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the Annunaki angle to the story remains highly controversial and open to numerous interpretations. As the truth embargo is rapidly in a free fall, we can safely expect much more verifiable information to come forth to finally reveal the true story of the Annunaki in the not-too-distant future

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Scott Mowry: A Disclosure Primer: Chapter 1, Part 2

2012 October 31
Posted by Steve Beckow
A Disclosure Primer: Chapter 1 – Part 1
• First in a series of reports in preparation for the move towards extra-terrestrial disclosure
• A history of the UFO phenomenon in the Pacific Northwest
Chapter 1 – Part 2: UFO & Disclosure Photos
Scott Mowry, Miracles and Inspiration, Oct. 30, 2012

The year 2012 has been a year like no other in the history of the Earth. Many major historic developments continue to unfold on a daily basis clearly signaling an epic shift of life upon the Earth is well underway.

Many researchers have speculated the end of the year 2012 also marks the conclusion of a long imposed quarantine placed upon the Earth eons ago. This quarantine apparently had a two-fold purpose: For one to keep destructive interference by extra-terrestrial races coming from other worlds to a bare minimum. Secondly and far more importantly, to prevent humans from venturing too far out into space and causing mayhem in areas they have no business involving themselves. Come the close of 2012 –– it is a whole new ball game. (Visit our Disclosure section.)

Due to our violent and war-torn history, the human race has a reputation which, to say the least, causes great concern for other citizens of the galactic society.

From the outset, our planet was created by highly advanced beings with a very special caveat –– the Earth would be one of a total free will nature, perhaps like no other planet in the universe.

Free will essentially means the people of this planet are free to act without constraints, without conditions and without other any outside interference. Thus, ET races for the most part have had to adhere to a strict hands-off policy when it has come to interacting with Earthlings. This is known as “the Prime Directive.”

Yet, much evidence has been discovered in recent years regarding a very direct influence of several ET races upon the Earthly inhabitants. Particularly, by a race of beings known as the Annunaki (also known as the Annuna), who apparently arrived some 450,000 years ago and forever changed the course evolution of the human race.

Stone Statues (Moai) at Easter Island – are these the Annunaki?
Photo from: Ian Sewell, Creative Commons

The theory goes like this –– the Annunaki, needing a ignorant, manageable work force to mine vast amounts of gold found on our planet, genetically engineered human DNA in order to quickly alter very primitive man to the more modern version which we find today.

Researchers such as Zecharia SitchinGraham HancockMichael Tellinger,David Hatcher ChildressWilliam HenryErich von DänikenMarshal Klarefeld, Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, David Wilcock, among many, many others, have meticulously explored the history of extra-terrestrial involvement with humans.

Even cable television shows such as the excellent Ancient Aliens on the History Channel, now it’s fourth season, has delved deeply into this untold history of mankind and ET’s, which has never been mentioned in the text books found in universities and high school curriculums.

Given all of this information, we are left with one dominant question –– if there was a non-interference policy towards the Earth, why were the Annunaki, for one, allowed to have such a profound influence upon human life?

Perhaps we can speculate, despite the motives of the Annunaki towards a self-serving agenda in creating a human work force, they may have been granted special permission to interact with humanity as part of an overall grand plan to speed up evolution by leaps and bounds. After all, the Earth was an experiment and the human race was a test species to see if life could thrive on a such a planet uniquely created and challenging as ours.

In other words, perhaps the Annunaki were willing to do the research and scientific work necessary to upgrade the human race which resulted in a ramping up of our evolutionary track. After all, we have gone from the horse and buggy to landing on the moon in about 100 years of evolution, which is nothing short of astounding!

There is no question there was a major step forward on the Darwinian evolutionary scale from Homo Erectus to Homo Sapien man. This noticeable gap has perplexed scientists for centuries so much so the term “missing link” has been used to explain this extraordinary evolutionary leap of mankind.

