Monday, October 1, 2012

Thank you Saul and John!
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The excitement mounts as your awakening draws ever closer.  You have been waiting a long time for this and you will not be disappointed.  Some of you have had so called “peak experiences,” when whatever you were doing flowed perfectly and at a level of competence or ability that was way beyond what you would describe as normal.  It was uplifting for you, even galvanizing, because it seemed that you could do no wrong, could do nothing to interrupt or prevent this energetic flow from delivering the most remarkable outcome.  The sheer wonder of moments like those are as nothing compared to what awaits you upon your awakening.

The journey to reach this stage in your evolution has indeed been arduous — a long and exhausting endeavor — but the end is in sight, and even though you have doubts, deep within yourselves you have a certainty, a knowing that this is true.  When you relax, meditate, or pray, seek out this certainty within yourselves; focus on it and intend that you awaken, because doing so reminds you that this is your destiny and that it is God’s Will for you.  By doing this regularly you allow yourselves to confirm that deep inner knowing and your doubts fade.  You are on your way Home, and nothing will divert you from that path because it is calling to you so irresistibly.

You are all divine beings playing imaginary games, but because you are divine the power of your collective imagination is intensely powerful, and because of how you chose to play your games it has convinced you that the games are real. When you believe in something and succeed in convincing yourselves that it is the truth it becomes very tough for you to see through that belief and recognize it for what it is – an opinion with which you have identified – because your beliefs become your identity, and you think that if they are removed you will cease to exist.  A terrifying thought, and so you tend to cling to them ferociously and inflexibly.
Your beliefs bind you to the illusion because they are co-dependent and inseparable from one another.

 Nevertheless, your inner knowing is constantly attempting to bring this into your awareness by presenting you with new information so that you can look at these viewpoints dispassionately, without being subject to their demands for your allegiance or loyalty.  Beliefs can be changed or discarded, as your knowledge and experience show you their inadequacy, leaving room for an expansion of your consciousness and enabling you to accept new ideas and information as they are presented to you.  There is infinite knowledge available to you, and you can deepen your awareness and wisdom if you will make room for it by questioning your beliefs in response to new information.

The illusion is a state of limitation and anything that you can do to dissolve those limitations is a step on the path to leaving it behind.  Using your mind to uncover the nuggets of wisdom contained in every field of human endeavor can be most inspiring.  Every day new knowledge and wisdom are being discovered in areas that had previously been thought to have been fully explored, and there is no end in sight.  Temporary halts occur when inflexible beliefs prevent what has been newly brought to light from being properly examined.

Beliefs are like addictions; you get hooked on them.  Everyone has had the experience of forming a belief about someone they have never met but have heard of, and later, on meeting them and getting to know them, they have been nonplussed to discover that the imaginary perception that they had invented bears practically no resemblance to the person, and they have to change or adjust their belief accordingly.

You all have beliefs that have become deeply ingrained over the course of your lives and which you never question – you had a thought, it made sense to you at the time, and it became a belief, or your parents or teachers led you to believe that something was a proven fact – and then one of your children or one of your younger friends or associates draws to your attention its invalidity.  That can be very unsettling for you!  Maybe you refuse to look at it from their perspective (admitting to yourselves that you have been wrong all these years can be very painful) and get angry with them as you try to defend it.

However, when you can begin to question your beliefs without fear, and release those that no longer serve you, you will uncover within you a sense of freedom, a sense of space, and you will feel lighter.  Most of you know people who have inflexible beliefs and attitudes and with whom it is difficult, if not impossible, to have a meaningful conversation.  When someone like that comes to mind remind yourselves that everyone is a mirror in whom you see your own reflection.  At first it is hard to admit that to yourselves, but you are all aware of having noticed others not seeing, or choosing not to see, their faults or inadequacies very clearly reflected back to them.  Are you really so different?

Having the courage to recognize and admit that you might be wrong is very empowering, and your fears and anxieties drop away as you discover that to do so is not life threatening.  Not only that, but a new vista of possibilities opens up before you, inviting you to explore it, and your knowledge and wisdom expand as you allow yourselves the freedom to observe without rushing to judgment.  Your need to instantly identify and slot information into what seems to be the appropriate space weakens, and you find that you can happily wait with uncertainty until enough information arrives to allow you to file it correctly.

Within the illusion enormous quantities of information, which could be most helpful in resolving issues and bringing light to tricky situations, is misidentified in the heat of the moment, causing confusion and suffering for those involved.  When you can allow yourselves some time to ponder on a problem or a situation, instead of needing to rush to find and embrace the answer (thus demonstrating your brilliance), many painful misunderstandings can be avoided, as can the stress and anxiety that they induce.

Loving attitudes lead to loving words and actions gently and smoothly delivered. To rush is distracting and confusing, and it often leads to unnecessary and painful misperceptions that can result in inappropriate reactions leading to conflict.  Take your time.  You always have plenty, so do not rush — or allow yourselves to be rushed.  Behave lovingly in every situation, and enjoy the enormous reduction in stress and anxiety that it brings you.  It is a very big change in behavior and attitude for most of you, and demands your constant awareness, but your guides and angels are with you constantly to help and encourage you, and the rewards you will receive far outweigh the effort involved.

With so very much love, Saul.
by John Smallman

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