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The decision about who ascends and who does not is the province of each individual. It is not an arbitrary decision—it is a matter of the energy within the individual and that is determined by the free will choices within either the light or the dark. Light-filled people will Ascend

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What Will It Take to Ascend? – Part 1/2

Ascension is the most important event that any of us have faced or will face in countless lives. Given how near Ascension is, SaLuSa says, “if you desire to seize this opportunity to get out of the 3rd. dimension, you do need to ensure you know what is needed of you.” (1)
I’ve said on numerous occasions that I don’t think it will be hard for decent people to ascend. But maybe I should back that assertion up with evidence from our sources. Let’s do that now.

First of all, as SaLuSa tells us, Ascension as an event “is a certainty, and nothing can take that opportunity away from you.” (2) But Diane of Sirius reminds us that taking oneself out of duality is a goal that “does not come easily.” (3) It remains our “responsibility to lift yourself up as no one else can do it for you,” SaLuSa advises. “They can help but in the final reckoning it is your decision that will determine how you progress.” (4)

Matthew Ward informs us that Ascension is a matter of choice and science rather than judgment and arbitrary selection.
“There is no seat of judgment or arbitrary selection of which humans can ascend and which cannot — it is strictly a matter of science and souls’ own choices. Light changes third density’s carbon-based cellular structure to the crystalline form that lets bodies survive in the higher frequencies, or vibrations, of fourth density and beyond.

“That is why persons who choose to live in the light can ascend with Earth and those who choose to cling to their dark ways cannot. After a time in spirit, souls in the latter group will incarnate in a world that corresponds to their Earth lifetime energy registration and have more opportunities to ‘see the light.’” (5)

He points out that “in this wondrous Earth that is on the near horizon and already created in the continuum, there is no fear, no violence or greed or bigotry or any other divisiveness that thrives in a third density world.” (6)
The lower vibrations cannot enter the higher dimensions at all, as Atmos of Sirius reveals: “You are not allowed to take the lower vibrations into the higher levels, and it is impossible to do otherwise as it is the Universal Law.” (7)

If we need a benchmark to aim for, Archangel Michael informs us that it’s necessary to clear 51% of negativity to receive the Light crucial to our Ascension.
“We must clear 51% of our negative frequency patterns and attune our Energetic Signature to at least a portion of the lower sub-level frequencies of the Fifth Dimension in order to receive the Adamantine Particles of Creator Light, which are an integral part of the Metatronic Full Spectrum Light.” (8)

Archangel Michael also says that we cannot be “corded” or attached to another person and think that they or we can ascend through this attachment. Everyone must have made a free choice to ascend, he reminds us.
“You cannot ascend if you are tied down or you are corded or you are cording anybody. So even the very thick cords that come out of your heart, let them go so that you may all fly free, so that you can rise up unencumbered by choice. Because this is the rule of your planet. It is a zone of free will.” (9)

Accepting the offer of Ascension, SaLuSa says, “requires little in return.” (10) It isn’t necessary to be fully aware of Ascension to ascend, he tells us.
“It is not … necessary to be fully enlightened about Ascension to ascend, but simply to be of good intent and live the love that is inside your heart for all life forms. See the love in another and know that when you share yours it is bringing it out from them.” (11)

It isn’t necessary to believe in God either, he reveals.
“A lack of belief in God is not necessarily preventing people from ascending, as many of them are at heart very kind and decent people. It is what you are inside that counts, but we always come back to the need to treat others as yourself.” (12)

And it isn’t necessary to be aware of the galactics and celestials, he confides.
“Some of you are by nature kindly and loving souls and have a different background, yet have little awareness of our place in your lives. That is no drawback at all as in time the truth shall be made known to all of you, and before the final year when the cycle ends. Ascension is something you will knowingly choose, and, with enlightenment, seem quite natural as part of your spiritual evolution. (13)

There are beings who lead simple lives close to the ground that are more evolved than those who make a great show of religion, he says.
“There are in fact beautiful souls in all walks of life, yet they do not necessarily have the same consciousness levels of those who have already awakened. They are by no means excluded from the process of Ascension, and will easily accept whatever is necessary to change their direction. That is possible because they already have the basis for a greater expansion of their consciousness.” (14)
“We know that some of you wonder if every soul on Earth has the same opportunity to ascend, and you think of those who are living a simple life away from the influence of the West. You may not be too surprised to learn that in their own way, they are nearer to God and Mother Earth than you are.
“They live in a way that respects nature and all life, and understand its cycles and the energies all around them. Their needs are few, and when they leave there is no trail of damage and pollution. They may not have your awareness of the end times, but lead a highly spiritual life and have every opportunity to ascend.” (15)

It isn’t necessary to be entirely healed or whole to ascend, Sananda tells us.
“Is it necessary to be one-hundred percent healed and whole to ascend? No, says Sananda. ‘You do not need to be one hundred percent healed and whole emotionally and spiritually in order to ascend. … We can work miracles with each of you. This is our intention.’” (15)

In our next installment, we’ll look at what is necessary for Ascension.
by Steve Beckow

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What Will It Take to Ascend? – Part 2/2

(Continued from Part 1.)

