Sunday, July 8, 2012

WOW ...this update went right through me!!

I started tearing up at the very beginning of GFL response...

And to kick it "up to eleven," this song came on as I was reading the update --totally accelerating my emotions even more and making me start sobbing: "Believe" by The Bravery!!

We come to remind you that YOU ARE LOVE."

Wow ... a most cathartic understanding and activation resonating through my entire being: AWESOME!  :^D

Thank you Blossom and your Guides ...and so it is!
*** gavin


Blossom: Me again! Seeing as we are now in the last six months of 2012 , I thought I’d best check in and see if there is anything you would like to update us with? When I look back over the last few years, I had expected so much more to have happened by now.

More understanding from us … more merging of worlds … more vessels of Light visiting regularly … and although we have indeed moved forward, it’s nothing like how I imagined. Not moaning, not complaining, just saying!

Galactic Federation of Light: We would very much like to ‘say’ in return that although much has indeed progressed compared to how things were, it is also that we cannot change the speed in which things are taking place … even though we would prefer to. It is not our position to do so … for ultimately as you know … it is for you of Earth to do this for yourselves.

We are merely the providers of information for you on certain subjects and although there is much we have been able to do concerning ‘prevention’ of what ‘could have been’ … it is not beneficial for much of this to be disclosed until such a time when it would ‘make sense’ to do so.

We are aware that through the eyes and hearts of many … little progress is portrayed. Yet through the understanding of those of us who KNOW BETTER … there really is nothing at all to be concerned about regarding the plan of transition into a more LOVING WORLD.

When we say we KNOW BETTER … this is not of course meant to down size your capabilities of understanding. Not at all. We KNOW that things are better than that which some of you chose to believe.

I suppose the thing is … what many can’t grasp … is why IT ALL has been left to the last minute so to speak? Why is everything being left until these last few months? So much has been prophesied and so much mentioned over the years regarding the changes … it’s a bit cramped to fit it all in isn’t it?

Not from where we stand … for once again you are adding time into the equation.

I’m adding a date … 21st Dec THIS YEAR! I think if nothing major has happened by then or on that date … some say ‘there will be something’ … some say ‘not necessarily on THAT date’ … then many will simply give up hanging on. YES … with all Love to you … we DO know it’s down to us … We DO know it’s not about ships in the sky …We DO know it’s about us becoming the fullness of Love once we remember how … Yet there is so much hype about things that need to take place externally in order to get the ball rolling … and it has gotten that so many of us no longer ‘dare’ mention the latest news on the progress of things … because Granny and Grandpa, cousin Edith and Mr Baker down at the store have long given up on considering these stories we tell to be of any substance.

That’s what gets us! It’s not that we are not willing to do our bit. It’s that those not of this planet keep telling us things to expect … so we do … and then nothing … nada … Not in a way that we have been told it would be. Sometimes I think it would be easier if we were not told anything … then we wouldn’t get ‘high hoped’ and we would just plod along on an even keel. Ok your turn … I’ll pass the talking stick to you.

Let us go back to beginnings. Do you KNOW us to be real?


Do you consider us to be telling you the TRUTH?

Yes … in my heart … yes.

So where exactly does the problem lie?

In the timing … in the waiting.

Of which we can do nothing about. For we are doing all we can to aid things along.

Ok … so … I don’t know if this is the right way to put this … but are we on target for 21st Dec 2012?

This date cannot be manipulated. It cannot be undermined or made to be something it is not. This date has been within your belief system for eons of your time and through this … due to this … a specific event WILL OCCUR around this time.

You say around this time … so not necessarily ON that day.

We reiterate to you that during these coming months there will be a whirlwind of activity leading up to the ending of this most auspicious ‘time’ in your Earthly understanding. How things present themselves will be entirely according to how certain things are accepted as this date draws closer.

One must remain in secrecy … for want of a way to explain … because it simply would not work out according to plan if that which is to take place were to be known … for many many reasons.

Could you assist us in naming some?

If you KNEW in advance … it would change things and how they are to be … because your thoughts on the matter would become muddled and KNOWING would change the entire dynamics of the piece. Of course … on a Higher understanding … on a purer level/aspect of yourselves you KNOW … and as the days draw closer to such an event … one’s knowing will begin to send through to the unknowing … suggestion and possibilities of what might be.

This is all very well. But to be honest … so many of us have been opened to so many possibilities … and I imagine only one of them is going to happen? Maybe something very different from what any of us expect !

Ah ha!

So that would mean … none of what we think will take place … but something we haven’t yet thought of? Cor dear! This is doing my head in today. Where do I go from here?

We ask you to remain exactly where you are. There is no need to go anywhere. All these questions Blossom … all this confusion that you allow to take place with inside of yourself … it serves not.

