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Blossom Goodchild – July 29, 2012

Blossom: Good morning. Well , here I am , all set up on my NEW computer having been unable to communicate with you due to all the tech issues I have been having. However … as far as I am aware … I am ready to go. Are you with me?

Galactic Federation of Light: We are continually with you and all those who invite us into their space. We have been following accounts of your days and noticed troubles that have occurred within your energy due to the falling down of your means of communication with us … and we are happy to ‘see’ that we are once again able to resume.

I simply have to ask … I can’t let it go … The last time I had to buy a new computer was just before Oct 14th 2008 … this time it got very sick whilst trying to send out the visualisation for the Olympic games … Surely I am just small fry … was it just coincidence?
We would suggest that you leave such matters in the hands of those who persist in technological transitions of destruction and simply continue on …moving through that which you can do nothing about . You are determined to see your pathway forward and for this we congratulate you and those who continue to do the same. Life in times such as this that you live in … will certainly proceed in a manner that will heighten and yet also disillusion … due to the efforts of those who FEEL that their accomplishments are about to be thwarted and their power shall no longer thrive. This is part of the reason that we ask you to remain in your Light AT ALL TIMES.
I notice you say AT ALL TIMES. I FEEL you are referring to the morning when I completely lost it with frustration of my situation. I have to say … it’s about ten years since I have behaved so badly!!
And would you say that such behaviour released that which was pent up inside?
It had to come out somewhere! Yet I wasn’t proud of myself.
Let us reiterate then … in the coming times when so very much change shall be upon you at a very fast and meaningful rate … it will require all of your wits to be about you . There shall be much confusion and contrast and one shall at times FEEL they do not know if they are coming or going. It shall be a time when no matter how strongly resolute you may think you are to your TRUTH … that you shall still be questioning many many things.
KNOW … we are not here to make your concern a factor … Yet we could not accept it as correct if we were not at least to prepare you of such things. This is why we continue to impart the knowledge that the benefit of meditation is of the utmost importance and we would say … urgency. By connecting with your Higher strength and LOVE you are able to prepare the aspect of you that is upon the Earth plane in readiness for the LIGHT that MUST shine from you.
Today … many thousands of you focused your LIGHT AS ONE on the arena of the Olympic ceremony. What a delight shone forth out into the ethers. If you knew of the value that this united front added to the up and coming events … and the difference that this alone HAS made to the ease of certain occurrences … you would each award yourselves medals.
For me personally … every time I imagined all of us together sending Light etc … I was overwhelmed with emotion . I felt it was very powerful.
There was joy within millions … utter joy. We would compare it with your planet taking flight! We would suggest that you ‘return’ to that moment over and over. Recap on the FEELINGS and the visual atmospherics of the piece. So many are/were unaware of the LIGHT vibrational pattern on a ‘spiritual’ level … yet this is of no consequence. For as we continue to speak of …
THE VERY ACT OF BEING HAPPY is all one needs to concentrate upon.
One does not necessarily need to be informed of astrological pathways or historic events or indeed anything other than concentrating on being happy in each moment. This is how you shine your Light. You KNOW of all of this … Yet we FEEL the need to prompt you now and then.
Yes … we do know this. It’s not really a matter of prompting for many … it’s a matter of overcoming challenges with a new enlightened attitude that we struggle in dealing with sometimes. Part of Being human at this time … yet hopefully not in new times. Sometimes … even though we know we should … it is not so easy to remain in that happy space. Sometimes it feels like an outside influence is overpowering ‘my influence’. Although I should know how to overcome that by now.
There is nothing further to say other than we shall discontinue at this time .
Oh … ok! (The link was gone). I’ll try later.
Well that was totally out of nowhere! I didn’t see that coming … or should I say ‘going’! Are you there to resume and may I inquire as to your speedy goodbye earlier ?
It was simply a matter of ending something there and then that was necessary. You must be aware of vibrations at this time that are assuming a role of decadence and yet underneath there is a rather more sinister situation going on .
Are you talking about with me … or are you talking about The Games?
We are indeed talking of The Games and it is wise for one and all to remain in the Light of themselves and continue to allow that Light to shine brightly at full strength during these days of these sporting events .
Let it be known to you … that what may appear as things to be running smoothly behind the scenes is far from the TRUTH . There has been a quiet mayhem taking place in respect of matters that were underlying and it has been nothing short of miraculous that events took place as they did without a hiccup ‘in sight’.
Could you explain a little more?
We wish only for you to understand that by sending ones Light as so many of you did … you changed the course of history.
Struth … That’s a bit of a full on statement . I wasn’t expecting you to say that. I mean really … was it that serious?
It was indeed of a sinister nature of intent to bring about a display that would not have appeared to be on ‘the winning side’. We are aware of your inquisitive thoughts and yet we choose … for safety reasoning to say no more than this at this time . You forget who you are speaking to Blossom.
Well, not really , but I am picking up the FEELING that it is for MY safety that you say nothing more .
This is correct and we ask you to consider also the fact that although many of you represent the Light and do all in ones power to allow it to manifest in the way it should … that there is also the other side of the coin … and although not to be focused on … it is undeniable that it exists.
Yet again … we reiterate … BE IN /OF YOUR HIGHEST FORM.
Offer Love to ALL. From the deepest place … with your heart. Offer Love to those whose intent is to destroy. This and only this is your pathway to your New World.
I have to say … I have been feeling such angst today … and unable to shake it off. Am I alone in this? Is it my personal circumstance with computer troubles that has really got to me … or is it on a more global scale?
Without doubt we would say it is on a grander scale. We would say that the joy of the unsuspecting … greatly counteracted the effects of what could have been. So therefore … we would say that which many of you are experiencing … even after sending your Light en masse as you did … is the aftermath of a prevention of something that could have /would have been catastrophic.
Probably treading on stony ground here … but is this why ‘Her Majesty’ looked so … so … uninterested? Miserable? Pondering on getting her nails done?
We consider it best again to leave this area alone. Let us move on to more cheerful scenarios and rejoice in the fact that all is indeed well and shall continue to be so with the assistance and TRUST and faith of so many of the ground crew who are ‘playing their role’s’ so admirably.
May we make a suggestion?
Please do.
In order for the cells of the body to resonate with the uplifting consciousness … might we add that during ones daily meditation one considers the possibility of all that resides within the human physicality to become golden? To feel the lasting effect of Light liquid …for want of a more describing factor of putting this … absorbing into your core Being . Whenever a moment occurs to you to do so … visualise your inner self … in all aspects … BEING OF GOLD. This will assist you greatly with symptoms that one comes across regarding the changeover from one physicality to another.
Again … another ‘full on’ statement. That’s strong! Oh, if only one could remember why we came!! Actually I’ll rephrase that … We KNOW why we came … to bring about this changeover onto the New World … so rather … If only one could remember what we decided was the best way to make that happen when the time comes.
Yet all you need remember is that the time is here … and you are doing exactly what you came to do. You do not seem to recognise this. So many of you seem to be waiting for it all to happen.
All you need do is your very best to remain in your Light and Love. You KNOW that is what you came to do. You knew it would not be easy when the time came. Yet you knew too that you were strong enough to see it through .
So really … are you saying that this is it … this is ‘lift off’ so to speak?
We are saying that you are accomplishing bit by bit that which you came to do. You simply do not choose to recognise it in the way that would serve you. If you did … if you should choose to … Your strength would magnify a thousand fold.
It is likened to re-reading a book … and as you got to a certain chapter you became excited thinking to yourself … ‘oh yes I remember this bit’. And your senses heighten in anticipation of the following chapters to come … for it is all … once again … falling into place.
The thing is … when I am speaking with you … when I am tuned in to you … I can FEEL such excitement and ‘reality’ of who you are … because of the FEELING you transmit to me. I don’t know how else to say it. Yet … when one is carrying on in their normal day … sometimes it seems as if indeed it is a fairy-tale that we are once again reading … and that it is all just make believe . My heart knows it’s not … my mind often fights with my heart.
And here we congratulate you on bringing forth such a statement. For is this not of great importance?
‘Your mind fights with your heart!’ Do we not continually dearest friends … ask you to listen to your heart? Your mind can decide to change … your heart does not.
I don’t know about that. For instance … one can FEEL a certain way about someone in their heart space and then circumstances change and the heart does also.