SaLuSa and the others said in Part 1 that whether or not we ascend does not depend upon our beliefs, whether they be of God or of the existence of the galactics and celestials or even in Ascension itself. It depends more on the state of our heart. And it depends on that because the state of the heart will determine our ability to hold sufficient light to enable us to survive in the Fifth Dimension.
We’ll find in this instalment that it also depends on our choice to ascend. And we’ll see that our choosing is most importantly connected to a special moment. But we get ahead of ourselves. Let’s look at what is necessary for Ascension, starting with choice.

Choosing to ascend is crucial
The Earth is a freewill zone. Therefore, Hilarion informs us, to ascend “we require willingness and intention on your part.” (1)

Archangel Michael through Linda Dillon informs us that “part of the ascension process is the act of will. It is the alignment of your heart, your mind, your spirit with your will, not just the will of all, but with your will. [If you choose not to ascend] we are not going to override that.” (2)

SaLuSa also reminds us that Ascension will not be forced on anyone.
“Although Ascension is an ongoing process, it is not forced upon anyone. God will not take away your freewill to choose your own pathway, and other options exist. So those who are unready for Ascension will proceed onto a different path, to continue their experiences according to their preference.” (3)

Apart from freewill being required, SaLuSa tells us an additional reason why your intent … is so important because as soon as you send out that energy it attracts similar energy, and strengthens yours that opens up the pathway to Ascension.”
He tells us that “ once you express the intent to ascend … you will become motivated and attract the higher energies to yourself, and your decisions will be spiritually inspired and your knowledge will grow quite quickly. Also … you will have every assistance to help you succeed.” (4)

The Arcturian Group invite us to make our choice right here and now.
“We ask you, right here and right now to choose your destination where you want to go during this great shift. You do not need to be concerned about how you will get there, how much it will cost or how much time you have. You have only to choose where you want to go. Do you want to choose a beautiful and peaceful destination or something completely the opposite? You have a choice. We recommend that you choose the destination of the fifth dimensional reality of the New Earth.” (5)

Choosing it now will invite assistance to us, but there is another moment where it’s even more important to choose Ascension – and that is at the moment of Ascension itself, As Archangel Michael tells us.
“In that moment [of Ascension], what we are calling a moment, there is a choice. … And it can happen instantaneously, because so many of you have laid the foundation — do you want to be in the heart of one of love? Do you wish to be in the higher frequency? In the very last second, all they need to say is yes, and allow themselves to be flooded by what you can think of as a tidal wave of energy that will sweep the planet.” (6)

I can imagine good and decent people, light-filled and open, who never gave a thought to Ascension, suddenly feeling a wave of love sweeping the planet. Without knowing what it is, they’re asked if they would like to ascend and agree willingly. I don’t feel that people will be excluded even if they pursue a path that has no special Ascension component as long as they respond to the choice in the moment when it’s presented to them.

All have the opportunity to say “yes” at that moment. But, just in case we worry, SaLuSa tells us that by the time that moment arrives, everyone on Earth will already know what’s at stake: “Be sure that by the time choices will have to be made, people will know exactly what is at stake. Each soul will go within and become aware of their life plan, and if choosing not to ascend will have made a reasoned choice.” (7)
Choosing before the moment of Ascension elicits help from the galactics and celestials but choosing at the moment of Ascension still opens the door for us and has us pass through … providing we’ve satisfied a second condition….

Assimilating light is the ticket to Ascension
Matthew Ward explains the second condition. He tells us that “Ascension is possible for all who have absorbed the light.” Elsewhere he repeats that “your ‘travel ticket’ is the absorption of light that comes automatically with living in godly ways.” (8) He says:
“Even though all of you are there because your request to participate in this unprecedented time in the universe was honored and even if the longevity clause in your soul contract would permit you to physically go along with Earth, you need a ‘travel ticket.’ Getting it is as easy as choosing to live in godly ways and opening your minds to the universal truths as they emerge.” (9)

Much light is being beamed to Earth to ensure our Ascension, SaLuSa tells us: “You are on the crest of a wave of Light that shall propel you onto the path of Ascension for once and for all. Be prepared and lift yourselves into the Light and Love forever.” (10)

