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On Purpose: 3 to 5D makeover

Welcome Home!
So, we officially made it to the new world. We survived quite the lineup of celestial events and now we sit poised to recreate our lives anew.  The last 6 weeks have all but rearranged our DNA…literally & figuratively…our operating systems have been recalibrated & rebooted, and now that we are bona fide members of 5D consciousness, we are far from business as usual.
We are still integrating these changes (especially at the cellular level) and trying to find our footing in this new realm, but one thing is certain…for those who have done the gobs of internal prep work required, the 3D holographic reality system is no longer your point of focus.  5D is our home now, and tho we will still be interacting with the 3D world for some time, we have taken an oath of mastery to participate in the realms of unity consciousness now, leaving our inner-world of duality behind us…for good.

Death of 3D Purpose
One of the most challenging (is that the right word?) experiences of our homecoming was the drawn-out death of our purpose that we encountered throughout the month of June. This was super unfun, and for those of you who were drowning swimming thru that endless death/birth canal, I don’t have to tell you that we were definitely unplugged and floating aimlessly in that wretched sea of indecision. We are in the throes of some hard core life/purpose changes, so much so that the Pleiadian High Council came forth more than once to update me on what they consider to presently be the most pressing: the realization of our new level purpose as light-bearers.

It’s been nearly impossible to stay anchored in anything since the eclipse portal, but of the most disconcerting was the feeling of not knowing what we are supposed to be doing, or how.  If you are still working thru your purpose process (read: gutted) please realize that nothing is wrong… in fact everything is exactly right.  What we have been going thru is the stage that the PHC call “dying while alive”… a finishing off of all that which is not in accordance with our highest good, our full potential, our heart-felt passions, so that we can align much more fully and completely with our new level purpose.

Birth of 5D Purpose
That said…and after a solid month of heavy duty soul scouring…many path-pavers are now finally in position to step into their new level purpose.  The PHC say that this is more of a shift from the way we used to perceive purpose (in 3D) to the way purpose is relative to us in 5D.  So for those who recently felt completely cut off from what you thought was your “true calling”,  know that it is not our purpose that is/was dismissed, but our outdated perceptions of it…we are just needing to align with how things work here in 5D and that means the usual letting go of allotta woulda, coulda, shoulda’s.

In case you haven’t noticed already, this is a profound shift and one that has taken the better part of 2012 (so far) to realize.  There is still movement in this arena, meaning there are more realizations, more “placement” of purpose to come, but the energy is here now to support the unfolding of our next level contributions to the planet.

This is a VERY exciting time, one that we have long awaited, and the fulfillment that accompanies this shift will be palpable.  We are beginning to notice, even beginning to apply the truth of our worth now…which is that purpose has very little to do with what we “do” and EVERYthing to do with who we are.  The Pleiadians have been saying this to us for a long time, but until now this truth was unable to become an integrated part of our living experience.

The intensive weeks leading up to this moment have definitely brought each of us more fully into ourselves, which is concurrently bringing us more fully into our new purpose. We are beginning to operate as though our core essence is deeply integrated in our bodies, lives & actions.  We are remembering who we really are and beginning to apply it with greater authority, confidence, clarity, directness, and with stronger boundaries than ever.

We are getting better at saying how we really feel, when we feel it, because we finally know what’s ours/what isn’t, and we are no longer willing to carry the burden for others.  We are more comfortable saying no when we need to, yes when we want to, and piss-off when the need arises.  As a result, all those people who have reflected our past insecurities back to us are either dropping like flies, or being put back in their proper place…this means we are now ready & able to FINALLY attract our soul-family members into our lives…those who will reflect our truth back to us with glimmering accuracy!

PLAY is the WAY
So…we are changing from the 3D level of  purpose that created a sense of worth for us in the past, to a 5D level of purpose that needs nothing but pure expression.

What does that mean?

The base of our new core-level contribution to the planet comes mostly in the form of being our authentic self and applying it in every facet of our lives…not by way of “need”, but by way of “want”…of desire, of passion, of the indescribable urge to share ourselves and our heart-felt creations with each other and the world.  We are ambassadors of light now, walking the proverbial talk.

It is time now to let go of all preconceived notions of what we thought purpose was and instead allow our new-level purpose to emerge and be just as it is.  We will not be given a rulebook, guidelines don’t exist here.  If you prefer guidelines, then you must be the one to create them.  The only insight the Pleiadians offer is to say that in 5D, our “work” must become PLAY in order to sustain us.  They jokingly add that “play is the way” here and if we’re not having fun we’re not living our true purpose.

Up Next…
With all these life-changing energies swirling around us we definitely need some time/space to see where we’ve landed, scope out our new world and get some mental clarity around our next steps.  Luckily, Mercury is turning retrograde in a hot second and we will have plenty of opportunities to look back at the whirlwind that was June and try to make sense of at least one thing.  Personally, I have never looked forward to a retrograde cycle more than I am right now.  I welcome the chance to jump off this roller coaster and find my feet again, even if only for 3 short weeks.

The Unseens say this retro cycle will be best applied to our new purpose, that a surge of creative energy is moving in that will inspire us to re-indulge/redefine our soul passions.  Not only that, but should we remain open and receptive for the remainder of July we will most likely receive information that brings us into alignment with our divine blueprint and the physical expression/application of our higher-level purpose.

Overall, if we continue to think with our hearts and maintain integrity & honesty around what it is we really and truly want/LOVE to do, then we will be effortlessly guided into the next level of our soul’s expression.  

Many of the obstacles that kept us from following our heart-felt passions have been moved out of the way with this recent round of cosmic cleansing. This can only mean that a new inspired perspective and creative choices/opportunities await us all…well, that is if all that beastly solar activity EVER lets up.

“Lastly we would say to you…take heed.  There is a change happening in your world that will serve to nearly turn it right-side up… from our perspective. On a personal level, you are coming out of a very long and very intensive phase of self-discovery, purification and initiation. We are so delighted at what awaits you here, and for those who are finding it difficult to be birthed through this passage, we implore you to have faith in these words, trust in your divine plan, and the knowing that all is perfect and well.  There is no need to wonder any longer, you are home free now.”  -PHC

by Lauren Gorgo, Think with our Heart, July 14, 2012

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