We would stick by our statement and reiterate that the heart does not change. Circumstances may make you ‘think’ that your heart has changed, yet in its TRUTH it cannot … for it is only Love … and this cannot change.

Sorry … I need to take you up on that one. Say for instance one falls deeply in Love with someone … over time that Love fades until a point where they FEEL there is no longer Love there. Surely you would say the heart had changed its FEELINGS?

We would say again … It cannot. For your ‘gut’ emotions/feelings are always correct and will always guide you. One may feel they have fallen out of Love with that person … on a ‘down to Earth level’. Yet we say to you … when reuniting in another ‘experience’ one would recognise in fullness the LOVE that they initially recognised on their part of the plan in that life time. They would give thanks to each other for seeing through their part of the bargain and give thanks for the lessons learnt. Mission accomplished so to speak.

Mmm , I am sure I could come up with more concrete evidence to the contrary if I gave it some thought , but I reckon your answer would apply to all circumstances.

We are only trying to assist. We are not trying to ‘know better’.

Oh … but I have the FEELLING that you do! In knowledge that we Earthlings too know better when not playing the role of Earthlings. It’s odd really … so many of us … awake and aware of you and matters to do with you … and keeping up with ‘our world’ in the way we FEEL appropriate. Yet so many of us … completely oblivious to the entire affair. A bit like two worlds in the one.

More so … many many worlds in the One … yet simply resonating on a different frequency . This shall not change. It cannot be otherwise.

True. Actually … It’s my turn now to bid you cheerho. It’s been a long day … and I can feel my energy waning and that will never do whilst chatting with you. So … nice to be in touch again … Can’t help but FEEL ‘something’s afoot’.

And after all … it is your FEELINGS that count!

We thank you… each and every one for your friendship and your steadfastness.


In thanks and Love to you too.
by Blossom


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