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Humanity is going through the ringer right now

Humanity is going through the ringer right now, as all your unresolved issues come up for recognition and release.  This is a very intense moment in your spiritual evolution and you are receiving enormous help from the spiritual realms. Intend to recognize and release all your issues, remembering that you all do have issues that you need to deal with, some of which lie hidden well below the surface of the semi-conscious state of awareness that you have chosen to experience while you remain chained to the illusion.

It is uncomfortable to address issues that you have chosen not to acknowledge. Nevertheless, you have abundant and unfailing spiritual assistance to help you with this task that must be accomplished before your awakening.  As you face them, and refuse to be discouraged by any fear that may arise, you will discover that there truly is nothing about them to fear, and that just facing and acknowledging them is enough to allow you to release them quite painlessly. What you keep hidden from yourselves frightens you; when you open up and observe, then your fears dissolve as you realize that in truth there is nothing to fear

Fear is an obstacle to love.  It is an obstruction, a veil, a fog that hides love from you, and it tends to be attached to the issues that, over the eons, you have invented and then failed or forgotten to address and release.  The help available to you now, as you open to the divine field of Love surrounding you, will ensure that they are completely dissolved as you release them, so that you can feel the brilliance of the Love field embracing you and lighting your way Home.

That Light has always been with you, but as you sank ever more deeply into the illusion, It began to dim and fade from your view as the distractions became ever more seductive.  The separation that had seemingly engulfed you also offered you the illusion of power to defeat others and become supreme.  You wanted that, and you were prepared to fight all-comers to obtain exclusive rights to it. And thus began the long journey through intense suffering as you fought one another and refused to acknowledge or recognize the Love from which you were all created.  You have an expression, “use it or lose it,” and that is what happened to the Love: you lost sight of It, you forgot It, and you denied Its existence.

Now you are in the process of becoming aware of It once more.  Many holy ones have demonstrated It to you.  You wrote down their stories, shared them, and then went on slaughtering each other in their holy names!  Now recognition is dawning, as it becomes ever more apparent that self-serving egoic agendas do not work, and lead only to further conflict and further suffering.

The power of Love is infinite and eternal, and since the moment of your apparent separation It has been constantly nudging you either directly, or as demonstrated by those holy ones who, throughout the life of the illusion, have constantly visited you to help you to awaken.  Finally, Love is being acknowledged as the essential ingredient of a peaceful, harmonious, and joyful existence.  And those who make that acknowledgment and live it, then share it freely, far and wide. Acknowledgment of the power that is Love is spreading exponentially throughout humanity, shocking many as they feel overwhelmed by the wonder of It and question if it is for real.  It is.  That enormous power is shaking the very foundations of the illusion, which has started to crumble, and nothing can now prevent its permanent demise.

So, as you each go through your own personal ringer remind yourselves constantly that this is an essential step on your path to awakening, and that you have abundant assistance to help you release this crushing burden that you have carried for so long.  The end draws nigh as the embrace of the divine Love field holds you all gently and tenderly in Its comforting arms.
Your loving brother, Jesus.
by John Smallman

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