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What Happens After the Mass Arrests? Part 1

2012 June 30
Posted by Steve Beckow

SaLuSa is the source who has given the subject of the mass arrests, the trials that follow them, and the legal reformation that follows the trials the most attention. I propose to spend a little time here reviewing what SaLuSa has said about what will happen to the Illuminati once they are rounded up.
The galactics have slowly but stealthily backed the Illuminati into a corner, says SaLuSa.
“The dark Ones are being driven into a corner, that will enable us to finally put paid to their activities.
“The removal of the Illuminati will be a monumental achievement and take away their ability to cause any further trouble, and that is high on our list. We can only add that patience is called for all round, as some of these tasks are very delicate and finely balanced.” (1)
There is no place they can go to where they will not be found and rounded up, he reminds us.
“Nothing escapes our notice, and there are no hiding places that the Illuminati and their minions can use to avoid their fate.” (2)
“There is not one who shall escape the net that draws ever more tightly around them.” (3)
But never mind hiding from their pursuers. The laws of the universe apply to everyone and so no one can successfully evade or escape them, even if they found a hiding place.
“[The Illuminati] have created their own future as has every other soul, and they cannot escape the result of their own actions. The Laws of the Universe apply in all circumstances, whether an individual is aware of them or not. You do not therefore need to concern yourselves regarding the application of justice, or fear that the Elite will escape responsibility for their misdeeds.” (4)
When the mass arrests begin, they will proceed with great rapidity. “Come the time … when positive action is going to be taken against them, they will be shocked at the speed with which their destiny will change.” (5)
Moreover, the Company of Heaven and their Earth allies have gathered a great deal of evidence on the crimes of the cabalists, some of it from the Akashic Records as we’ll see below, which will speed up the legal process, as SaLuSa told us in 2011:
“Over the many years we have accumulated more than sufficient evidence to show which individuals have broken their promises to work for the people, and instead fallen for promises to get rich quick at their expense. We can therefore largely dispense with the laborious and long-winded trials that there is no longer sufficient time for. However, some crimes against you are of such gravity that a few individuals will stand trial, so as to reveal the full extent of them.” (6)
Those who cooperated with the Company of Light could receive more lenient treatment in some respects though they would still be tried for their crimes against humanity. SaLuSa says: “They have been offered a way out if they resign, but that does not mean they can get away with their crimes against Humanity.” (7)
The few individuals who will be judged in longer trials designed to educate the public are the top Illuminati who devised and controlled the plans for the enslavement of the human population, he says. Even they will be able to work their way back into society.
“As you can imagine, such Beings [that will be tried in the longer proceedings] are those who are of the Illuminati and controlled the plans to bring about world slavery of the Human Race. Clearly with Ascension so near to manifesting they will eventually be removed, and spend their time at an appropriate level where they can reflect upon the effect they have had upon millions of Beings. All is not lost where they are concerned, but their path back to the Light will be long and arduous.” (8)
SaLuSa explains to us that the justice proceedings that will be held will not be like their counterparts on Earth. For one thing, higher beings will oversee the proceedings. In 2012 he said that “there are far greater powers than us who are involved in ensuring that justice is meted out.” (9)
Not only well higher beings preside, but the evidence will come in part from the Akashic Records.
“Justice shall eventually be seen to take place, but in a way quite different to what you have been used to. You will find that it cannot be mocked or denied by some sharp practise. …
“We have Courts that are unlike yours and presided over by many High Beings of Light. Lies and subterfuge have no place in them, because there is no point in trying to deny that which is irrevocable and recorded in the ethers of life.” (10)
Use of the Akashic Records means that “the truth of any event will be fully known and not subject to falsification or cover-up.” (11)
To summarize, the galactics have slowly backed the Illuminati into a corner. Yet even if they had not there would be no hiding place for them on Earth and no one can successfully evade or hide from the natural laws anyways.
When the arrests start, the will be completed in record time. Ironclad evidence, some of it coming from the Akashic Records, will see that the proceedings cannot be undermined. Many trials will proceed quickly; a few will be allowed to proceed more slowly to educate the public. The proceedings will be watched over by great and wise beings to ensure that the universal laws are observed in all respects.
(Continued in Part 2)


