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When you awaken, your awareness as newly experienced will astound you

You are all moving inexorably towards the moment of awakening.  It is to be an event of unimaginable significance because it marks the most remarkable shift in humanity’s awareness as you come to a much greater understanding of the true meaning of Love.  Not the word – which is unremarkable, overused, and also horribly misused – but the power, the all-encompassing Reality that is Love.  It is the container in which all creation exists, and of course It is limitless, without boundaries of any kind – and the word container is used here only because you need some kind of concept or idea in which to place that which is limitless so that you can get a slight intellectual grasp, a vague glimmer of what It is.  But what It is, is really completely beyond your ability to comprehend in any meaningful way. That will change.

Your lack of awareness, your tiny field of perception or vision, while you inhabit the illusion, is truly stifling, and many are unaware of this lack in themselves because the ego fills their minds with distractions which seem to indicate that great awareness is present.  It is not, and when you awaken, your awareness, as newly experienced, will astound you.  Knowledge and understanding of the whole of creation will be within you.  To say more than this would be to further limit the limitless.

Limits are of the illusion.  They are an attempt to live on an extremely small scale in a minuscule environment that was built solely for that purpose.  It was to be an amusing game, but because of the inflexibility of the initial parameters within which it was set, it has left very little room for maneuver or improvement.  Over the eons the restrictions that it imposes on those within it became increasingly intolerable, leading to an escalating state of conflict among the ever-growing numbers of inhabitants.  It is because these problems are getting so intense and troublesome that the calls from the more enlightened among you to look for better ways to co-exist are beginning to be taken seriously.

Those from other realms who would assist you are keen to make themselves known so that they can move among you, freely offering their wisdom and experience which you desperately need if you are to avoid self-destruction.  Of course destruction per se is impossible as you are immortal beings, but any further massive laying down of human lives as a result of insane decisions to solve international problems by going to war must and will be avoided.

It is becoming quite obvious that new ways of communicating, leading to user-friendly methods of cooperating internationally for the benefit of all on the planet, must be found and put into effect.  They are available; all that is required is a major change in perspective by those who conduct the international meetings and discussions that are constantly taking place all over the world.  This change of perspective has to come from the people and be presented to those who represent them on the world stage — and it is happening.

At first your representatives are resistant to your suggestions because they have dwelt in an even more imaginary world than the illusion generally provides, more of a cocoon really.  They have assumed rights and privileges for themselves to which they are not entitled, and have chosen to undertake their deliberations in secret, after which they communicate to their constituents an inadequate and incomplete report of their findings and decisions.

This is all about to change because your new and modern methods of communication and information-sharing no longer allow secrecy to be maintained for any length of time.  The truth is coming out all across the planet and is spreading virally and at great speed.  Many of those who thought they were controlling the world are experiencing intense alarm as their “secrets” and “agreements” become public knowledge, while others are in a state of denial and refuse to believe what is happening.

You – the Light-holders, the Light-bearers, and the Way-showers – need to continue focusing on being Love in action.  Release any remaining judgment, anger, resentment, or desire for vengeance or restitution.  Open your hearts to the Love that is sweeping over the planet and allow it to show you that all is divinely taken care of, which it is.  By expressing love, and only love you change the world.  That is why you are on the world.  It needs your help to change, along with assistance from those of other realms who are standing by at all times, ready to assist you.

Holding love in your hearts and intending to share it indiscriminately and unconditionally with every single human is immensely powerful, especially as that intent is encouraged and supported by the divine field of Love enveloping the planet.  You have free will, so it is up to you to open your hearts and allow love to flow through you.  That is how you change the collective field of consciousness that has for so long been fear-driven.  And you are doing it.  It is as though you are immersed in deep, muddy, toxic water, and the flow of love is cleansing and dissolving the toxins and impurities.  Already there are many areas which are clear and sparkling, and the process will continue until total purity is achieved and becomes self-sustaining.

This is what you are doing: cleansing the planet and all the sentient life forms she supports very effectively, as you constantly intend to offer only love in any situation. Yes, you do slip, and the intent for an unloving thought, word, or action escapes from you, but because you are aware and then change the intent, any damage that occurs is minimal and is quickly repaired.  While swimming in this toxic water it is very difficult to avoid occasionally swallowing a mouthful and feeling as though you are yourselves becoming toxic.  You are not.  You have made the intent to be love in action, the cleansers and purifiers, and you are holding that intent so the divine Love field supports you at all times, offering comfort and reassurance when you feel that you are not doing as well as you should.  Do not judge yourselves. Love yourselves, and share that love.  It is all that you need to do to bring you to your awakening.

Your loving brother, Jesus.
by John Smallman

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