Nonetheless, the Annunaki angle to the story remains highly controversial and open to numerous interpretations. As the truth embargo is rapidly in a free fall, we can safely expect much more verifiable information to come forth to finally reveal the true story of the Annunaki in the not-too-distant future.

Ultimately, if the Annunaki prove to be a real part of our history, then we must assume they had a Divine purpose in coming to Earth and interacting with human beings.

On the other hand, there has been substantial proof of much more indirect interaction between higher evolved beings and the people of the Earth in order to assist the human race down the evolutionary path.

This proof has come in the form of the ancient tales of legendary Gods in Sumerian, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Mayan, Indian and Native American lore, among many other age-old cultures. In fact, nearly all of the ancient cultures may have had some form of God-like beings arriving to offer assistance, yet appear to come out of nowhere.

Finally of course, when it comes to ET interaction, we have to consider perhaps the most controversial group of aliens of all known collectively as “the Greys,”or “the Alien Greys”. With their eerie reptilian-like appearance, big black eyes and robotic demeanor, the Greys often invoke terror among many people who have heard about them. The fear has been perpetuated by books, Hollywood movies and TV shows, as well as, many first-hand accounts of abductees.

But according to author Dolores Cannon, the Greys are not to be feared at all. In fact, she contends the Greys have been assisting humanity by using the abductions to upgrade our DNA in order to acclimate our bodies for the new higher vibrational Earth. She has chronicled this version of the story in her best-selling book “The Custodians: Beyond Abductions”.

On the other hand, Dr. Steven Greer has stated there is yet another form of Greys known to exist which shockingly are manufactured by our own government as part life form and part robotic beings. These creatures, known as PLF’s (Programmed Life Forms), are used to frighten abductees so they will fear and loathe aliens out of hand to create a propaganda campaign, all in an effort to sabotage the success of any kind of official disclosure announcement forthcoming.

Like Dr. Greer, I subscribe to the notion extra-terrestrials are not a threat to humanity in the overall big picture and never have been. Rather, the major danger to our species has come from our own kind. When we examine our own tragic history, it is our fellow humans have been the ones most guilty of causing mayhem and destruction on our planet –– bar none!

Perhaps one of the most ironic factors in this whole discussion is the notion human beings may not have even have been the first humanoid species to arrive on the planet. Many believe the inner Earth was inhabited first by a group of highly evolved species who are already living in a 5th dimensional world of peace, love and harmony and remain so to this day.

These inner Earth beings were established as the official stewards of Mother Earth and entrusted in caring for the planet. They have interacted only remotely with surface dwelling humans and when they have done so it has been with extreme caution. We also should consider perhaps some of the UFO sightings which have been reported, especially over the last 65 years, may not necessarily be those from other worlds but from our own inner Earth.

When considering the modern era of ET interaction with the human race we have to go back to the time period of the end of World War II which saw the use of devastating atomic weapons upon our planet.

According to Dolores Cannon, the events which triggered the rash of UFO sightings was the detonation of nuclear bombs at the tail end of World War II in 1945 upon the people of Japan. This monumental act of aggression and destruction, although successful in ending a world war here on Earth, sent a alarm bells throughout the universe.

Apparently, it was the last straw as suddenly dozens upon dozens of ET races decided it was time to pay close attention to what was happening on this little planet tucked away in a remote part of the galaxy.

A pre-eminent decision was then made by the highest of the higher realms –– something had to be done with Earth and its people, otherwise they were going to destroy themselves and their own planet. The decision which was made in order to save the Earth’s people from eons of karma, chaos, war and violence without violating our free will, it became necessary to move the entire planet into a higher state of existence –– namely the 5th dimension. The only way this objective could be accomplished was to create a whole new planet in the a higher dimensional existence. Thus, a new Earth.

We are now very far down the path to the new Earth, as more and more UFO’s appear in our skies, more and more elaborate crop circles appear in our farm fields and more and more amazing developments continue to unfold in our world on a daily basis.


