Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thank you Christ and John!
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We are all rooting for you here in the spiritual realms – which truly are not a series of mythical realms set apart from yours in some alternate universe or energy field – as we watch you heading firmly and vigorously towards the moment of your Awakening.  As you have often been told, there is only Reality, in which all of creation (which includes humanity) has its eternal existence.  You have just temporarily closed your eyes to this truth and therefore to your awareness of it.  But eternal sleep is not part of the divine plan for anyone, so you will awaken into the joy that is your birthright.  And the moment for that awakening is almost upon you.

Holding on to doubts and anxieties slows you down, so release them; you have no need of them.  In the illusion they are constantly disturbing and unsettling you, because there your experience has been of suffering and betrayal — by you and of you.  But what awaits your awakening is utter joy, as divinely promised by your loving Father, and because it is His Will for you, and because He has promised you that He will deliver on His promise, no other outcome is remotely possible.

You are heading directly for Home, after eons spent wandering through the illusion in a state of aimless confusion.  You thought you were seeking God and Heaven, but mostly you were occupied with your own individual beliefs and prejudices which encouraged you to judge, condemn, and punish others angrily for beliefs or behaviors that did not align with your own.  But God is found in the peace and quietness within, when you set aside time to relax alone, undisturbed by the noisy external world which is driven by ambition to inordinate levels of egoic thinking and planning; and for eons only a very few of you sought that inner path.

The illusion encourages the egoic way, and it has been humanity’s choice over the eons to place its focus there.  The world, as you have been experiencing it, has always been a place filled with either winners or losers, and when you have had a choice you always attempted to side with those whom you thought would win. Of course, often there was no choice at all; you were born into an environment, an area of the world, from which you were for the most part unable to move, and so you unavoidably became involved in the conflicts going on there.  And that could be and has been a very embittering experience for many.

Over the last few decades the desire to achieve global peace and abundance for all has spread far and wide, and the impossibility of achieving those ends by cajoling, threatening, punishing, or going to war has become increasingly apparent.  Much creative thought has been expended on seeking solutions that work for all of humanity, as opposed to the old ideas of just looking after those “on your side.”  An energy of compassion and caring has been building right across the planet, and there are now many groups cooperating to put into effect the necessary processes to achieve these essential aims.

Those groups are communicating with each other, becoming more efficiently organized, and making their creative concepts available to all who wish to join with them — to make winners of you all.  Governments are having to take notice and formulate new policies that appeal to this new breed of compassionate and highly intelligent constituent.  It is apparent almost everywhere that the citizens of the world will no longer accept decisions made by their governments to engage in warfare, because all have become fully aware of what a disastrous course of action that is.

Countries engaged in war are at last working to withdraw from those calamitous situations and bring their armies, freedom fighters, and other military operatives home from all such areas of conflict.  There remains opposition from the obstinate hardliners whose motto has always been “when the going gets tough, get tougher” — an insane response in insane situations.  They will be overruled and sidelined because their beliefs and attitudes are totally unacceptable to civilized peoples.

Peace and abundance for all can be achieved right now on Earth, as is well understood, if the inordinate amounts of military spending were reduced to only that necessary to run and maintain a small well-trained and well-disciplined force of high moral integrity, which could, without resorting to violence, prevent local hooligans from causing trouble and disturbing the peace of the majority.

People want peace and a reasonable standard of living, and that can be provided worldwide when selfish, greedy, egoic ambitions are reined in and the wealth that the planet offers is fairly shared.  There is absolutely no need for poverty anywhere and many of you are working hard to eradicate it.  And as governments begin to understand their true purpose – to treat all citizens fairly and honestly and ensure that poverty becomes a distant memory – and harness a degree of beneficent political will, amazing results can and will be achieved very rapidly.

The divine energies enveloping the planet are affecting all, by integrating and melding with the collective human energy field, as well as with individuals, causing major changes in attitudes that are beginning to benefit you all.  It may not yet be clearly visible to you, but if you consider all the places where peaceful demonstrations by a few have awakened compassionate awareness in the hearts of many, you will realize that enormous progress is being made.  The stage has been reached where there is no option but for peace and abundance to replace poverty and oppression worldwide.  The energy to make it happen is available to you, so reach out and grasp it and make it happen — because you can.  And from the other realms of creation which are showering you with Love, enormous and limitless assistance will ensure your complete success.

Your loving brother, Jesus.
by John Smallman

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