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Archangel Michael on the Fate of the Cabal’s Top Leadership Worldwide

We have a team of transcribers working away on Archangel Michael’s discussion today in An Hour with an Angel. But because I suspect that many people are waiting to hear what was said, I’ve made a summary of some of what AAM discussed.
In this section of that summary, we look at what he tells us about what he calls the “Containment,” his word for what we’ve thought of until now as the mass arrests.
Prior to hearing from AAM, what we had before us was SaLuSa saying today (July 2) that the mass arrests had begun:
“The really exciting times have arrived as you are getting confirmation of the arrests that have started taking place.” (1)
And Blossom Goodchild’s Galactic Federation sources saying today as well:
“This is the time that you came here to be part of. This is the moment that you have been longing to happen. This is the reason you came down here. This is the purpose you came to serve. This is what you have been preparing for all along.” (2)
And now Archangel Michael is saying that the negative heads of state, and top military, social and financial leaders have been placed in energetic restraints, or “containers,” and have had their sphere of influence effectively cancelled. The resistance to Disclosure and NESARA is now gone.
“Now comes the time that you have awaited,” he said. “Now comes the purpose that you have returned to [carry out].”
“The tide has turned. The worst is over.”
Let’s look at this notion of placing the cabal under restraint.

Change of Terms
Looking at the term “mass arrests,” Archangel Michael said,
“… really the idea or the term ‘mass arrests,’ whether it is with the Intergalactic Council or the [Galactic] Federation or your star brothers and sisters scattered far and wide, it has a very different meaning and that is why I wish to address this usage of language. Because, dear heart, when you speak of mass arrests, you are speaking of violence, … of retribution, … of revenge and that is not who you are, not who you have ever been, and it is certainly not why you have come. So let us alter this phraseology slightly.”
“Each soul, each essence, each being carries the bright essence of love, carries the divine spark of Source, of Mother/Father One,” he said. “So they are not to be judged.”
He urged us to change the language because language is how we communicate upon your dimension and using terms like “mass arrests” is like reaching back into the quagmire that we seek to leave. “This we truly do not understand.”
If we’re looking for storm-troopers or the activation of military or police forces, then we’re looking in the wrong place for what is happening.

The Energetic Containers
Are those who are the resistant group, the hold-outs, who have been responsible for what we think of sustaining and directing many of the institutions that are not of love and light and not for the benefit of the collective, being dealt with? He says they are.
The Company of Heaven is using a process to restrain them which takes them out of action – at least the negative actions. He reminded us that each of us is familiar with the bubbles, shields or layers of protection that we operate in who make use of celestial protection. Nothing that is not of love can penetrate these.
Now what he’s discussing is that restraints or containers have been placed around those (what we call “the cabal”) who don’t wish to contribute to the shift of the human race. Their sphere of influence has disappeared.
He suggested that containment was less harsh than having paramilitaries arrive at the cabal’s doorsteps. He invites us to think of it as putting a box around a person. These boxes are containers of pure light or love energy. The individuals, or in some cases the group, are placed in these containers.
Their disruptive, old-paradigm energies of hatred, greed and control cannot escape from these containers, which are sealed by the celestials (Michael, Gabrielle, Raphael, Uriel, and Yophiel). In that sealing, their negative actions and emotions cannot be transmitted. They remain there continually and constantly penetrated by light and love until their purification is absolutely complete. The Mother and Father make that decision.
This is a method of bringing peace that has not often been utilized since the time of the Intergalactic Wars. Even when the ETs who were abducting and enslaving us were removed a decade ago, they were not subjected to this method of confinement.
The Company of Heaven is containing these individuals so that the rest of the Divine Plan (Disclosure, NESARA) can go forward. They can act out or not within these containers but it will not go anywhere. This began last Monday, June 25, 2012. When AAM said to us that the boulder bounding down the hill was picking up speed, this was part of what he was talking about.
They have begun with negative heads of state and military coup leaders. It is not the military themselves that will be affected because they are for the most part loving servants of the state. The leaders’ effective power is removed.
(Readers will recall that AAM said that the crisis in Syria would end within a week. At the time, I could not understand why he would give so tight a deadline but the imposition of containment does explain it.)
This group includes people in positions of social and financial leadership, people in all militaries around the world who only want to engage in wars and profit from them.
We should watch for things to get “terribly quiet” all of a sudden. ”That is your sign,” he said.
“Now comes the time that you have awaited,” he tells us. “Now comes the purpose that you have returned to [carry out].”
“The tide has turned. The worst is over.”
There is more to relate but I’m going to stop here for now.
by Steve Beckow


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(2) The Galactic Federation through Blossom Goodchild, July 2, 2012, at http://www.blossomgoodchild.com/


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