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What Happens After the Mass Arrests? Part 2

2012 July 1
Posted by Steve Beckow

What I’d like to do in future parts of this series is look at how the truth will soon be revealed to us, how the the Company of Heaven wishes us to react to the mass arrests and truth revelations, where the dark figures will be going, how the transitional governments will be set up, and how unjust laws will be reformed.

In this part, I’d like to look at the Company of Heaven’s assertions that the truth of our history will soon be revealed to us. SaLuSa tells us that those who’ve been reading channeled messages will have a sense of what truths will be coming out but those who haven’t followed them stand to be shocked and astounded.
“Mankind has had adequate time to start paying attention to the many messages given, that are intended to pave the way for the greater revelations. The ones in the slow lane will have to witness much that will be a great shock to their mindset, but we must get moving. There is no more time to wait until a greater percentage of you are understanding what is about to happen.
“That will of course change dramatically, when the media are released from the constraints placed upon them by the dark Ones. Truth has been a rare commodity in the past, but as the controls are removed, it will come back in full force.

“Even those who profess to be aware are even so going to be surprised at the full extent of lies and disinformation, that has been dished up as the truth in the past. It goes well beyond what you would imagine, and will reveal the extent to which you have been controlled.”  (1)

According to Sananda, the many truths to be revealed “will literally shake all out of their doldrums and awaken them to realities they thought only existed in fairy tales and fantasy or science fiction.” He advises us to “prepare by first becoming informed of the many atrocities that have been committed in the name of God or for misuse of power. This is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg as so much will be revealed to you shortly.” (2)
Why do we need to know about atrocities? SaLuSa says: “Until you learn how you have been manipulated and used by the dark Ones, you will have little idea of how far their tentacles reached.” (3)

And Matthew Ward takes that explanation one step further and suggests that, until we know the extent of the threat we faced, we won’t know why the galactics came here.
“How could we help you consciously and spiritually prepare to physically accompany Earth into higher densities if we never mentioned that she is through with everything you think of as evil, and all of it has sprung from darkly-inclined individuals in ruling bodies or the ones who control them from behind the scene?
“You need to know why your world became a hotbed of corruption and deception and bloodshed, why Earth reached the point of near death and called out for help, why other civilizations came to her rescue, why the Golden Age was planned. All of that is why you are where you are!” (4)

SaLuSa assures us that the truth will come out regardless of how the Illuminati try to hide it because the light energies are rising.
“As predicted some time ago, you will have noted that the truth behind many dark operations is leaking out. You can take much credit for it as the level of vibrations has increased very considerably, and the Light will uncover what has previously been hidden. The truth will come out regardless of what steps are taken to hide it, and we will back up the evidence against the Illuminati for the crimes committed against you by them.” (5)

The way the truth will be presented will make it undeniable, he tells us.
“It will be presented in such a way that no amount of denial will change the facts that support the accounts we will give you. We also need them to substantiate the actions that are planned, when many persons in authority are removed because they have participated in criminal activities against the you. At this point our concern is to get them out quite lawfully, and not waste time before they are replaced by those who are of the Light.” (6)

He tells us that not so long ago we would have accepted anything from anyone in authority and our complacency cost us dearly.
“It was not too long ago that you tended to accept whatever those in authority told you, and they used your trust to hoodwink you whilst carrying out their covert operations against you. Almost on a daily basis you are now learning about the truth behind many events that have been the work of the dark Ones, but hidden behind legitimate activities. The truth goes a lot deeper than you really know, but over the coming months it is going to be revealed to set the historical records right.” (7)

