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Access to the inner depths of your being are opening up

The reason that you have so many doubts about humanity’s awakening is because the illusion encloses you in a veil of darkness that hides Reality from you. Reality is everywhere; it is everything; it is all encompassing; and within it you have imagined into existence an unreal, closed, divided, and lonely environment – seemingly very real to you – where you experience yourselves as separated and alone, disconnected from all but your individual human bodies.  And these very limiting bodies can enjoy only a very short and limited lifetime.  The shortness of your life in the illusion is frighteningly emphasized by the vastness of the visible universe and by the very lengthy duration of its existence in comparison with your own bodily existence.

From a perspective that engages only scientifically, and not spiritually, with its environment life is a puzzle and a disappointment – “What on earth is its point.” Things grow and die in an endless and painful cycle of birth, development, and decay, and the awareness of this that humans have offers absolutely no hope of real meaning.

And yet life and consciousness of it are not something you want to lose.  You want this state to last, because despite all the problems it presents to you, there remain sensual, physical and intellectual pleasures and satisfactions that can make it worthwhile – life just for its own sake, like the enthusiastic way that small children engage with it – and you hold on to it ferociously.  Also, each of you has within a sense, an ineradicable hope that there must be a meaning to it, that it should not just end after such a brief passage of time, and you wish that you could discover what it is.

So, for as long as you have been experiencing human life you have been searching for its meaning, and also searching for the cause of the disasters that befall you – illness, earthquakes, droughts, floods, volcanic eruptions, and death – and inventing terrible gods whom you believe choose to punish you and whom you must appease.  Some still believe in these kinds of gods and use them as justification for the killing and maiming of others!

Always, however, there have been hidden, deep within each one of you, the glowing embers of the inextinguishable fire of God’s Love for you.  To find it you have to go within and distance yourselves from the egoic distractions surrounding you.  And that is not easy for you, even though there are many who would teach you how, because the majority of those teachers are themselves almost as lost as you are, and are trying to find themselves through your success, should it occur.  All of you have been seeking but very few have been finding, because the distractions of the illusion discourage openness to anything that is not of it, anything that its scientific reasoning and logic is unable to prove and disclose.

Rugged persistence and determination are not enough; in fact they act as a block.  To access these inner depths you have to surrender to the emptiness or space that appears between your thoughts as you watch them passing while not engaging with them.  As all your cultures encourage constant engagement with the contents of your minds, it takes much practice to reverse that habit and disengage for any length of time.  A few have managed it and have written about the wonderful experiences that occurred when they succeeded, but for most of you it remains inaccessible.  You may well achieve a sense of peace, a quietness that brings stress relief, but those inner depths have remained for the most part hidden and, to all intents and purposes, unknowable.

Now, as the divine field of Love encompassing and enveloping Earth intensifies, access to those inner depths of your being are opening up for you.  The quiet sense that you all have, that there is indeed a powerful and mystical meaning to your lives is seeping into your awareness and demanding your attention.  Those glowing embers within are being breathed into flame and your desire to join with their Source is becoming irresistible.  It still seems unreal, indefinable, and yet you are no longer able to disregard the inner promptings encouraging you to allow your inner world to open up and show you how dearly you are loved, and how inseparable you truly are from the Source of all life.

That Source, God Himself, intends that you become aware of Him because He knows that experiential knowledge of Him will bring you infinite joy, and that is what He wills for you.  To know Him is to be one with Him, and the dissolution of the illusion will remove the veil behind which you have been shielding yourselves from Him for far too long.  Your awakening is near, and is assured.

With so very much love, Saul.
by John Smallman

[FYI. A new book was published yesterday (October23rd) called “Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife.” It was written by Eben Alexander, M.D. It tells the story of his quite amazing NDE – a scientist who did not believe in heaven visited there while in a coma. It is most uplifting and inspiring. I read about on The2012Scenario web site where a review of it from Newsweek had been posted. I ordered it and received it and read it yesterday. For me it was a “WOW” experience. John.]

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