However drawing that light to ourselves and assimilating it is the second key to ascending, he says.
“[The future of all] is bound by the degree of Light that you have drawn to yourself, and whether it is sufficiently high enough to enable you to ascend.” (11)
“If you aspire to ascend before the end of the cycle in 2012, it is necessary that you move your consciousness to a level that releases you from the lower vibrations. It should happen quite naturally as you draw more Light to yourself, and your links in life become more refined.” (12)
“It is about following a path that lifts your vibrations, so that when the time comes you are ready.” (13)

By living in godly ways, by opening our hearts, by seeing all beings as one, etc., we lift our vibrations. SaLuSa continues:
“Only those of you who have lifted your vibrations sufficiently, will be able to join those energies. Thereby lies the outworking of a truth, that only those of the Light can exist in the new dimension. The choice has always been yours, but with it comes the responsibility to carve out your own pathway to Ascension. You can have all of the help and encouragement in the world, but only you can take the necessary steps that will bring it about for you.” (14)

He counsels us not to worry if our path differs from that of others. There are many pathways to Ascension.
“Do not concern yourself if your path is different to others, as there is more than one way to reach Ascension. Indeed there are time lines that cover every possible combination of possibilities. If you have exercised your choice there can be no wrong way, otherwise freedom of choice would be pointless. “ (15)

Matthew says the same thing in slightly different language; he explains that “the glories of the Golden Age will be available only to the souls who absorb the light that will enable physical survival along Earth’s ascension journey into the high frequencies of fifth density.” (16) He explains the science of it on a number of occasions.
“The light that is absorbed by receptive souls is changing their cells into a crystalline structure for physical survival in the higher vibrational levels as well as increasing spiritual clarity and thus soul evolution.” (17)
“It is the light within a body that transforms its carbon-based cellular structure into the crystalline form that enables the body to live in the high vibrations of energy planes beyond third density.” (18)
“The absorption of light changes bodies’ cellular structure from carbon-based of third density, which cannot survive the intensity of light in the higher vibrations, into the crystalline structure that can survive. …
“The decision about who ascends and who does not is the province of each individual. It is not an arbitrary decision—it is a matter of the energy within the individual and that is determined by the free will choices within either the light or the dark. Light-filled people will Ascend.” (19)

When those who have not absorbed the light can no longer survive, they will go to a new placement where they can survive, he says.
“When the bodies of those who refuse the light no longer can sustain viability, the souls will go to worlds where the energy matches their lifetime energy and where they will have other opportunities to raise their consciousness and evolve spiritually.” (20)

Nothing can stop Ascension
Nothing can stop Ascension from occurring on Earth. Ag-Agria of Sirius gave us the assurance in 2008 that:
“Your destiny is absolutely guaranteed and nothing can stop your Ascension. You will understand why regardless of what is yet to happen on Earth, it is not going to prevent the outworking of all that has been planned for you.” (21)

When Ascension comes, Saul informs us, it will be a grand homecoming celebration.
“Your homecoming is awaited with glowing and enthusiastic expectation as we watch and encourage you from the spiritual realms while you drive powerfully forwards to join with us here.
“You have always belonged here in the divine realms; your absence has only been momentary, but because to you it has seemed endless, we shall celebrate your return in the grandest of fashions, befitting those who have endured a long and arduous journey, which it most definitely seems to you that you have. These fantastic celebrations will far exceed any expectations that you can possibly imagine. Your delighted amazement is guaranteed!” (22)

No one qualified will be turned away, he informs us. “Rejection and separation are of the illusion; Reality is infinitely inclusive. None who desire admission will be turned away – this is the unconditional Love of God in action.” (23) Kuthumi compares this last leg of the journey to the final lap of a race.
“Beloved ones, you have earned entry into this realm within the Kingdoms of Heaven. This is the last phase of the cycle. Not too long ago I said it is like running the final hundred metres. Give it all you have and do not for a moment doubt that you deserve anything less than the absolute best.” (24)

So some matters don’t make a difference to Ascension and some matters do. It doesn’t matter whether we believe in God, the galactics, the celestials or Ascension but it does matter that we choose Ascension and assimilate sufficient light to survive in the higher realms.
Moreover, choosing Ascension early allows us to enjoy the assistance of the celestials and galactics but the most important moment of choice is at the moment of Ascension itself.

Perhaps I’m missing something but I don’t see these conditions as onerous for most lightworkers. There will be some who haven’t tried to assimilate light, who’ve followed a path that has led them farther and farther into darkness rather than light and for them these conditions may indeed seem onerous. No matter where the bar is to be found, some people also may be found for whom the conditions are beyond reach.
Some work may be involved in Ascension. But for most lightworkers that work is, as far as I can see, easily within reach.
by Steve Beckow


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