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Perhaps Let’s Think for a Moment

Even though I’ve asked people not to write me personally because I’m swamped in email, I’m receiving more email than I can possibly answer, much of it on containment. So perhaps let me answer here rather than so many individual emails.

There are people who’ve suffered grievously and consider the policy of containment as letting the cabal off easily, denying themselves the tangible evidence that the arrests provide, giving them no sense of closure, etc.
And I’m hearing evidence from others about the containment itself that rounds out some of what Archangel Michael said. But I cannot talk about that yet. Nonetheless it does add to the certainty I have that such an operation is in fact in process.

Please allow me to address this matter.

I served eight years as a refugee adjudicator here in Canada and have heard more stories of torture, mass rape, citizen (mob) action, child soldiers cutting off people’s limbs, honor killings, assassinations, genocide (Rwanda, Serbia), etc., than any normal person would hear in several lifetimes.

I don’t think there’s anyone reading this who’s heard more first-hand accounts of the injuries that the Illuminati have inflicted, or that ordinary people have inflicted on their victims, or that mobs reacting to events have inflicted on innocent people than I have.  If I were to tell you some of the circumstances, you’d retch in a bucket or go numb.

Perhaps I was given that experience to be able to say this now.

When Archangel Michael said:
 “We have heard the argument that people need to see the arrests so that they begin to feel safe and that their hearts, the collective hearts, begin to heal, knowing that the punishment … has been taken. Is this not exactly the accusation that you would make of your enslavers? Is this not exactly the same behavior?” (1)I know from listening to people and reading the global human-rights literature that once a mass of people – call it a mob, if you will – begins to work, there’s no controlling it. If we began mass arrests, pretty soon we’d see lynchings and every other form of atrocity.

When this site began discussing the process of unseating the cabal, we called it “accountability” – making the Illuminati answer for their actions through legal process. More recently that phraseology became “mass arrests.” But that was not simply a change of words. It represents a change of attitude as well, as Archangel

Michael noted. And a change for the worse.

I regret myself that I didn’t see that and had to wait for AAM to educate me.  But the celestials saw it and never intended to act on that new direction that we – not the galactics and not the celestials – had created.
Yes, SaLuSa used the word “arrests” but he didn’t use the word “mass arrests.” I expect that he was trying to use our word as far as he could. But the celestials have overruled that course of action. And I’m glad they did.

You’ve heard the false message from “Micah” in which he quoted a line from the movie Independence Day.
“Spread this good news with others and tell them how to bring these sons-a bitches down!”  (2)

You’ve also read the false message attributed to Drake in which the writer advises us to lock and load and go out and execute the bastards. (3) How many people can, as I can, ask Archangel Michael if the message is a fake? How many people would know it’s fake? In my opinion, both those communications emanate from the cabal. And both show how soon this human action could be co-opted and go off the rails.

Why would the cabal want us to act in this way? Because they know a few things about human psychology that we don’t. One is they know that, if you create a mob, it can be manipulated by those who are skilful to serve their own ends. Two is that arousing these energies in us will turn us into animals and we’ll lose our grip on the high ground, lose our touch with the higher realms, and be more vulnerable to being defeated by their greatly better-equipped forces. By taking this kind of action, we would push the celestials away from us.

They wouldn’t be able to rescue us from our own crimes.

Many times I’ve played for you the video of the Dylan SUV-mounted supergun. I’m not saying the cabal would be allowed to use such a weapon on us but they probably don’t know that. They probably think that this is how they’d control mobs.

Three is that I’m led to believe that they batten off our fear but I don’t really know anything about that circumstance. I’ve only heard it. Four is that they oppose Ascension and what better way to derail it than to have us act like our Atlantean forebears, who also looked to Ascension and descended into chaos and violence? Why not watch us fall under the waves losing the greater part of humanity? They want to go out with a bang. Why not a Big Bang?

We human beings haven’t shown ourselves to be humane, kind or thoughtful when organized into large groups. We respond to the loudest voice, tend towards violence, and feel immensely justified in anything we do because it appears as if it’s a majority decision.

The celestials have intervened. They’re saying that they don’t think the human move from “accountability” to “mass arrests” is wise, they won’t support it, even though they can’t stop us from indulging in it by the law of free will, and what they’re going to do in light of us gravitating towards “mass arrests” instead of “accountability is something different.

Their approach won’t leave this world with the karma that we’d invite by going the route of what we conceive of as “mass arrests,” which invites mob violence and roadside justice.

Some of the cabal are being rehabilitated; some are being placed under various forms of restraint; some are being taken off-planet. The job is being done without us steeping our hands in blood.  It wouldn’t be possible for us to prepare for Ascension by offing the cabal. No matter how much anyone has suffered, the answer doesn’t lie in revenge.

So I do hear that people are frustrated, angry, disbelieving, and all manner of states hearing that an idea that we humans hatched (namely, “mass arrests”), not an idea that our heavenly protectors came up with, will not be the way things are going to be handled.  But the choice of going the route of peaceful removals and restraint will allow the same goal to be achieved without so many of us descending into violent circumstances from which we may not recover before Ascension. In a very real sense, we’re fortunate that cooler heads have prevailed against our lack of wisdom. (Once again.)

So I do ask you to allow events to unfold. You’ll hear more of the story when it’s safe and prudent to tell it.

Until then, we have to trust those who are responsible for the removal of the cabal to know what they’re doing and have our very best interests at heart.
And to those who say that it didn’t sound like Archangel Michael or Steve has been infiltrated by the

Illuminati, nothing of the sort is true. I’ve spoken to AAM through this channel for perhaps two years now I think, give or take a few months. I know the feeling of speaking to AAM and it’s something that no one can produce by artificial means. Certainly nothing the Illuminati could produce.

And far from feeling any evidence of having been taken over by the cabal, I’ve never felt better.  So please don’t generate any fanciful theories of how things have gone wrong. They haven’t gone wrong. If anything, if you reflect on it a bit and remember those child soldiers cutting off people’s limbs and everyone who’s ever been lynched by a mob, they’ve gone right.
by Steve Beckow


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