efforts to alert humanity to some of the more egregious damage that has been inflicted on the planet and on humanity, purportedly in the name of progress and economic necessity.  The time for willful dismissal of the best interests of humanity, by those who have taken unto themselves the right and the power to make and put into effect policies and practices whose scandalous intent is hidden from public view, are at an end.

An age of peace and abundance, when humans can truly uncover, develop, and expand their enormous creative abilities, is almost upon you.  As it dawns, the wonder of all life and the fashion in which it expresses itself will disclose itself in myriad displays of astounding beauty and interwoven complexity.  When you begin to understand en masse the divine creative potential that has always been available to you, and of which you are all fully integrated and irreplaceable germinal collaborators, the dazzling array of possibilities that open up before you will provide you with endless delight and enchantment.

God’s Will for His creation is that it endlessly and joyously expand to provide in abundance every possible opportunity of which its participating communities could conceive for yet further enjoyment.  Creation is a state of infinite and ever-expanding joy, in which all its participants are fully consciously engaged, eternally.  Joy is the natural state of creation.  It is to that state that all who chose to experience separation will return when they choose to terminate their collusion with the Illusion, and all its concommitant pain and suffering, and open their hearts to accept, enter into, and fully engage once more with the infinite field of God’s Love.

God’s Will is inevitable and unavoidable, and because all life forms are divine creations of absolute perfection they clearly understand that while they have free will to engage with any concept of which they can conceive, nevertheless, nothing of which they can conceive on their own without Him will ever measure up to, let alone surpass, the beauty and perfection of God, and the absolute joy that being one with Him provides.

Your will is truly in perfect alignment with His Will.  You have just temporarily forgotten this while you have hidden yourselves behind a thin and practically transparent veil to investigate whether the possibilities and opportunities contained within an illusory environment there could offer anything that might please or amuse you.  You are discovering that it cannot, and you are preparing to let it dissolve back into the infinitely small pool of nothingness from which you imagined it, so that you can once more know Reality.

Reality is where all that God creates has its eternal existence; there is nowhere else.  But there is a paradox here, in that with your free will it seems that you constructed some other reality in which you could have experiences that differed enormously from what is actually possible.

Those experiences became darker and darker as you let your imaginations run riot, until you reached the level of darkness that now seems to envelop you, by shutting your selves almost completely off from the Love of God.  To do that is of course impossible, but you have been able to dramatically reduce your awareness of It as you entered into an imaginary realm of fear, deceit, and betrayal that has caused you much pain and suffering.

The desire to end that ridiculous experience has finally moved firmly into humanity’s collective field of consciousness, and you are now opening yourselves up to allow the divine field of Love, which has always enveloped you even though you chose to be unaware of it, to gently and irresistibly influence your thoughts and feelings to show you the way to your awakening.  The effects of this are becoming unmistakable as you see people everywhere, who have lived for so long in fear, releasing their inflexible beliefs in the need to be able to protect themselves from the violence of others with all sorts of weapons, and seeking instead to engage lovingly with one another.

A sea-change in human relationships is under way, which will lead you out of the darkness of your illusion and Home to the warmth and joy of oneness with your Father and of all creation.  An exhilarating and magnificent welcome awaits your return.

Your loving brother, Jesus.
BY John Smallman


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