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It is time for developing trust by practicing it

Humanity is on schedule to awaken as divinely planned, and that schedule will be maintained because it is your will and God’s.  Focus on that knowledge and release any doubts and anxieties onto which you are holding because they depress you and lower the frequency of your energy fields.  When you open your hearts to the Love that is surrounding you, your frequency rises and your energy becomes stronger and aligns itself more fully with the divine One.  You are one with your Father, but the distractions of the illusion lead you away from your memory of that and hide it from you, which is why you feel alone and separate.

Your Father always keeps you in Mind because He loves you and wills only your eternal happiness.  And your knowledge of that is always with you even though you have chosen to be unaware of it while you play your games: denying His existence; or, if you believe in Him, wondering if He loves others more than you; wondering if He could even be aware of you, let alone actually care about and love you.  When you release your intense focus on illusory things – the worries and anxieties of daily living, and your own inadequacies – and start accepting life just the way it is as it flows through, you make room for His Love to enter your hearts, and you begin to become aware that It is always with you, just as you are always with Him.  Peace starts replacing anxiety in your daily living.

The relationship that each and every one of you has with your heavenly Father is quite magnificent.  No one is excluded because you are each perfect divine creations in whom He delights.  In the illusion, when you see yourselves as separate from each other and engage in judgment, you close yourselves off from the knowledge of your oneness with Him and build for yourselves a state of fear. You then feel very insecure and construct defensive barriers around yourselves to deflect and ward off those whom you believe would attack you.

For a state of peace and abundance for all to come into being on Earth, it is essential that you release your fears and trust that you all have everyone else’s best interests at heart.  Mostly, of course, you focus on the massive betrayals of trust with which human history is inundated, and which are in constant evidence everywhere you look.  As a result you bought into the energy of fear that is so seemingly all-pervasive and enticing, and decided to start trusting others only when they prove to you by their actions and behavior that they are trustworthy themselves.  Waiting for someone else to “do the right thing” ensures that it will never happen.

The spiritual energy enveloping the planet is highly charged, intensely powerful, and in place to help you to do the right thing, by opening your hearts and learning to love, trust, and forgive one another.  When you do so, initially in small ways, you will be surprised at how effective it is in disarming those whom you thought were likely to attack you.

This is a time for developing trust by practicing it with relatives and friends.  It will not always be honored, but you will find that you have the strength and the love to forgive them when it is not.  Understand that whereas in previous times to trust was to lay yourselves open to be preyed upon and taken for fools, now the loving energies enveloping the Earth are inviting and encouraging all to change their attitudes and behaviors and move into the new age of peace and abundance that is approaching.  These are immensely powerful energies and they are extremely supportive of your efforts to become loving and peaceful.

There is no one on earth who is not feeling these energies, and of course those who are at war with themselves – and all who engage in conflict of any kind and on any scale are at war with themselves – and who would make preemptive attacks on others should they be presented with the opportunity to do so, will be reluctant to accept and engage with these energies of Love.  Their fear is well-developed from eons of betrayal.  Nevertheless, they long to feel safe, to feel loved, to feel respected, and so when they experience attitudes and behavior that demonstrate honesty, integrity, acceptance, and trust, they will begin to allow themselves to be guided by these energies and start lowering the barriers with which they have surrounded themselves.

The way forward is through loving and trustworthy behavior no matter how great the odds against such a sea-change or behavior reversal may seem to be.  You are divinely guided, you are divinely supported, and you know in your hearts that this is the only path.  Therefore, be loving, compassionate, and forgiving, because you know that all attacks are calls for love, and you know that the Love that supports you in every moment is invincible and irresistible.

Your loving brother, Jesus.
by John Smallman

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