Yet if you were me … (which you are in the future and we are all one and all that) … if you were me … as this aspect of Blossom Goodchild in this physical body right now … don’t you think YOU may want to know what lies ahead … considering all we have been told?

Yet you know … deep down you KNOW … and that is why you don’t know


Deep down you know/knew that this is how it would be. This ‘being left in the dark’ … this is part of the plan.

But why? If we KNEW THE TRUTH … we could prepare.

Yet we are telling you the TRUTH and advising you how to prepare.

Do you ever get fed up with me for not understanding and for giving you a bit of a hard time? Do you not feel like knocking me on the head with a hammer saying ‘WILL YOU LISTEN BLOSSOM?’

And to what advantage would that bring any one of us? We are not where you are in this moment of the Earth’s living. You are not where we are. We are comrades in a vast plan. We are on the same side. We are trying to assist … not make matters worse.

I know … I know that. Sorry chaps. I’m not having a go at you Truly, although it may seem so. I am just trying to get to the bottom of this … trying to make sense of it all … because if I have been entrusted with this position of communicating with you … then I need to make sure I know where we are at and try and get this very complicated matter as clear as possible.

So therefore … we would again go back to the beginning:


We come to remind you that YOU ARE LOVE.

That is our mission! That is what we signed up for. In the same way you signed up to LISTEN TO US when we came to remind you.


That is why so many of you hang on by a thread. Because IN YOU … YOU REMEMBER … THIS IS HOW IT WOULD BE.

YOU KNEW … WE KNEW … ‘then’ … that ‘at this time’ you would FEEL so lost along the pathway … because of all that would be taking place and in such ‘muddy waters’

May we suggest the analogy once again of the ‘play’ that you are performing in. Before rehearsals began … you read the script. You know therefore, how the play ends and the rapturous applause it shall receive. Yet right at this moment … you are playing your role in a scene toward the end of the play. You are acting out a part … and being the very good actors that you are … your role is very convincing to yourselves and those around you upon the stage in the scene with you … and those in the audience watching it take place … and becoming very engrossed within the reality of it … EVEN THOUGH … everyone KNOWS it is just a play.
YOU KNOW THE ENDING …. You knew it before you began … It had been explained to you. You agreed to take the part … each one of you. You prepared and then the curtain went up and the play began.

And here you all are … nearing the end of ‘THIS PRODUCTION’ … before taking on your next role.
YOU KNOW what happens at the end … but you are not thinking about that yet because you are engrossed in the scene you are NOW IN.

All you ever need to remember is that YOU ARE LOVE. YOU ARE ONE. Whatever else take place … whatever circumstances present themselves … whatever you think MAY OR MAY NOT happen …

This is your role. To concern yourselves with what ‘might be’ is wasting your energy.

Yet … with all respect … we are human … and this is the way we are.

Who says?

Me actually!

Yet we would choose to add to that … This is then, the way you have chosen to be. You can be any way you desire.

Yes I know this … and we are desiring to return to the fullness of ourselves … by hopefully getting it right and doing what we came to do. One more question though and I know we have gone over time … but … if we are supposed to create our New World by manifesting our thoughts … surely it would be a good idea to KNOW what it is we are supposed to be manifesting for the end of the year? Hold on … let me completely clear my mind and take a few deep breaths in order for you to answer that little puppy!

It is not a ‘tricky’ question for us. How do you want your world to be? Work towards that … and as you know … the universe shall provide you with the opportunities to make this happen.

What a neat little nutshell. One other thing, seeing as I’ve got you here … It is said that what is channelled through is very much influenced by the state of mind/beliefs of the one receiving the message. I can understand why this is said … and would account for the difference in channelled messages … yet … is this so? I mean … what would be the point?

We would concur with that which you say … What would be the point?

Yet maybe that is the answer I want to hear?

Maybe it is the answer we wish to give in TRUTH. We would offer in wisdom on this subject that what is channelled through also depends very much on … shall we say … the level of the channeller. What ‘comes through’ can depend on many many many many things.

How many?… kidding!

Sincerity is one at the top of the list.

Yet many channellers are sincere … They wish to assist.

Indeed, yet this does not mean that they are free from other interferences that may ‘dupe’ the information being sent. This is an in-depth matter and there is not enough energy to explain in full detail at this moment.

No worries. I’ll recharge my prepaid and we’ll perhaps give it some airing next time we chat. Sometimes it seems rather surreal that I am actually chatting with ET’s. I’m just sitting here in my front room … tuned into you … it doesn’t seem very out of the ordinary at all really .

That is because it isn’t. It is the most natural thing in the world.

Not for everyone …

At this stage … yet it shall be so …

Link fading fast … Many thanks to you … from all of us down here that Love ya! In Love and thanks.
by Blossom

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