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Give the Celestials’ Alternative to Mass Arrests a Chance

Mass arrests, human style

Based on the letters I’m receiving I think I need to return to the subject of the containment. I’ll be asking Archangel Michael tomorrow to give us as much additional information on the subject as we can squeeze into an hour.

And I have to say that I could be wrong in what I’m about to say. The subject is as new to me as it is to you. But I’m giving you my best understandings.

Some people have written to say that the cabal are being kept in the same positions, they won’t be held to book for their crimes, they’re escaping justice, etc.

We need to consider that the containment is only one part of a multilevel program. My understanding of those other elements is the following:
 (1) Some people are being removed from the planet and taken to intergalactic courts for trial. I assume that these are Illuminati figures high up on the ladder who are not known to the public. These may include some of the off-world types that we’ve all heard of.

(2) Some people have elected to leave their bodies and be replaced by walk-ins to provide continuity, I assume, for the people of Earth who need to see that justice occurs in their cases. They will not escape justice on the other side, which is surer than our justice. The justice of the universal law is perfect.

(3) Some people are being contained and, among these people, those who can act from love instead of from the vice they’ve been acting from so far may be allowed to continue in their positions for a number of reasons. And here I’m partly going by what AAM has said and partly from my own deductions.

More mass arrests

AAM has said that there are advantages from leaving someone like Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts in his position given that he can’t come from anything else but love. It provides continuity until other arrangements can be made.

Now here’s my deduction. To see John Roberts acting from integrity instead of doing the cabal’s bidding may win over many people who are of his same political and economic persuasion and follow his lead. And for me that can’t be a bad thing.

(4) Some people will be arrested. Archangel Michael said less than a hundred. But what, we may ask ourselves, would be the impact of seeing a few presidents, state secretaries, military dictators, generals and others being placed under arrest? How many top officials do you need to arrest to send a huge and distinct message?

To arrest thousands and thousands of others risks setting the whole country into a frenzy of violence. No, not the Occupy people, not lightworkers (maybe), although I’ve heard an awful lot of vengefulness from lightworkers in the past week. But from the “lock and load” set, the militias, the people who love their guns, etc.

Atlantis fell because it descended into violence. Many people here are Atlanteans. Do you really want to run the risk that a portion of your country sink under the waves because of the unbridled passions of people newly-released or thinking they’re winning their freedom thereby? (Not like I know that could happen.) Maybe the Noah’s ark scenario was designed for people on that timeline.

Again, as a person who sat on many refugee claims that entailed listening to horrible stories of maimings, assassinations, genocide, rape, torture and the like, in all of them one factor was common – that every side considered itself right and justified. Do you think that I personally would support a risky strategy (mass arrests) after hearing that a much better strategy had been made available.

I’d do anything to avoid mass arrests. I simply didn’t think there was an alternative. But a feeling of unease that I wasn’t even aware of lifted from me knowing that there is in fact an alternative.

We can’t win people over by threats. They’ll simply respond with more threats of their own. We can’t win our freedom by depriving others of their own or by killing them.

We can’t expect love to reign by asking an eye for an eye. As Gandhi said, that only makes the whole world blind.  We really do have to make a switch within ourselves and a switch in society from self-righteousness and vengeance to egolessness and love.

We’ve been handed a wonderful opportunity. While stroking our feathers and making it appear as if we defeated the cabal (which is not true), our star brothers and sisters have subdued the cabal.  If we did it, we would see mass murder rather than mass arrest, but they’ve done it without causing any deaths. They’ve not only saved us from the cabal but, much more importantly, they’ve saved us from ourselves.

Can we not recognize our own good fortune when it stands starkly in front of us and waves at us? Give the celestials a chance to bring in this alternative which will do the same job as mass arrests, which will liberate this planet from the threat of enslavement, which will see chemtrails disappear, and the rights of women reinstated, and abundance flow in the land, and all without inviting us to commit violence.

I invite you to search the historical records of this time and show me any instance in which the Earth allies have accomplished the goal that they have set out to accomplish – NESARA, Disclosure, the overthrow of the cabal. We either have failed miserably unto ourselves or have only been able to accomplish a fraction of what needs to happen.

What makes us believe that we could accomplish carrying off mass arrests peacefully? I say we would not have accomplished it. And I welcome the celestials’ intervention, which isn’t over yet. And I ask us to give them the chance to put their plan into practice, which I know we’re helping with because I know people who are doing so.

Give them a chance to help us bring in this new age of freedom without bloodshed or violence.
by Steve Beckow


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