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Will 2012 Be the Year of Freedom?

Are we about to see incredible changes for the positive? Will the end of the Mayan Calendar bring triumph rather than disaster? It's time to share the information I've been hearing about major changes we may be about to see. I hope you enjoy it!

Many people have complained about how long it has been since I wrote the last piece – and I do apologize for that.
There are times where quality is vastly more important than quantity. This was one of them. I did not know I was going to get pulled into such an extended "meditation retreat" when this all started.
Shortly after I finished "Will There Be a Quantum Awakening in 2012?", I finally started getting good sleep again. And with sleep comes dream data -- considering I've been capturing and analyzing them every morning for 20 years now.
I had been so stressed out before writing this piece that I was only getting bits and pieces of data each day -- if anything -- throughout July and August in particular.
Once I started getting good rest, and published the piece, a series of intense dreams gave me a very strong message. I was being guided -- nay, just about demanded -- to change my plans. Radically. 
I was quite clearly being asked to abandon everything I was already working on -- which was very complex, including dozens of articles I'd collected on LIBOR, mass shootings, Illuminati and what have you -- and really get centered in nature.

Most importantly, a series of powerful dreams -- some of which were nightmares -- told me to completely stop "fighting" the negative elite. 
In the most significant dream, a very evil Illuminati character was vigorously battling me.
He was literally an embodiment of Lucifer. He had goat-styled ears and totally black eyes, but was an otherwise young and rich-looking man. He was very stylishly dressed in a shiny, custom-tailored tuxedo. 
There were a bunch of people around in a super-elite dinner party. The men were all dressed like he was, and the women all had elegant, glittering dinner gowns and lavish diamond jewelry.
He seemed to have all of them under some sort of hypnotic control.

I had somehow gotten invited to this party. There was an attractive woman there who I recognized as an old friend. She took a strong romantic interest in me.
At this point I had no idea that anything strange was going on. She was delighted to see me, clearly had a very strong attraction, and wanted to do something about it -- as soon as possible.
I was completely shocked when this athletic-looking man then levitated down from the ceiling, right next to her -- and began staring me down.
First he spoke to her quite harshly -- and she felt very ashamed. She turned her head and covered her face.
Then, SNAP!  He turned to me. Suddenly, his eyes were totally black -- and he had the ears of a goat. I almost vomited from fear.
It was Lucifer -- and apparently I was caught trying to steal his girlfriend!
I realized he had everyone under hypnotic control. I was the only one there who could see what he really looked like.
She had been starting to wrestle free -- just a bit -- but I wasn't under his control at all.

My "betrayal" caused him to become extremely angry. He attacked me -- and made all sorts of outrageous threats.
For some reason, I got totally calm, went into "warrior mode," and had absolute confidence that I could defeat him.
I suddenly found that I had similar abilities as he did -- including teleportation, telekinesis, et cetera -- but I was better at it than he was.
The battle we fought was quite epic -- and would make an incredible movie scene if it could be done properly. Forget about "The Matrix." This was CRAZY.
As he attacked me, these people in the party just continued right along, laughing and drinking champagne, as if nothing was happening -- even as stuff was flying all around them.
I was never actually damaged or even touched in this battle. It was more about his bravado -- and trying to create the fear.
He said lots of scary-sounding things as he appeared and disappeared around the room -- but I could never quite reach him.

After an extended battle, in which he seemed to get progressively weaker and weaker, there was a sudden scene change.
Now I was with a few other people in a room next to where the party had been. It was an archaic-looking stable, made out of weathered wood, with hay all over the floor.
About three other guys and I were standing there, arms crossed, looking down at this moldering brown skeleton in the hay.
The skeleton appeared to have a certain degree of small jewels and gold nuggets encrusted into its browning surface -- and it glittered.
Now he couldn't move around anymore. I had him. Finally!
I grabbed a sledgehammer on the wall. I held it high over my head -- and prepared to bash his head in with it. I wanted to finish him off -- once and for all. 

It sounded like I was hitting metal. Then -- to make matters worse -- the skull immediately started growing thicker!


I whacked his skull again. It continued growing even more! This was quite a disturbing phenomenon to watch. What the hell was happening?
Someone who had been watching all this on the sidelines -- actually a person from India or Southeast Asia -- suddenly begged me to stop pounding on the skeleton at this point.
"Please stop!" this person said. "He's almost gone now. If you attack him it will only make him stronger!"
by David Wilcock
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