He says that we’ve been used by the cabal for its own enrichment.
“Sooner or later you will have to face the awful truth of how you have been used all along, to fill the coffers of those who have for eons of time been the driving force behind your governments. The extent of their power will truly astound and shock you, and more so when you realise how a large proportion of the population was destined to be eliminated. With our coming that threat has been removed, but history will show that the lives of millions were nevertheless subject to their insidious plots.” (8)

And he reveals to us that we nearly fell into slavery after being lied to about our rights.
“You have been totally misled about your rights, that have been slowly taken from you to remove your independence. Your enslavement was been very carefully planned, and you were nearly under the total control of the Illuminati.” (9)

Many organizations have been used to hide the truth; SETI and NASA are examples, SaLuSa says.
“The extent to which there has been an ongoing cover-up of the truth for many, many years is quite astonishing to us, as your Governments have spent enormous amounts of money in supporting the organizations that are being used for this purpose.
“Even now it continues with SETI, who search the Universe for signs of intelligent life, yet your Government has had a continuous dialogue with the extraterrestrials you know as the Grays. It has been going on for some 70 years, and on a regular basis.” (10)
“N.A.S.A. has been the biggest culprit at hiding the facts, and issuing false information. All of this will rapidly change in the coming months.” (11)

Far from listening to beeps and clicks, our governments have been approached by the Galactic Federation directly but have refused their overtures to create peace on Earth, he tells us.
“Even we of the Galactic Federation of Light have had contact with your leaders, and our offers to bring peace to the world were refused. That did not surprise us, because the agenda of the dark Ones was to take over the world and enslave the people. Their plans were well advanced and within sight of success, until you suddenly responded to the Light and began to understand the truth.” (12)

When the truth is revealed, Mira the Pleiadian tells us, “you will see some empires crumble and wrongs will be corrected for the benefit of humanity. This will be a time of reconciliation on many levels.” (13)
The Pleiadian High Council through Wes Annac tells us that the galactics know the truth through, among other things, the use of nanotechnology and the Akashic Records.
“We are able to continually monitor any situation on Earth and have many such monitors sustained and looked upon on our ships.
“Through extremely small Nano-like technology that goes past even the notice of your dark, we are able to monitor any situation and even without the use of such technology, we are able to find everything we need through an easy counseling of the Akashic Records which hold each and every event that has ever manifested on Earth.
“As such, we are keeping our eyes and hearts on Earth constantly and are working with ourselves and with our many liaison teams to see that all that has been predicted to transpire in the time window established will do so as needed.” (14)
Moreover, while the cabal cannot spy on the galactics, the galactics can easily hack into any cabal system,

SaLuSa says.
“Whatever information they are able to pick up, they will be unable to hack our systems as they are technically beyond them. It is in fact quite the opposite, as we have access to their communications and nothing is kept secret or beyond our reach. We are normally a step ahead of them, which is why we are confident of the outcome of our activities. Victory is ours, and we share the joy with you.” (15)

Among the truths we’ll learn is that the Illuminati knew of Ascension and have been doing all they can to prevent it, he explains. But they won’t be able to.
“You will learn the truth of what has preceded this period, and how the dark Ones have plotted and planned against you for many, many centuries. It has been ongoing with the very idea that they could take world control of the whole population, and prevent you from ascending.
“They have been as aware, if not more so, of the plan for Ascension than you have, and expected to achieve success before you realized what was happening. They reckoned without the Brotherhoods of Light that oversee your evolution, and the Divine Plan that declared the intent to close this cycle with Ascension.” (16)

Nonetheless, the truth is not being revealed so that we can take revenge, SaLuSa cautions us.
“The purpose of revealing the acts of the dark Ones is not to take revenge, as all souls are called to account for their thought and actions to much higher authorities. It is so that you understand how you came to be in the position you found yourselves. You were just short of becoming totally enslaved and controlled by a draconian World Government that was to be put in place.
“Your rights would have been strictly controlled and curtailed, so that you had little freedom unless you conformed to the new world order. It has not come about overnight, but has been planned for millennia of time. Slowly and almost unnoticed you have been fooled and misled so that you gave your rights away. There were plenty of warnings, but you were lulled into a false sense of security. You need to understand the reasons so that you fully benefit from the experiences.” (17)