Sample illustration  Figure 16

The state of Washington figures prominently within the fascinating lore of the whole modern-day UFO phenomenon. Resplendent with several majestic mountains such as Mt. Rainier, Mt. Adams and Mt. St. Helens, Washington state has been a hotbed for UFO activity since the 1940′s, thus becoming the first area of the country to become associated with the phenomenon.’

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According to a posting found on the KOMO News Seattle website, a spectacular UFO was documented flying through the little town of Rainier, Washington in an area very near to the Awakening Center.
Several images were captured on film by an amateur photographer and show a ship which appears to be of a luminous translucent variety with a distinctly red hue. A total of three images were posted on the KOMO News site and all are quite impressive, particularly the third photo which featured a breathtaking close-up of the ship and considering the photographer was shooting these images at night.

Below are the photographs, including the comments that the poster included in their description:

“We spotted something round high up in the sky” (Click to enlarge)

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Located at the foothills of Mt. Adams in the southern part of Washington state lies the ECETI Ranch in beautiful Trout Lake. The ECETI Ranch is easily one of the most amazing hot spots for UFO activity in the country, as numerous sightings of ships have been routinely caught on film.

Lightships, orbs are paranormal phenomenon are amazingly common. I have personally witnessed some of the most astounding UFO displays I have ever seen during my three visits in the years 2010 and 201.

In fact, during the very first few days of visiting ECETI, I witnessed more UFO sightings than the rest of my life combined. These sightings occurred both during the light of day as well as at night.

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Disclosure is an inevitability and the increasing amount of UFO activity being witnessed and recorded is proof positive we are rapidly arriving at the point when the tightly controlled information about this phenomenon can no longer be controlled by our governments and military. At some point, they may be simply embarrassed into admitting the extra-terrestrials are here.

In 2012, UFO sightings are at all-time high. The plethora of UFO videos and photographs found on the internet overwhelming while more and more contactees are stepping forward to reveal their encounters with ET’s.

In addition, more and more foreign countries are opening up their long sequestered UFO files to reveal their governments have been investigating these reports for many decades. We are clearly heading towards a breakthrough.

Many are speculating we have finally reached the point where we will be introduced to the beings from other worlds any time now. Yet with only two short months remaining in the year, it may be a tall order to expect official disclosure to occur by 2012, particularly given the word about a galactic-imposed quarantine around the Earth which ends in December of this year.

Most likely as humanity prepares itself for the Golden Age, we are going through a step-by-step process which at this stage of the game is still in the revealing mode as government, military, economic, political, media and corporate corruption is exposed on a daily basis. Many, many people remain in a dire need of a wake up call which will jar them out of their deep slumber to realize all major world institutions have lied about to us about our place in the world along with our true origins. Their fears and apprehension about extra-terrestrials must be respected and honored.

What seems apparent is there are some vital preliminary steps which are necessary before the human population is ready for an official disclosure announcement. Most importantly, a solution must be revealed for the world-wide economic crisis which has been engineered by the global elite to bring about a so-called New World Order, which is failing at every level.

Much progress has been made on those fronts yet we still sit remain in crisis mode although one which is rapidly fading away. When a critical mass of people on the planet are consciously ready, disclosure will happen in an unstoppable fashion.

Know this –– the most amazing, magnificent world is emerging, day-by-day at this remarkable time in human history. This world will be beyond your wildest dreams, it will beyond your greatest desires. It is a world of total love, peace, abundance, vitality, health and joy.

Our families from the stars will be an integral part of this world and each and every day we move ever closer to a great reunion for the ages. This reunion must be conducted with the utmost care and concern for every member of the human race as it will forever change life on planet Earth. Religions, theology, world history and the perception of who and what we are as humans will never, ever be the same. There is nothing to fear, there is nothing to lose, save for ignorance.

And here we are right now, standing on the threshold of a quantum-shifting paradigm.

Have patience. Our brothers and sisters from the stars are coming, and in fact, many are here right now. They are as anxious to reunite with us as we are with them. And what a reunion it will be.

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