Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The plain truth is that we are going to have to LOVE ourselves thru this potentially uncomfortable time…to forgive ourselves for the many embarrassing moments we will undoubtedly encounter while trying to find our center and, well, just be a (new) human again

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When I first realized that I was going to be moving Think With Your Heart from dot net to dot com, I was pretty unclear about the direction of the site. I really had very little idea what would unfold…incidentally, I am still figuring it out…but I remember thinking to myself that I would literally write just about anything, long as I didn’t have to talk about one.more.ascension.symptom. (By which, I also thought that if that were the case, I’d rather watch paint dry.)

When I initially asked my galactic cohorts what the purpose of this new site was they explained to me that 2012 was the (universal 5) year that we would begin to hone/master our ability to “speak our spiritual truth”, to express our divinity in all that we are and do.

It was made clear to me that dot com would be one of the online gathering spaces for those who are learning how to be ALL of themselves, those who are acclimating to our new ability as humans to “live 5th dimensional lives in a 3D world”.

That sounded pretty enough, so I did what I always do…pretended that I knew exactly what that meant and prayed like hell that the information would show up when I needed it. Now here we are, nearing the end of an incomprehensible year & galactic/cosmic cycle that is written in the stars to be the most unprecedented shift in human history…slated to free all of humanity from the gravity of duality. And while many of us may feel exactly the same as when this year started (read: mostly dreadful), we are also feeling very different (read: mostly true).

This trueness-made-manifest is what the focus of October is about…we are taking our practice swings this month, enacting a full dress rehearsal in preparation for the big show, post-2012. This month we learn, in tangible ways, how to effectively be the change thru truth-in-action as we (cautiously) begin to bring our bigger selves to more of the world stage.

Calling ALL Misfits
The unseens say that October is a bit of a sneak-preview for 2013 in the sense that we will be utilizing the energies of this (universal 6) month to bring our inner selves to our outer world…to learn how to get more comfortable in our new-human skins to the point that we allow ourselves to be seen and heard for much more of who we truly are.

When you have developed the ability to clearly and unobstructedly “speak your truth” with LOVE…in a way that is non-threatening and simplified to the point of digestibility…all others will fall in resonance with your words. -Pleiadian High Council

We need to become proficient at applying all that we gleaned from 2012 so that by 2013 we are ready to roll….after all, we have a whole planet to rebuild. 8-O

But don’t worry, we don’t have to master this in one month…will have the reminder of this year and most likely until the March equinox of 2013 before we need to be fully out and about in our new-human vehicles…which, btw, come equipped with a modified zero-point equilibrium so that a comfortable level of self-expression and (feelings of) safety are standard.

The plain truth is that we are going to have to LOVE ourselves thru this potentially uncomfortable time…to forgive ourselves for the many embarrassing moments we will undoubtedly encounter while trying to find our center and, well, just be a (new) human again. The good news is that once we are firmly anchored into these 5D flesh suits, our integration with the world will be mostly effortless because we will be protected in our own (bi-rotational spin) force-field of LOVE. But to get there, we still have to go thru some pretty powerful portals of completion which will ensure we that face/resolve any past/residual fears of stepping out and/or speaking up.

And just in case you are thinking of squirming out this late in the game…I am here to affirm that this is not.an.option. We’re all in this together and we all absolutely need each other to come out, to find the courage to be true, and to walk thru these last miles united as one.

Divine Impeccability
Fortunately and unfortunately we don’t have much of a choice but to be bigger now, even & especially when we don’t want to. This means that for the path-pavers, we will have to have to suck.it.up. (shocking) and diligently work thru the plethora of insecurities of being seen for who we really are…cape and all. And if you’re still working thru polarity…warts and all.

This is a take-no-prisoners approach and I guarantee you that mother/father god doesn’t give a hoot about your feelings…or anything really, other than whether or not we are in alignment between our higher and lower selves, fearless and true to our core so LOVE can enter. Speaking of which, how was that recent Saturn ingress into Scorpio coupled with the 10:10 stargate for you? (…ooouch….) If you saw something heinous come out of you, you were definitely not alone there, I assure you.

The name of this game is/always has been: authenticity & impeccability
It doesn’t matter what yoga class you are currently enrolled in, what vegan or raw diet you’re on, what books you’ve read, if you meditate or say your daily affirmations, what channeler/spiritualist you subscribe to, if you practice positive thinking, study the LOA, burn incense, hug trees, bend spoons, astral travel, or own just the right crystals…it doesn’t even matter how many people you’ve helped.

In the end, the only thing that matters by way of our ascension into 5D is if we’ve done the personal work. The REAL work. The hard work. The inner-work. All those other things are just stops along the way to truth…and in too many cases, distractions from it.

To quote the Black Eyed Peas…"souls ain’t sold in a store." And it can be deceptive, especially in some “light” communities, where people will adopt all the externalizations of living a “spiritual” life because it feels good temporarily, but without facing/clearing their internal goo. This is just another face of escapism & avoidance…and often with a lot of righteousness to boot…but this too will now be exposed under the light of the new sun, where everyone will be seen for who they truly are/aren’t.

The bottom line is: the world is within us all…if we aren’t whole, neither is it....
by Lauren Gorgo

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