The outpouring of truth, he reminds us, “will provide the opportunity to move on from accepted corrupt and criminal activities.”
“Such energies will gradually disappear, to be replaced by the desire for open dealings that are honestly carried out. Once it is seen to bring in the changes, a new mindset will ensure that honesty becomes a way of life. That can of course start anytime and the sooner the better, as there is nothing more likely to be followed that elevates the values Man works from. Be an example to others and help create a new energy of fairness and justice, and let it be seen in your everyday dealings. These are all aspects of the changes necessary if you are to complete your journey in an ascended state.” (18)

Thus, to summarize, those who’ve been reading channeled messages may not be as shocked by the truth revelations as those who have not. Hearing the truth will show us how far the Illuminati’s tentacles have sunk and why the galactics were summoned. We’ll hear how our rights were taken away, how we were used to enrich the cabal, and how we nearly ended up slaves.
When the truth is revealed, we’ll see empires crumble and historic wrongs righted. It can’t be hidden any longer and will be presented in ways that will make it impossible to deny. Superior technology and the Akashic Records will be used. The galactics know all that the Illuminati are doing but the Illuminati don’t know what the galactics are doing. The Illuminati knew about Ascension and resolved to stop it. But they won’t succeed.
The truth is not being revealed so that we can take our revenge on the cabal but so we can close this chapter of darkness and evil and move on to Ascension.


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Thank you Steve.
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What Happens After Containment? Part 3

I’m now acting on Archangel Michael’s request, made in An Hour with an Angel, Jan. 2, 2012, to change our phraseology from “mass arrests” to “containment.

In this next article in our series, I’d like to look at the advice from SaLuSa and Archangel Michael on how to respond to the containment of the cabal, which according to SaLuSa, on July 2, 2012, has now begun:
“The really exciting times have arrived as you are getting confirmation of the arrests that have started taking place.”

Despite alleged channelings recently that tell us that we should hate the cabal and rejoice over their destruction, our sources here tell us that to do so would be to lower ourselves to the dark levels of the planetary controllers. They warn us against it.

SaLuSa cautioned us in May 2012 not to allow the expected revelation of truth to stir us to vengeance but to allow justice to follow its course.
“Once the media commence reporting the arrests that are already underway that include many public figures, there will be calls for retribution. We do however ask that everyone avoids their emotions running away with them, as we assure you justice will be seen to be done. Unlike earlier times, no one will be able to cheat justice or buy their way out of it.” (1)

He warned us that, if we seek revenge against the cabal, we may end up little better than they.
“We wish you to concentrate on the future and seek first to maintain the Light upon Earth, without wasting your energy by directing your anger at the Illuminati and their minions. These will be hard times for anyone who has recently lost loved ones or friends as a result of their actions. It will however be a test of your ability to stay within the Light, and show your strength by forgiving those responsible.

“If you do not do so and seek any form of revenge you end up little better than what they are, and you form a link of energy with them. They may not deserve much sympathy, but see them as souls who have gone badly astray and almost lost their spark of Light. It will take a lot of Light to raise them up again but it can be done. We feel sure you will see that it is far better to lift the fallen up again, than compound their situation by linking them to more negative energy.” (2)

He advised that all of us have had lives where we too descended to dark levels.
“All of you have experienced stages where you have gone against the Light. However, with few exceptions you have understood the reasons that brought it about, and stand today as examples of those who have overcome the challenges of duality. You are all the stronger for it and that is indeed the reason you elected to spend many lives in the lower dimensions.” (3)

He suggested it was fine to speak about matters but without getting into our emotional energy of hostility.
“By all means speak about matters, but do it from an impersonal angle without empowering it with your emotional energy. Remember as we have informed you on a  number of times, you do not know another soul’s life plan or why they have chosen their experiences. In the higher Spirit worlds souls are of a vibration that gives no energy to judgement or condemnation, they hold the love vibration and it is not in their way of thinking.” (4)

He reminded us that there is no reason to “concern yourselves too much with the fate of the dark Ones. They will be treated with full justice and be given every opportunity to make amends, and every help to find a path back to the Light.” (5)

Archangel Michael on An Hour with an Angel in March 2012 echoed SaLuSa’s request.
“We ask for you not to join in any way, shape or form in judgment or relishing what is happening to another, for that cannot be of love. So, yes, there is divine justice, and there is an absolute balancing that is taking place. And we want you to understand that, as it is taking place on Earth, upon your beloved Gaia, that those ripple effects are felt throughout the Universe, that that rebalancing is taking place far further than any of you can even imagine.

“But the key to that amplification effect is for you to hold love, is for you to hold peace. You do not stand as judge and jury, my friends, … of your children, of your family, of your friends, of your neighbors – not of anyone. Do we sometimes pick someone up and say, “No, you are not permitted to continue in this manner any longer?” Of course we do! That is my job. And that is your job, as you work with me.

“But we do not fall into that old human paradigm of old Earth and say, ‘Now we will punish you. We will judge you. We will seek retribution.’ No. That is not loving. That is not kind. That is not gentle.
“Retribution comes in the rebalancing. It comes in the brilliant light of a new dawn. It comes in you stepping forward and assuming your rightful place, as light-holders and showers of the way. It is its own reward.” (6)

When we ponder the rebalancing that will take place, we might think of it not in terms of more or less, but in terms of returning to the center from extreme states like greed and hate. Love and peace reside in the center. Thus rebalancing means a return to the center, some would say, to the heart.

He asks us to join him in the new world rather than perpetuating the old.
“I ask you, we all ask you – for you are our beloved family; yes, a family of billions, it is an extended family – we ask you to join us in the new. And in the new there is no place for fault or blame or guilt. That does not mean, my brothers and sisters, that there is not room for acknowledgment and responsibility, for that is the bedrock. For when there is self-responsibility and mutuality, then there is joint responsibility and there is not an exercise of greed, of taking, of usurping power, for that power is already there. It is within you.
And so, as you see those who have tried and succeeded in many ways to control – and I could go down a list, but why would I wish to do that? – as you see that happening, feel the compassion – not sympathy, compassion – understanding about fallen angels and lost souls, and send them love. Send them forgiveness. And then begin with me – with all of us, with the Company of Heaven and far beyond, with your brothers and sisters from the stars – and let us build anew, because that is what this transition is about.” ( 7)

He reminded us that we have not yet finished our work. There is more to go and it makes it important for us to let thoughts of vengeance go.
“The old can only drag you down. Do not go there. My mission of peace has just begun, and I have need of you. You have travelled with me forever, in faith and trust and hope. So now you see the fulfillment of what we have talked about, the crumbling, the elimination, and yes, the destruction of the old. But let it go, and come with me, for there is further yet to go.” (8)

Thus our sources urge us not to allow the containment to stir thoughts of vengeance in us. There is no reason to fear that justice will not be done this time, as it has not been done in the past.  If we seek revenge, we’ll lower ourselves to the level of the cabal. They remind us that all of us have spent lifetimes in the lower dimensions.

We are encouraged to speak about matters and as lightworkers we’re expected to. But we’re also encouraged not to go into emotional negativity or extremes.  They remind us that all members of the cabal will be given the opportunity to return to the Light.

The notion of rebalancing is explained. The cabal are returning to the center rather than living in the extremes of qualities like greed and hate. In the center resides love and peace.  We’re invited to join the Company of Light in the new world of the divine qualities like love and peace.  We’re asked to forgive and put these events behind us, turning our faces to the future.
by Steve Beckow


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